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Another Dudley Dorito Hoax?

Another Dudley Dorito Hoax?

I've always commented and/or posted about the Dudley Dorito whenever it was spotted but when it hit the news again a few weeks ago I didn't bother for various reasons, not least being that this time it came courtesy of, 'The Sun' and even though the alleged video was filmed around 150 miles away from Dudley 'The Sun' still effortlessly linked the reports together. To put the distance into a little perspective it's about the same distance from Dudley to Poole on the south coast as it is to York.

This should come as no real surprise to those familiar with how the UFO phenomenon is reported by the MSM, the most notable exception being the local news website of the "Express & Star" who always treat the Dudley Dorito reports seriously but have a tendency to misrepresent the words of the witnesses by including images & videos that are not only unrelated to the reports but are usually proven fakes.

The Sun article (with video) was as follows:

Dudley Dorito UFO Spotted Again (28th Mar 2012)

Mysterious tortilla chip-shaped UFO is spotted again
(Originally Posted 28th March & Last Updated 29th March, 2012)

IS it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a...CRISP? 

The mysterious "Dudley Dorito" UFO has been spotted for the fourth time in five years flying through a cloudless sky over woodland in Yorkshire. The object, which looks like an extra-terrestrial tortilla chip, was captured by an amateur cameraman who posted the footage on YouTube. He can be heard saying "I don't know what that is" as the triangular aircraft glides silently across the frame above a forest in the north of England. The UFO was dubbed the Dudley Dorito after its first sighting over the Midlands in 2007 but it is unclear whether the YouTube footage is real or a hoax. Eye-witnesses first saw the black triangle hovering over Halesowen and they reported the close encounter to UFORM, a local group of UFO-spotters.

..Video: 'Dudley Dorito' UFO above York 
CRAFT believed to be famous Unidentified Flying Object spotted again.
Then in 2010 David Allan from Sutton Coldfield reported seeing a triangular object four or five times bigger than an aeroplane in the skies on Bonfire Night.  A few weeks after that 21-year-old quality inspector Minuesh Mistry saw the Dudley Dorito hovering above his home in Tipton in the West Midlands. But the phenomenon of "black triangle" UFOs has been dismissed as similar to the effect ball lightening has on the atmosphere. Project Condign was the name of a study undertaken by Defence Intelligence Staff between 1997 and 2000. The MOD department claimed the airborne objects were "supernormal atmospheric plasma phenomenon". The X-files were made publically available in 2005 after an FOI request.

Source: The Sun

The popularity of Dudley Dorito is mainly the work of the, "Express & Star" as they are practically single-handedly responsible for the infamy it has achieved, however they are also responsible for pushing hoax after hoax attributed to the Dudley Dorito. This coupled with the inherent inaccuracies from other media outlets, all of which are then perpetuated across the internet thus becoming inextricably linked to the Dudley Dorito makes researching the origins and genuine sighting reports almost impossible. And now that UK tabloid "The Sun" has jumped on the bandwagon it becomes increasingly so.

First things first, the above video that –regardless of distance- 'The Sun' linked to the Dudley Dorito is a CG hoax. The evidence for this is once again provided by an excellent analysis by TheHoaxKiller at the website of the same name, here's the video analysis by HoaxKiller:

Also it has recently come to my attention that the YouTube user who created the original video has since filed a copyright infringement claim for the few seconds of video that was used in the above analysis (video). That's why the above video wasn't hosted on YouTube, HoaxKiller wrote the following on 25th April (2012):
"The YouTube user "xxxdonutzxxx" filed a copyright infringement claim on my video and it was taken down. Since I strictly follow Fair Use laws, I filed a counter-claim to get the video back. So while that is processing I uploaded the video to my web host so it can be viewed on the Videos page, and here."
Source (and original video analysis):

If you'll indulge me I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts about the takedown, to be honest I've long since accepted that people are going to post hoax UFO videos as well as images, sighting accounts etc. and whilst I don't condone it (and obviously wouldn't do it personally) I've also made my peace with it.

However to post a hoax UFO video that you've created yourself is one thing but to then actively pursue & file copyright infringement claims against other videos that only use a few seconds for analysis, and more importantly for an analysis which exposes the hoax is a completely different kettle of fish. This, in my opinion, elevates a prank into purposeful deception and when this is somewhere like YouTube which makes it incredibly easy to monetise video views (and when this source of revenue is activated), well then it takes on a much more sinister guise as essentially it then becomes obtaining money by deception, a deception which the hoaxer further promotes by invoking copyright infringement claims solely to cover-up his lies and ultimately to protect his source of income.

YouTube not only allows & enables this deception but judging by their eagerness to comply with such petty demands they positively encourage it. Surely examples such as the above would constitute 'fair use' anyway and so should be exempt from this apparently automated takedown procedure? Or at the very least the complainant should be required to provide further information or evidence that this is in fact a valid copyright claim and not simply to protect and perpetuate their own hoax.

