Wednesday, 10 November 2010

James Carlson vs Robert Hastings (UFOs & Nukes Update)

I’ve made a few Blog posts about Robert Hastings and James Carlson’s ongoing and very public dispute, a short while ago (Oct 25th 2010) Robert Hastings posted the details of some of his witnesses relating to UFOs and nuclear missiles before proceeding to make a rather strange request relating to Carlson, indeed the title of the Blog post by Hastings was: “The James T. Carlson Problem Robert Hastings Requests Your Assistance”

And the following was posted (by Hastings) at Frank Warren’s website (The UFO Chronicles) as well as at least one other venue frequented by the majority of the online UFO community, and has since been reposted across the internet:

“The James T. Carlson Problem
Robert Hastings Requests Your Assistance”

Now, although these courageous individuals have come forward and divulged their involvement in still-classified incidents, in the hope of raising public awareness, a UFO debunker named James T. Carlson has been posting countless items online over the past two years, calling these veterans (and others who were involved in the missile shutdown incidents) liars, or worse. In particular, Bob Salas and I have been singled-out for his wrath. Carlson’s father, Eric Carlson, was one of two missile launch officers who were present at Malmstrom’s Echo Flight on March 16, 1967, when all 10 of their ICBMs shut down.

While the senior Carlson claims not to remember any mention of a UFO being present at the time, the other officer, now-retired Col. Walter Figel, has told me, and Salas, that he received a report of a “large, round” UFO hovering over one of the missile sites just moments after it failed, and shortly before the other nine malfunctioned as well. Figel also verified that other security personnel subsequently corroborated the presence of the UFO. All of these admissions are on audio tape and one may listen to them via links in my article “The Echo/Oscar Witch Hunt”, posted at The UFO Chronicles website.

Unfortunately, James T. Carlson believes his father’s version of events—that no UFOs were present at Echo Flight when the missiles went down—and has spent the last two years slandering and libeling anyone who contradicts this claim. James has further alleged that Bob Salas has completely fabricated the story of his own involvement in a second shutdown incident, at Oscar Flight, even though the other officer present at the time, retired Col. Fred Meiwald, has verified its reality.
In any case, the time has come for me to take inventory, in preparation for a possible legal action: While I am aware of numerous posts by James Carlson about all of this—on blogs at several websites—I’m certain that I’ve missed many more, given that they run into the hundreds at this point. So, I am seeking the reader’s assistance:

I am asking that persons who want to the truth about the incidents at Malmstrom AFB in 1967 to be established—once and for all—to scour the Internet and locate posts in which Carlson has referred to me (or Bob Salas) as a “fraud”, a “liar” a “hoaxer” or similar defamatory terms. I am also interested in posts where James claims that he has “proved” that Mr. Salas and I have misrepresented the facts. Those willing to assist me in this regard should send me links to the offending posts via

And the RealityUncovered website which has been giving Carlson a voice for the last few months has today (11th Nov 2010) posted a response in the format of an open letter from Carlson to Hastings:


Since Robert Hastings refuses all emails from me, regularly discards any comments I post regarding his claims on UFOCHRONICLES, and refuses entirely to comment or present arguments in relation to the issues I’ve raised, a tactic contrary in every way to prior assertions welcoming public discourse and debate, I have decided to post this response to his consideration of legal action targeting me for insisting that he and Salas are liars, frauds, and hoaxers, and that I can prove it.

Dear Robert Hastings,

In light of your recent public appeals for examples of internet-based “libel” authored by me — statements that you imply can be proven as such sufficient to sway popular opinion within the suitable confines of a court of law — I have the following statement, and request a response:

First, you have loudly and persistently affirmed since March 2010 that the written statements I received from Colonel (Retired) Walter Figel, Jr. were false statements, and that my claims of having interviewed him were simply lies intended to basically raise doubts regarding
your interpretations of your own interviews with him.

In your September 26, 2010 article, “
The Echo/Oscar Witch Hunt“, for instance, you assert that:
“James Carlson …has consistently lied about the colonel’s various comments to researchers.”

You also claim that
“Colonel Figel disputes all of Eric Carlson’s claims.”

