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Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,'

Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,' Astronomer Says

Jeanna Bryner - LiveScience Managing Editor
(29 September 2010)

An Earth-size planet has been spotted orbiting a nearby star at a distance that would makes it not too hot and not too cold — comfortable enough for life to exist, researchers announced today (Sept. 29). If confirmed, the exoplanet, named Gliese 581g, would be the first Earth-like world found residing in a star's habitable zone — a region where a planet's temperature could sustain liquid water on its surface.

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Sara Seager, an astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told

"Personally, given the ubiquity and propensity of life to flourish wherever it can, I would say, my own personal feeling is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 percent," said Steven Vogt, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, during a press briefing today. "I have almost no doubt about it."

His colleague, Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, in Washington, D.C., wasn't willing to put a number on the odds of life, though he admitted he's optimistic.

"It's both an incremental and monumental discovery.....Incremental because the method used to find Gliese 581g already has found several planets (all super-Earths, more massive than our own world) outside their stars' habitable zone, along with non-Earth-like planets within the habitable zone.....It really is monumental if you accept this as the first Earth-like planet ever found in the star's habitable zone," said Seager, who was not directly involved in the discovery.

Vogt, Butler and their colleagues will detail the planet finding in the Astrophysical Journal.

The newfound planet joins more than 400 other alien worlds known to date. Most are huge gas giants, though several are just a few times the mass of Earth.

Stellar tugs

Gliese 581g is one of two new worlds the team discovered orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 581, bumping that nearby star's family of planets to six. The other newfound planet, Gliese 581f, is outside the habitable zone, researchers said.

The star is located 20 light-years from Earth in the constellation Libra. One light-year is about 6 trillion miles (10 trillion km). Red dwarf stars are about 50 times dimmer than our sun. Since these stars are so much cooler, their planets can orbit much closer to them and still remain in the habitable zone. Estimates suggest Gliese 581g is 0.15 astronomical units from its star, close enough to its star to be able to complete an orbit in just under 37 days. One astronomical unit is the average distance between the Earth and sun, which is approximately 93 million miles (150 million km).

The Gliese 581 planet system now vaguely resembles our own, with six worlds orbiting their star in nearly circular paths. With support from the National Science Foundation and NASA, the scientists — members of the Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey — collected 11 years of radial velocity data on the star. This method looks at a star's tiny movements due to the gravitational tug from orbiting bodies.

The subtle tugs let researchers estimate the planet's mass and orbital period, how long it takes to circle its star.

Gliese 581g has a mass three to four times Earth's, the researchers estimated. From the mass and size, they said the world is probably a rocky planet with enough gravity to hold onto an atmosphere. Just as Mercury is locked facing the sun, the planet is tidally locked to its star, so that one side basks in perpetual daylight, while the other side remains in darkness. This locked configuration helps to stabilize the planet's surface climate, Vogt said:.

"Any emerging life forms would have a wide range of stable climates to choose from and to evolve around, depending on their longitude," Vogt said, suggesting that life forms that like it hot would just scoot toward the light side of that line while forms with polar-bear-like preferences would move toward the dark side.

Between blazing heat on the star-facing side and freezing cold on the dark side, the average surface temperature may range from 24 degrees below zero to 10 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 31 to minus 12 degrees Celsius), the researchers said.

Are you sure?

Supposedly habitable worlds have been found and later discredited, so what makes this one such a breakthrough? There's still a chance that further observations will dismiss this planet, also. But over the years, the radial velocity method has become more precise, the researchers point out in their journal article.

In addition, the researchers didn't make some of the unrealistic assumptions made in the past, Seager said. For instance, another planet orbiting Gliese 581 (the planet Gliese 581c) also had been considered to have temperatures suitable for life, but in making those calculations, the researchers had come up with an "unrealistic" estimate for the amount of energy the planet reflected, Seager pointed out. That type of estimate wasn't made for this discovery.

"We're looking at this one as basically the tip of the iceberg, and we're expecting more to be found," Seager said.

One way to make this a reality, according to study researchers, would be "to build dedicated 6- to 8-meter-class Automated Planet Finder telescopes, one in each hemisphere," they wrote.

The telescopes — or "light buckets" as Seager referred to them — would be dedicated to spying on the nearby stars thought to potentially host Earth-like planets in their habitable zones. The result would be inexpensive and probably would reveal many other nearby potentially habitable planets, the researchers wrote.

Beyond the roughly 100 nearest stars to Earth, there are billions upon billions of stars in the Milky Way, and with that in mind, the researchers suggest tens of billions of potentially habitable planets may exist, waiting to be found. Planets like Gliese 581g that are tidally locked and orbit the habitable zone of red dwarfs have a high probability of harboring life, the researchers suggest. Earth once supported harsh conditions, the researchers point out. And since red dwarfs are relatively "immortal" living hundreds of billions of years (many times the current age of the universe), combined with the fact that conditions stay so stable on a tidally locked planet, there's a good chance that if life were to get a toe-hold it would be able to adapt to those conditions and possibly take off, Butler said.


