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WikiLeaks – Open Minds & Closed Eyes

“The open mind never acts: when we have done our utmost to arrive at a reasonable conclusion, we still - must close our minds for the moment with a snap, and act dogmatically on our conclusions”

George Bernard Shaw

Former Mufon Int. Dir. “James Carrion” has recently made an interesting Blog post doubting the veracity of the wikileaks documents and compares it to the secrecy and manipulation of information that he believes is prevalent at the UFO forum, “Open Minds”.

Carrion writes:

“I have pointed out how information message boards like The Open Minds Forum, run by a shadowy group of figures is pushing the latest UFO myth, using disinformation techniques to quash dissent while experimenting with opinion manipulation in the microcosm of Ufology.”

Open Minds forum were instrumental in perpetuating the SERPO hoax and actually formed as a splinter group to continue to discuss it once it was denounced as a hoax -and labelled as such- everywhere else, OMF are also responsible for (almost exclusively) perpetuating the Drone hoax (which Carrion originally joined to comment on), the UN/UFO meetings hoax and more recently the Richard Theilmann/Source-A exopolitical-related hoax.

The reticence on display of a hardcore section of administrators & members to acknowledge any of these events as a hoax is what I believe Carrion is referencing when he describes the Open Minds Forum as being, “run by a shadowy group of figures is pushing the latest UFO myth”.

And to be fair it certainly seems that way.....

Perhaps a point of note here is that one of the few staff members at Open Minds forum is a, self-proclaimed SERPO expert who still attends UFO conferences to speak of it and another staff member owns and runs a ‘Pro-Drone' website who personally funded two private investigators to locate the original Drone witnesses (and failed) and who pre-emptively banned IP addresses of members from the Open Minds forum who didn't 'believe' (myself included – over 2 years and still counting) from his Drone-believers website.

Furthermore, these discretions that Carrion speaks of are nothing new as I was actually banned back in 2008 along with a former forum administrator and another member for daring to ask (on a thread specifically set up to field questions to this exact website) how these IP addresses were obtained :

(Click here or image to enlarge).

And naturally when I pointed out in a private communication that I hadn't been, “Asked, cajoled, pleaded with and warned wrt your 'insinuations', sh1t stirring and disrespectful attitudes etc,at all (let alone repeatedly) and asked for examples of the instances referred to in a polite manner I was denied and told not to bother asking again as basically it was because the Admin said it was so. Also, have a look at the status of the members who wrote two comments following this decision and you will see, “Membership revoked ” which is a status exclusive to 3 or 4 members ALL of whom offered criticism of one or more of the hoaxes being perpetuated at Open Minds:

In fact “Mur” a.k.a. “Murnut” is none other than Andrew Murray who along with “Jeddyhi” a.k.a. John Hicks later went on to expose Source-A (Richard Thielmann) as a liar and the entire UN/Source-A debacle as the hoax that it was (as well of course as Jeddyhi being the former admin who was banned along with myself in the first -Drone- instance).

Open minds indeed…..

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course,
is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it”

Terry Pratchett

Anyway, here's the relevant extract from Carrion's new Blog post:

WikiLeaks - Tis the Season to be Suspicious

I read with much interest the headlines from around the world this week on the release of secret US Diplomatic documents through the WikiLeaks website. I noticed parallels between WikiLeaks tactics and the information warfare practiced on the gullible UFO community by shadowy groups of the US Intelligence community.

Conspiracy Theory

Before I explain my reasoning for why WikiLeaks should be suspect, let me first discuss something that has been simmering in the back of my mind for awhile and that I feel a need to address.

It seems that talking about the intelligence community's unacknowledged involvement in the UFO community, their creation of the UFO myth and their continued promotion of UFO stories is immediately labeled by believers and debunkers alike as conspiracy theory. The believers see any thoughts along these lines as just another layer added to the onion of some concerted government cover up, in other words, it is a conspiracy but one that hides a greater conspiracy of alien visitation. The debunking community on the other hand without giving any rational and sober thought at all to the possibilities; labels the notion of intelligence agency manipulation of the UFO community as just pure fantasy and chuck it into their grey basket which is really “I can't get off my ass and be bothered” basket.

Now let me propose a radical idea. Conspiracy theory used as an end in and of itself for the express purpose of providing plausible deniability. In other words the more conspiracies that promulgate and circulate the zeitgeist, the less likely that sober critical minds will be willing to examine what sounds like another. This provides the perfect cover for any intelligence agency operation.

So for example, if you want to draw attention from what is really happening at places like Groom Lake, Nevada, wrap it in a conspiracy - one with a big alien green bow, and place it under the Christmas tree of gullible UFO believers. They will wake up early Christmas morning and eagerly tear off the wrapping to find a box that looks alien, but if they bothered to open their glazed eyes and look further, they would find another box inside that is entirely too human. Better yet, send the same present to the Grinch debunking community and they will throw the whole package into the trash, wrapping and all, not bothering to consider what treasure lies truly inside.

On the spectrum of UFO belief, believers find themselves on one extreme and debunkers on the other. The sobering middle however is made up of the skeptical few whose arguments are normally drowned out by the masses on either end or by those like the media who either ignore the subject all together or it serves as their entertainment muse. It is a win-win for Black Project private industry and their intelligence agency compatriots as they achieve their objective of keeping the nosey citizenry and the media from examining their activities a little too closely.

I have been discussing on this blog over the last year my belief that the intelligence community is practicing information warfare on the proving grounds of Ufology before they wield these weapons in the real world. I have pointed out how information message boards like The Open Minds Forum, run by a shadowy group of figures is pushing the latest UFO myth, using disinformation techniques to quash dissent while experimenting with opinion manipulation in the microcosm of Ufology.

Now to the parallels with WikiLeaks.

1. WikiLeaks has a known front man but the rest of the governing team is as shadowy as the intelligence agencies they claim to oppose. See what happened when I questioned the backgrounds of the Open Minds Forum leaders in my blog article: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing . Interesting that those who promote transparency the most are the ones least likely to serve it up themselves while they hide behind a cloak of anonymity and claimed persecution.

2. WikiLeaks relies on whistelblowers with alleged altruistic reasoning for their whistleblowing. Sure you can put up a straw man suspect like PFC Bradley Manning to blame the leak on but he doesn't account for all of the leaked documents.

Source & rest of Blog post here.


Andrew said...

Well said...needs to be posted at OMF...hahaha

Ink By Rich said...

so what is your opinion about Bob Lazar?

Michael Naisbitt said...

Hi Rich,

For what it’s worth I believe he’s a charlatan as it relates to his claims relating to back-engineering UFOs, E115, A51 etc…..


Ink By Rich said...

So what about David Icke and his reptilian theories?? or Billy Meier and his experience with the pleiadians? lol i find that kind of hard to swallow, but the thought of extra terrestrial beings that are inter-dimensional existing isn't really all that far-fetched, remember not that long ago we swore to the high heavens that the earth was flat. I strongly feel that the UFO subject has been widely inflated to cover up certain black-ops at places like 51 and s4, etc. But after all is said and done, i do believe that we have been visited. Any thoughts?