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Echo Flights Of Fantasy & Flat Earth Nukes

James Carlson recently posted a comment on an earlier article in which I quoted him and Robert Hastings regarding the 1967 Echo Flight incident at Malmstrom AFB, Montana where it is alleged (and until recently pretty much accepted as fact) that a UFO was present and interfered with the operations of the missiles resulting in (10) nuclear missiles going ‘offline' or more simply making them –temporarily- unavailable by taking them off of strategic alert.

James took it upon himself to independently investigate the incident which was made considerably easier by the fact that he is the son of Captain (Retired) Eric D. Carlson, the commander of Echo Flight on March 16, 1967. And James says in his latest update, “That all of the details and descriptions of events and reports that his father would have been witness to have been confirmed by him as accurate.”

And the following is the comment posted by James:

Echo Flights of Fantasy – Anatomy of a UFO Hoax

I wanted to let you and your readers know that I've recently posted a new article on scrib'd entitled “Echo Flights of Fantasy – Anatomy of a UFO Hoax”.

It's located at: and I'd like to know what you think.

It's written as a general article regarding the Echo Flight hoax that's been perpetrated since 1995, but since this hoax was only made possible as a result of the UFO rumors that were associated with the original event in 1967, I particularly wanted to account for them.

I have no doubt that the conclusions I've reached explain everything sufficiently. I've been fortunate enough to have been granted access to a number of personal records regarding the suspicions voiced by NICAP investigators at the time, and examined with all the benefits of hindsight, they make it very clear how those persistent yet inexact and poorly defined rumors came about and why they have continued to have any influence at all, even though they were entirely baseless, irrational, and lacking an appropriate foundation.

It also makes very clear that the poor research conducted by UFO “investigators” and “analysts” since that time is the only reason such rumors have been given any “second wind” at all.

If it wasn't for such people and their persistent refusal to look at all of the evidence available, nothing about the Echo Flight Incident would ever have been considered “memorable”, let alone one of the top ten UFO incidents supported by the most reliable evidence.

Thank you — and I hope you read it; like everything else I've made available in this field, it's free.

Full text available at: Echo Flights of Fantasy – Anatomy of a UFO Hoax

And also today (Sunday 21st November 2010) Dr David Clarke has also addressed this issue amongst others as promoted and perpetuated by Robert Hastings, an excerpt follows:


…An industry whose task should be to filter out falsehood has become a conduit for propaganda…” Nick Davies, Flat Earth News

(Image Source)

But cut through the spin and it becomes clear there was and is no senior credible military source. The story originates from a publicity-hungry American UFOlogist, Robert Hastings. Hastings worked as a lab technician before retirement and now devotes himself full-time to pushing the UFO Disclosure agenda via books and lectures. He appears to have no particular expertise other than an obsession with proving a link between UFOs and nuclear weapons.

Hastings feels it is his “patriotic duty as an American citizen” to break the international cover-up and bring The Truth to the attention of the public. Let's be clear what Hastings believes: according to the Daily Mail, he claims “Earth is being visited by beings from another world who for whatever reason have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race”.

In my view, Robert Hastings is simply following in the footsteps of Adamski and King but dressing up his beliefs in a way that appeals to “scientific UFOlogists” of the 21st century who would not want to be associated with contactee cults.


In September Hastings hired the Washington Press Club as a platform to reveal his “evidence”. It consisted of testimony from a tiny group of ex-military “credible witnesses” who have joined the ET/disclosure bandwagon.

One of Hastings's key witnesses is Captain Robert Salas who claims that on one occasion in 1967 a UFO hovered directly over a nuclear weapons store at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Salas maintains that as a direct result of this incident ten Minuteman nuclear missiles malfunctioned. Taken at face value, Salas's story sounds impressive. But virtually every evidential detail has been questioned by James Carlson, whose late father Eric, also a Captain in the USAF, was present during the incident. Carlson senior insisted that UFOs had absolutely nothing to do with the failure of the missile system and his son has published factual evidence that points to a complex equipment malfunction. There is also clear evidence that Salas has changed his story on several occasions.

Hastings and Carlson jnr are now locked in an online flame war over Salas's claims and the interpretation of statements made by a third USAF officer, Walt Figel. Carlson says Figel's testimony is consistent with his father's evidence that no UFOs were involved. Hastings has published tape transcripts that suggest Figel was told about a UFO sighting by technicians working on the missiles.

Source: Dr David Clarke (Rest of article at Clarke's Blog)

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