Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Carrickfergus UFO – Buzz Lightyear or Camera Shake?

Carrickfergus UFO – Buzz Lightyear or Camera Shake?

Carrickfergus UFO

Originally titled, “Buzz Lightyear-shaped UFO spotted over Carrickfergus” in the Belfast Telegraph and of course the similarities with the Toy Story legend are obvious, but is it just due to camera-shake? From what I can gather from the website and for all there are three pictures it looks like there were two submitted and the other one is are cropped/zoomed from the larger ones.

Here’s the largest -and so I presume the original- image:

Carrickfergus UFO

Here’s the zoomed image that was posted:

And here’s the other one available by viewing the slideshow at the website and you can see that the orientation is completely different from the two captured in the largest image that was posted:

Carrickfergus UFO
Carrickfergus UFO Cropped

And here’s the largest image with the objects cropped, zoomed and then highlighted:

Carrickfergus UFO

And finally here’s the same two cropped images, zoomed some more and placed next to each other:

Carrickfergus UFO

I believe that you can see that it certainly appears to be two point light sources with a touch of camera shake, the reason I say this is due solely to the almost identical shape of the two objects. This obviously doesn’t detract from the original UFO sighting as the witness clearly stated that he merely, “saw a light out of the corner of my eye” which is what the image shows.

So I guess my only bone of contention (if any) is with the Belfast Telegraph as they are a little too quick to claim that the shape is reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear rather than listen to the witness and at least attempt to consolidate the witness statement with the image/s they have.

Anyhoo, here’s the original article:

Buzz Lightyear-shaped UFO spotted over Carrickfergus

(Tuesday, 28 February 2012)

What is it? Picture taken of night sky over Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, Feb 2012

I am wondering if any other readers can help solve this little mystery spotted above Carrickfergus. It may sound a bit silly but I saw a light out of the corner of my eye appear from my bedroom window at about 8.15pm on Friday February 24. I then got my sister's camera and she took a picture of the object before it disapeared, it moved slightly for a bit and I know for a fact it wasnt a star because it was far too bright. It wasn't a satelite or plane because it was not moving like either of them. It was a very subtle movement. When inspecting the photo (which was taken completely zoomed out) my sister zoomed in on the object and it was a triangular shape.

Any suggestions as to what it may be? Did anyone else see it?

D Flower
Source: Belfast Telegraph


rugby_dan said...

Hey michael, Im actually the witness of this. loved what you had to say! it was my sister who took the picture out the window! I had never seen anything like it!

Michael Naisbitt said...

Hi Dan, it’s great to hear from you and thanks for talking the time to post a comment.

So how did the object actually appear to you, i.e. was it perceived as a bright light? Also were you aware that they were in fact two points of light visible when you initially photographed the object?

How many pictures did you manage to take and would it be possible to have a look at them? If so then please feel free to email me either:


Obviously substitute the (at) for @.

Many thanks,

rugby_dan said...

Absolutely no problem!

Well i was relaxing watching TV on my bed in a comfortable position and the light came into the corner of my eye, i found this very strange so went to the window and there where two objects that looks very unusual. they where both brighter than stars. they where disapering then coming back into view (They also went from being dull lights to VERY bright!)
when the picture was taken both where bright and thats why I was suprised when we zoomed in that the camera had picked out the shape of the object. We took 2 or 3 photos of them before my sisters camera ran out of battery! but the one posted is the best photo we have, although the other photo proves that they where both light sources.
I will have a check with my sister to see if she will send them, Im a bit annoyed the telegraph didnt even tell me they where going to use them for their site. they just posted it without my permission!