In light of the fact that both you and Robert Salas called Figel
the day following my first interview with him in March, and that the written statement detailing his opinions regarding your poor interpretation of the events he experienced was also sent to you, do you still insist that I have been lying since last March, and that I have, in fact, never spoken to Colonel Figel, as you have told others?

Follow-up questions to this line of thought include:

(1) Since your transcripts of your interviews with Figel are obviously incomplete, why don’t they include any
complete assertions regarding the presence of a UFO? Nowhere in your transcripts is there a clear and definitive statement regarding any report of a UFO. In the interviews and written statements that he was immediately willing to share with me, his statements are very definitive: there was no UFO reported, no UFO was involved, and no investigation of a UFO was undertaken. He was very clear in this regard — with me. Why not with you, or did you just edit that part out of your transcripts in order to create the impression of a UFO where none could be otherwise reasonably established?

That’s why I asked for and received a written statement from him that was complete and to the point.

(2) Did you ever follow up your investigation with Dick Evans, as Figel suggested? He was, after all, a witness to both the personnel portion of the incident, and was later involved with the actual investigation as well, so his comments would be very interesting to your readers, I would think, unless, of course, he told you the same thing that Figel insists he told both you and Salas, this being the fundamentals of what he also told me and Ryan Dube — that there were no UFOs involved in the incident.

In general, I’d like to know exactly what I’ve allegedly lied about. Was my interview with Figel a lie? Or was it Ryan Dube who lied? Because, remember, Figel addressed
his questions as well. Or maybe I should ask, and this is the fun part, am I lying when I insist that I can easily prove how badly you’ve maligned this issue, how blatantly you’ve misin‌terpreted Figel’s statements to you in the past, and how often you yourself have lied and twisted this issue around, and that I can do so by simply asking Walt Figel what happened?

Because that’s exactly what I did prior to his last statement — you know, the strongly worded one in which he insists that Robert Salas has been lying about this matter since 1995.

You remember, don’t you? It’s that written statement of his that can’t possibly be misinterpreted by anybody, even you — the statment that I couldn’t possibly twist around to make it seem somehow less damaging to your story; it’s that statment of Figel’s that you seem to blaiming on me to such an extent that you’re considering (and I find this particularly laughable) legal action.

Tell me, do you intend to sue Figel and my father as well? ‘Cause I’ve got to tell you, they’ve said the same things I have, but they’ve done so with a Hell of a lot more authority than I could ever muster.

Tell me, are
all of your UFO investigations conducted so dishonestly, in order to create an issue that doesn’t otherwise exist? Why do you consistently refuse to answer any of the questions put to you about this one case? Why do you regularly delete my commentaries on UFOCHRONICLES rather than comment on them as any honest man would? Why is it so easy to confirm your complete and utter disregard for the facts by simply interviewing your own witnesses?

What exactly are you trying to hide, and why do you even bother, when destroying your case is as easy as conducting a fairly general conversation with intelligent men? Or is it the “intelligent men” part that throws you off?

Humor me, please, with another line of thought:

During the press conference you and Salas organized for September 27, 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, did Robert Salas publically proclaim, in answer to one of the questions presented by a member of the audience, that both my father, Captain (Retired) Eric D. Carlson, the commander at Echo Flight on March 16, 1967, and his deputy commander on that date, Colonel (Retired) Walter Figel, Jr.,
confirmed his testimony regarding UFO interference on that date?

This bit strikes me as particularly odd, because only rarely will someone make such a claim only two days after
both men had very publically and definitively insisted otherwise. Was that just a “brain fart”, or is he just lying again to make another worthless point in front of the press?

That’s all I’ve got for you — just a few little questions. An answer would be appreciated, although I admit, it’s a little difficult to even ask you these questions for the reasons I’ve already indicated above.

I am curious to know why you profess to believe in the necessity for public discourse where issues involving UFOs are concerned, while your every act shows the opposite — or does public discourse only apply to the USAF, and not those individuals who are trying to substantiate a ridiculous UFO hoax of this nature?

It looks to me like you do a whole lot of running away from questions, as if answering them would somehow show you to be the ridiculous little liar and fraud that I’ve already shown you to be. You know, Robert, you don’t need to ask other people to do your research for you — although I understand that’s what you’re used to doing; you know, like advertising for UFO stories on the Internet, so you can write them up and call them “facts”, and insist that the USAF needs to come clean on UFOs. Isn’t that your modus operandi?