I mean let's face it, it's the YouTube community who are the prime targets of such hoaxes as well of course as the advertisers, many of whom who I'm sure would take issue with their products being promoted by videos purporting to be something they are not. {/Rant}

Anyway, back to the Dudley Dorito, here's an elaboration on what we're seeing in the video from the HoaxKiller website:
"Throughout the video you can see a white / very light blue colored feathered edge around all the tree branches... that is a form of light bloom. When the hoaxers tried to chroma key out the background (the solid blue sky), they didn't do a good job of keying out the light bloomed feathered edges of the branches, and that caused the light bloomed areas of the sky to appear on top of the UFO.
Some of the small gaps between the tree branches were completely filled with light bloom, and that caused the small gaps to be a different shade of blue than the rest of the sky. When they chroma keyed out the darker blue sky, they didn't key out the small light blue gaps, and those small gaps of sky (which should have been filled in by the dark UFO when it passed behind them) were displayed on top of the UFO. 

Throughout the video there are many small gaps between the branches which you should have seen the UFO between when it passes behind them, but instead they just show the sky. Those areas didn't get keyed out."
Here's the HoaxKiller YouTube Channel.
And here's the HoaxKiller website.

Dudley Dorito Images

I've written about and traced the images associated with the Dudley Dorito since it first appeared and detailed it in an earlier Blog post (available here) but here is a very brief outline.

Firstly the ORIGINAL witness NEVER likened the object itself to a Dorito as he states his original statement was misrepresented, now whether this was down to a misunderstanding or a purposeful misrepresentation by a reporter who knew how to coin a phrase is not known (I personally favour the latter). The witness had the following to say via a report submitted to the BUFOG website not long after the sighting was reported by the MSM:

"I estimated the plane was flying at its cruising altitude as at arms length the plane was approximately the size of a dot against your thumb and the black triangular object which was above the plane was approximately the size of a Dorito (tortilla crisp) at arms length (This is where the headlines in the newspapers quoted I said it was like a Dorito, where in fact I only used the word Dorito as an adjective to explain the size of the triangle compared to the size of plane)."

A report posted by the BBC just one day after the original sighting contained an image of a triangular object and at the foot of the page (almost as far as it could be from the actual image) was a disclaimer stating that the image was not connected to the report.

The image was repeatedly attributed to the Dudley Dorito UFO and then Daily Mail ran a Dudley Dorito story including a cropped, stretched, heavily pixelated & resized version of the image this time stating that "A similar craft spotted above Welshpool, Mid Wales in January this year."

No links supplied, no references, no names, no sources, nothing. It's also worth noting that the Express & Star also re-posted this as well as repeatedly posting an image from the Belgium UFO flap first claiming that it was the Dudley Dorito and then later implying it.

The one alleged image of the Dudley Dorito that wasn't a recycled earlier image was posted by The Sun newspaper back on the 20th October 2008 alleging that it was, "The Best Proof Yet". It was submitted to Gary Heseltine of PRUFOS and the results were to be revealed a few days later at the UFO Data Magazine annual conference in Pontefract, West Yorks (25th Oct, 2008) pending analysis by a  former US navy physicist who specialises in photo analysis, but alas, it was never to be heard of again.

Incidentally and as an aside you may recognise the name, "Gary Heseltine" as he recently appeared for the second time alongside Chris French on popular UK daytime television, "This Morning". They debated the pros & cons of the Rendlesham incident, well, as much as time would allow. This was on the 17th April 2012 and was a follow-up to when the pair first appeared back on February 9th, 2012, the footage from both appearances may be viewed here.

Here's the image in question:

For what it's worth I personally believe that due to the colouration of the object being a mirror of the inverted background/foreground that this image was likely taken from behind glass and we're not actually looking at a physical object in the sky, although admittedly it's almost impossible to discern any real information due to the resolution at which it was released.  But it's irrelevant either way because as I say the image has since disappeared never to be seen or heard of again:

The above image is the only photograph and/or video submitted of the Dudley Dorito that isn't a misattribution or misrepresentation of an earlier one.

Apart from the recent video (at the top of this post) there was also another alleged video submitted to YouTube back on the 20th October, 2009. This was quickly picked up by the Express & Star (who due to their unwavering support of all things Dorito are almost single-handedly responsible for the notoriety & infamy that it still receives to this day) and despite being warned of the dubious origins of the video posted it anyway.

Once they did it was instantly recognised as being an earlier (CGI hoax) video that was posted to YouTube many months earlier alleging to be recorded in Paris as can be evidenced below:

Regardless of origin & relevance though this is a completely unrelated hoax that the Express & Star occasionally adds to related Dorito reports omitting this valuable snippet of information regarding its true origins.


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