Sunday, 29 March 2015

UCAV Transport Creates UFO reports (again)

UCAV Transport Creates UFO reports (again)

This is one of those reports that keeps cropping up and are likely to increase along with manufacture of combat drones, or to give them their full title an, “unmanned combat aerial vehicle” (UCAV). It’s essentially a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is armed.
The following video was uploaded to Youtube on Saturday 24th March (2015) and was titled, “UFO Being Towed in Nevada near Area 51”:

This was subsequently picked up by who ran with, “Video Footage Shows UFO Being Transported Near Area 51, Nevada.
Thankfully it was quickly recognised for what it was by most in the online UFO community with Isaac Koi posting the earlier video along with a detailed explanation of the earlier events at his very informative website.
As noted this has happened at least twice before first in 2011 & again in 2012, here’s a brief report from on the 2011 report, originally posted 19th December 2011:

Video: UFO or X-47B Riding on a Flatbed?
Happy Monday, everyone. Below you’ll find an interesting video to give you material to show your crazy uncle during the holidays.
Shrink Wrapped Drone
Despite the title, this video doesn’t show a UAV going cross country on a flatbed truck. It shows what looks like one of Northrop Grumman’s X-47B drones being shipped to Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland from California, a Northrop spokesman just confirmed to DT. Remember, the two X-47Bs are being sent to Pax River where they’ll practice aircraft carrier take-offs and landings on a strip of runway painted to resemble a flight deck. After that, the drones will perform the real thing using this technology.
Yes, its shrink wrapped but you can clearly see the profile of the aircraft’s nose and air intake beneath the packaging. You can also see the plane’s landing gear, too. 

And the following is from back in June 2012 when the military explained what it was (via

Military clears up Beltway UFO mystery

Beltway traffic in Washington, D.C., is bad enough without adding extraterrestrial vehicles into the mix. 
On Wednesday night, Facebook and Twitter users went wild over sightings of a saucer-shaped vessel being towed on local highways. The buzz called to mind the frenzy in 1947 Roswell, albeit in a much more modern way. Drivers spotted the craft on I-270 and on the Beltway as it was pulled behind a tractor trailer. 
But we can take the "unidentified" out of "unidentified flying object." (And yes, we realize that it wasn't actually flying, either.) The military has confirmed to NBC News affiliate News4 that the 82-foot-long craft is an unmanned military aircraft, known as an X-47B.

Beltway UFO

Maryland State Police towed it on a flatbed trailer from Garrett County, Md., to Naval Air Station Patuxent River. 
The drone had come all the way from California -- and yes, it "always attracts attention," a military spokesperson told NBC4's Melissa Mollet. 
The craft is the second of its kind to come to the area. An X-47B arrived in late 2011 -- although if they towed that one on the Beltway, no one must have noticed.
"In the coming months, you can expect to see the X-47B flying over the base and surrounding area along the Chesapeake Bay," said Matt Funk, lead test engineer. 
According to a military press release: 
The X-47B is the first unmanned vehicle designed to take off and land on an aircraft carrier. As part of the program's demonstration, the X-47B will perform arrested landings and catapult launches at Pax to validate its ability to conduct precision approaches to the carrier. The base is one of only a few sites in the world where the Navy can run performance tests on aircraft-carrier catapult operations at a land-based facility with flight test and engineering support resources not available on a ship. 
Although Maryland State Police helped orchestrate the the drone's Wednesday night commute, even they didn't know what it was at the time, police told News4. 

And here you can see the objects from 2011, 2012 & 2015 respectively:

2011 Drone
2012 Drone
2015 Drone

And finally we have the X-47B in flight: