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Dudley Dorito UFO - Redux

A timeline (of sorts) for the Dudley Dorito UFO and related news reports etc. is available here (2007 - 2010).

A ‘tounge-in-cheek' image posted
original Blog post back in 2007

I wanted to share a couple of observations regarding the Dudley Dorito UFO which has recently reappeared, firstly regarding the “Dorito” analogy it seems that this particular comparison was misrepresented much the same way as Arnold alleged his “saucer skipping over water” statement was morphed to “flying saucer”, i.e. at the merciless hands of an over exuberant reporter.

The witness had the following to say:

I estimated the plane was flying at its cruising altitude as at arms length the plane was approximately the size of a dot against your thumb and the black triangular object which was above the plane was approximately the size of a Dorito (tortilla crisp) at arms length (This is where the headlines in the newspapers quoted I said it was like a Dorito, where in fact I only used the word Dorito as an adjective to explain the size of the triangle compared to the size of plane).

Secondly, regarding the black triangle that is being haphazardly posted alongside several of the online articles and is now spreading through online forums & the Blogosphere as being the actual Dudley dorito object itself I just thought I'd try and dispel this myth before it gets any more of a foothold, the following article was originally posted on the 29th November 2007 & updated on the 4th December 2007.

The article (title) reads:

"UFO witness appeal - update.....Footage captured on film of the UFO is 'unusable' according to cameraman yet more witnesses come forward"

But more importantly it is the earliest image I could find of the black triangle UFO and it's from the BBC (Black Country section) and was FIRST posted 29th November 2007, which was only ONE DAY after the original Dudley Dorito UFO report .

dudley dorito ufo

However, at the foot of the page there is a disclaimer:

dudley dorito ufo

So apparently this image was never anything to do with the Dudley Dorito UFO as remember that this report was originally posted ONE DAY after the sighting that started it all.

Source: BBC (Black Country).

Still, I would have at least hoped that the publication that originally broke the story just weeks earlier wouldn't purposefully misrepresent the reports by implying that the image was somehow related, right?

dudley dorito ufo
Article/image source

And now look at the Daily Mail article covering the most recent Dudley Dorito UFO report, because as well as making misleading statements it purposefully misrepresents earlier facts presumably trying to muddy the water in a futile attempt to make it appear deeper than it really is, or alternatively the rumours are true and they never bother checking out the most basic of facts before churning out yet more bubblegum journalism…..

dudley dorito ufo

As you can see the intention is obvious as they actually state that this cropped, stretched and heavily pixelated zoomed image which they've ripped off another online article is the same that was allegedly photographed/reported in January of this year (2010) by posting the image accompanied with the text, “ A similar craft spotted above Welshpool, Mid Wales in January this year.”

No links supplied, no references, no names, no sources etc. etc. etc.

And much more importantly -as already shown- this was merely an image introduced into the original report by the irresponsible BBC apparently so that their mediocre article was a little more aesthetically pleasing, it has NO relevance to any of the Dudley dorito UFO reports and yet keeps cropping up in various online articles by both media corporations and independent websites, blogs etc.

dudley dorito ufo

Here's the UFO report that was posted by BUFOG by the original witness:

28/11/2007 - Quinton - Black Triangle UFO Sighting

I had returned from work at approximately 6.30pm and my girlfriend was in the kitchen preparing our daughters dinner. I greeted my daughter and played with her for approx 25 mins when my girlfriend called me to give our daughter her dinner. I collected her dinner from the kitchen and walked back through to the living room. The strange thing here was that instead of giving my daughter her food I put the dish on the fire place and walked straight outside through the patio doors - this was approx 7.00pm. I immediately looked directly to the eastern horizon where I noticed 3 faint red lights just above the roof tops of the house at the back of my house.

I watched for a few seconds to see if any signature flashes could be seen from the lights which would identify the lights as an aeroplane but there was no flashing at all. As the lights approached I could distinguish a triangular pattern with two lights at the bottom and one above. On the approach I noticed it was blacking out the stars in the sky and I realised it must be a solid object and not three separate objects. I instantly ran inside to collect my camcorder and went back outside to record the object.The object was travelling quite slowly and hadn't gained much distance in the time I went inside the house. I started to record the object and then realised I needed to report this. I phoned Mark Martin of the Birmingham UFO group as he lives close to me and thought he may be able to see it also. Unfortunately he was not at home but did manage to take my call. I had now been outside for approximately 3 mins and the object was now above me, I called my girlfriend to come and look as she could be a witness. The object was solid black and against the black sky it was not easily located as the red lights were also faint.

I pointed the objects location to my girlfriend who was also shocked when she saw it. I noticed as it passed over us that not only was it blocking out the stars but it actually was blocking out whole constellations. As we stood their watching in amazement I was concentrating my attention on the camcorder display screen, trying to make sure I had the object in focus. I couldn't actually see the object in the view finder as the sky being black and the object was black my camera wasn't sensitive enough to differentiate the two. At this point my girlfriend said "They must be able to see it". "Who", I said. "Them in that plane". I looked at the object and noticed a commercial plane was flying underneath the object.

I estimated the plane was flying at its cruising altitude as at arms length the plane was approximately the size of a dot against your thumb and the black triangular object which was above the plane was approximately the size of a Dorito (tortilla crisp) at arms length (This is where the headlines in the newspapers quoted I said it was like a Dorito, where in fact I only used the word Dorito as an adjective to explain the size of the triangle compared to the size of plane) We watched the object pass over us and watched until it disappeared into the horizon, which would have been heading in the Stourbridge direction. The object made no sound at all and travelled extremely slow, we stayed outside after the object has disappeared for approximately another 2 mins, we then heard a loud raw of a jet engine overhead, I was able to distinguish this from a commercial plane as we live in the flight path for Birmingham international airport and commonly hear low flying planes overhead.