Let me make this easier for you — that way you don’t have to bother all the nice people who read your tripe to bring you examples of my slanders and libel. I’ll just give you what you want, because it’s so much easier, and because I’d really like to get you to actually sue me — I think litigation would be a suitably pathetic way for you to go down in history as the ineffectual UFO “researcher” you really are if you did it all by yourself in front of a jury!

Now then, what are the words I’m looking for? Oh, yeah!

You, Robert Hastings, currently a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico, are a
liar, a fraud, and a UFO hoaxer of the worst kind, and I can and have proven this to be true. I really hope you challenge me in court, because I would enjoy destroying what little worth your current reputation can lay claim to.

You’re a ridiculous scoundrel, and the fact that you are completely unable to answer any detailed questions regarding the events you have proposed simply adds to the mess that your own lies have created for you. The fact that you seem to think you’re believable enough to take this matter to court is absolutely hilarious, and I look forward to the article you will eventually write and publish on UFOCHRONICLES insisting that you have no intention of taking me to court, because you’re the better man, or some such silly B.S., leaving out the part where you finally realized doing so would humiliate
you completely.

I give you 30 days.

Most sincerely,

James Carlson

As I’ve said in the past my only desire regarding this disagreement is to present both sides of the debate, and more specifically regarding the 1967 Malmstrom AFB incident, seeing as both parties can’t be right due to their diametrically opposing stance & statements, well, I personally feel that after all of the related information I’ve read & related documentaries & press conferences etc. I’ve viewed that I for one deserve to be told the truth.

In fact all I’ve ever wanted is the truth.....

How about you?


James Carlson said...

I wanted to let you and your readers know that I’ve recently posted a new article on scrib’d entitled “Echo Flights of Fantasy – Anatomy of a UFO Hoax”. It’s located at and I’d like to know what you think. It’s written as a general article regarding the Echo Flight hoax that’s been perpetrated since 1995, but since this hoax was only made possible as a result of the UFO rumors that were associated with the original event in 1967, I particularly wanted to account for them. I have no doubt that the conclusions I’ve reached explain everything sufficently. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been granted access to a number of personal records regarding the suspicions voiced by NICAP investigators at the time, and examined with all the benefits of hindsight, they make it very clear how those persistent yet inexact and poorly defined rumors came about and why they have continued to have any influence at all, even though they were entirely baseless, irrational, and lacking an appropriate foundation. It also makes very clear that the poor research conducted by UFO “investigators” and “analysts” since that time is the only reason such rumors have been given any “second wind” at all. If it wasn’t for such people and their persistent refusal to look at all of the evidence available, nothing about the Echo Flight Incident would ever have been condsidered “memorable”, let alone one of the top ten UFO incidents supported by the most reliable evidence. Thank you — and I hope you read it; like everything else I’ve made available in this field, it’s free.

ffkling said...

After reading Richard Dolan's exhaustive review of the case it is obvious that this was indeed a valid UFO related incident. Skeptic, James Carlson, et al., engage in ugly ad hominem attacks and his motivations are clearly understandable from a purely psychological perspective. Carlson is one angry and confused fellow who has nothing better to do with his time than shout insults and invective, and his online account of the event is more reminiscent of the Unibomber manifesto.

zigoapex said...

For those enlisted men to come forward and make such statements on record, is preposterous to perceive them as liars.
Carlson's father, to my knowledge, never did any type of formal rebuttal to the statements of the retired enlisted men that testified under oath.
They all came forward and put there reputation on the line, did not gain in any way from those statements, and to be lying about there statements, is extremely difficult to believe that one of these respected officers/soldiers would behave in such a manner, let alone a panel of them.
These are not a bunch of kids out of high school, they highly trained, intelligent, professional officers/soldiers.
I think in the very near future, Mr. Carlson is going to have a gaggle of explaining to do or is going to go down in history as one the biggest shill, liar, dis-informant etc... skeptic's to date.
If I was you Mr. Carlson, I'd start thinking salvaging any dignity that might be left of your name.