I have also attending for many years the air display show of military craft at RAF Cosford, and this sound of plane did sound like a military jet. As soon as I went inside I phoned Steve Poole of UFO Research Midlands and reported the sighting to him. Steve contacted me the following day and informed me a colleague of his had called him 10 mins after I did and they also reported seeing a triangular object close to Redditch. My first thought was that is was a F117 USAF stealth bomber, but I soon came to the conclusion that if this particular type of aircraft was doing a flyover of Birmingham then almost all aeroplane enthusiasts would be aware, surely airspace would be restricted to commercial flights, would this type of aircraft fly over an international airport whilst numerous commercial planes were quite visible in close proximity to it. And finally, I may be wrong but I would have thought that if this type of aircraft was flying over an international city and airport that it wouldn't be flying solo, at least it would be escorted by other military jets.

On Friday morning at 6.20am a witness in Walsall reported into a local radio station that whilst walking his dog he saw a large black triangle object flying over him he then noticed two military jets pursued the object. He said he had never seen anything so big. As reported by myself, the footage is inconclusive due to the object does not stand out from the black sky. I recall filming approximately 3 mins of footage but on play back only 33 seconds have been recorded. I must note that on another separate sighting on 3rd November I videoed an unidentified object 4 times, when watching this footage back only 2 recordings worked.

These sightings are still being investigated by BUFOG and UFORM, if you have any further details or witnessed the sighting then please contact us.

Craig Lowe, BUFOG

Source: BUFOG

And while I was looking for the source of the image I happened across another similar report at the BUFOG website from June 2007 (five months before the 'original' report) which struck me as being wrote in a very similar style to the later one as well of course as being from the exact same location. Unfortunately Dave Hodrien or Craig Lowe (or whoever posted the report to the BUFOG website) didn't mention whether they believed this report to be related to the later one or vice versa and neither did they mention if any attempts had been made to retrieve the digital footage from the camera's hard-drive (which the witness describes below).

16/06/2007 - Quinton - Black Oval/Triangular UFO Sighting

Approx 8.32pm I witnessed a strange object in the sky..I live in Birmingham . I have had an interest in military aircraft since the age of 14, now 32. I know the signature patterns of aircraft and helicopter strobes and flight dynamics so the identification of an aircraft I can make instantly. I have been an amateur astronomer for over 10 years and own my own 10" Newtonian telescope with observatory so even the faintest satelite or space anomaly I can identify. To put it short, my eyes are quite well trained and not as naive as the general public.I have had a keen interest for most of my life with Ufology and have read many if not most of the ufo literature.

Timothy Good has received a copy of this email. I have read many case reports and sightings so I know what could be easily described as a ufo when a plain answer is available..Thats a little about me so that you can see It would have to be something strange to catch my eye and completely baffled me..

Heres my sighting,

I was standing by my patio door having a cigarette and my wife had just gone in the bath, whilst smoking I noticed a black object in the sky approx 3 miles away (1 mile from Birmingham city centre) at first it could be confused with a hawk hovering at close range, but over a heavily populated area, I think not..I continued to watch the object as my mind was trying to match what i was seeing to an object I could relate to, i couldn't.

The object was black, no lights no sound.It seemed to be oval shaped and on ocassions changed to a triangle shape. Visibilities was very good, clear sky with a few rain clouds to the horizon and a few brillant white clouds which were being illuminated by the sun..I watched for an estimated 1 min 30 secs before accepting that this could be a ufo.

I have a 9 moth old daughter and just she was born we decided to purchase a digital hard drive camcorder.I decided to fetch this knowing more than likely when i return the object will have disapeared. I returned with the camera and noticed the object was still there, only now it was on the move. I powered up my camera and started to film the object. The digital display on the camera is approx 3 inches in size so I couldn't tell if i had the object in view or even in focus, but i continued to film.The object moved over the trees and towards the horizon and finally diapeared behind a cloud..I stopped filming and took a few minuetes to gather my thoughts on what i had just seen. My wife soon came down from the bath and i told her what i had witnessed, her usual reaction to this subject is a load of nonsense but she seemed interested. She thought it may be genuine if i can't identify it, who knows..Another point to this incident is that we live directly under one of the flight paths for aircraft circuling to await there landing at Birmingham international airport. The sky above us is always busy with air traffic. I didn't see a single aircraft for over 1 and half hours which is very strange for an international airport at weekends..My ideal reactions would have been to have notified the local police of a potential unidentified object within a flight path and even contact air traffic control as reading as many ufo books as i have i know how important recordable data is, but strange enough i did what most general public do, i thought how strange and just sat down going over in my mind what i had just witnessed. The only plausable thing i did was to email UFORM straight away..Although the obect was quite far away, with a trained eye i could just about identify its shapes. We decided to watch the video to see if you could see the little dot in the sky and to our amazment we captued 2 mis 32 secs of the ordeal, and the footage is very clear.

you can even see the automatic focus of the camera intermitantly experiencing difficulties in keeping the object in focus.

The focus was set to infinity but with the object being in the distance and trees to the rear of my garden being in the shot it was making it very difficult for the camera to concentrate on both items, although this slight problem the footage is very clear and amazing.

Source: BUFOG

A timeline (of sorts) for the Dudley Dorito UFO and related news reports etc. is available here (2007 - 2010).


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