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Malmstrom UFO - Carlson Vs Hastings/Salas

Ahead of the upcoming Press Conference was released it seems that Robert Hastings finally saw fit to at least address James Carlson (who's father was one of the men involved first-hand in the alleged UFO sighting) and the discrepancies that he raised.

Unfortunately he did so by using statements made by Walt Figel in March 1996, which –according to James- is about 4 years before anybody ever mentioned Walt Figel's name in public. After this recent revelation Ryan Dube of the RealityUncovered website again contacted Figel and the following was posted today (26 th September 2010) a day before the conference.

The Walter Figel Tapes

He failed to directly respond to Walt Figels more recent comments in 2010, and when James Carlson attempts to reference the comments on the forums that Robert Hastings frequents, James' posts get deleted. There is certainly a cover-up going on, that's for sure. Just not the sort of cover up Hastings and Salas would like you to believe.

However, after reading Hasting's article, I admit to being a bit frustrated with Mr. Figel. Despite his recent comments clarifying the matter to James, it's clear what he was saying to Hastings and Salas according to those recordings, at least as far back as 1996. After reading Hasting's article, I decided to contact Walter Figel myself. I did so because Hastings keeps calling James a liar, so I needed something in my hands that would prove one way or another that Figel's more recent comments about the Echo Flight case were real.

While Hastings failed to produce the promised audio tapes where he and/or Salas supposedly had post-2008 contact with Figel, with claims supposedly proving that James and Eric are now lying – there are still questions that need to be answered. Even though these older recordings don't prove anything new (except that Hastings most likely does NOT have any more recent interactions with Figel proving anything he's been claiming about James) – they do require clarification from Figel.

Walter Figel Responds

I wrote an email to Figel and cc'd Eric and James asking Figel, point blank, why he said what he said in those recordings. He responded to me, asking for the link. James responded to his request with the following email, providing Figel with the transcripts.

James wrote:

Robert Salas just published the following transcripts of a conversation he had with you in 1996. He never mentioned anything about your testimony until well after 2002.

Did you actually do this interview, and if so, why is it so different from what you have repeatedly told me, and from what my father has repeatedly claimed?

James ends his email with a comment that makes it very clear to me that he's not only being as truthful as he can be, but he's only interested in the truth, and clearing his family name – he has no interest in UFOs or “debunking” the nuclear missile stories found throughout Ufology. He is only interested in the case that his own father was a primary witness to.

I would very much appreciate some clarity here. I understand that you don't want to get involved, but you are involved. You can't get rid of that involvement, not after you've basically said that my Dad is a liar. I don't care what a bunch of wack-jobs waiting for the next flying saucer pick-up have to say about me, because they've been doing that for years, but I will not just sit and let them do the same thing to my father.

If you are not willing to fix this — and that means making a cohesive statement of one thing or another, and calling Salas and Hastings and telling them, one way or the other, then please tell me, because this back and forth is ridiculous. These people are telling everybody that I never spoke to you — that I have made the whole thing up from the very beginning. If I am that dissociative, somebody should tell me

Walt finally responded at length to both James and I. He listed the major points that he believes are at issue here. Figel clearly states as of Sept 24th, 2010 – that not only does he believe UFO's were not involved at Echo Flight, but Figel also reveals some shocking insight into some of Salas' other claims regarding issues beyond the Echo Flight case. Here is what Figel had to say on the matter.


First – your dad has not lied about anything nor do believe that he is even capable of lying about anything at all. He was, is, and always will be an honorable man. You should remember that always – I will.

Second – Bob Salas was never associated with any shutdown of any missiles at any time in any flight and you can take that to the bank. Just think about this for a split second. He is a person wrapped up in UFOs to the Nth degree. Yet he could not remember he was not at Echo. Then he thought he was at November – wrong again. Then he thought he was at Oscar – wrong again.

Third – There is no record about anything happening at November or Oscar except in people's minds that are flawed beyond imagination. Salas has created events out of the thin air and can't get the facts straight even then. My best friend to this day was the flight commander of the 10th SMS at the time. He and I have discussed this silly assertion in the past couple of years – he thinks it is all madeup nonsense for sure. I put both Salas and Hastings in touch with him and he has told them both that an incident at November or Oscar never happened. In addition he was subsequently stationed at Norton AFB where the engineers tested the possible problems. No little green men were responsible.

Fourth – I have always maintained that I do not nor have I ever believed that UFOs exist in any form at any place at any time. I have never seen one or reported that I have seen one. I have always maintained that they had nothing to do with the shutdown of Echo flight in Montana.

Fifth – The event at Malmstrom has a hand written log from me that was turned in just like all the other logs that I wrote over several years. I would think that if I wrote something like that in the log, there would be copies, it would have been classified at the beginning and then released along with the classified SAC messages and base reports. Nothing in that urgent SAC message even hints of UFOs at all and I think that it would if the official logs or telephone calls had referenced that fact.

Sixth – When it happened, neither your dad nor I were “visibly shaken” by the events. It was just another day with a unexpected event in our lives. It was rather underwhelming at the time. No one rushed out to see us, no one made us sign any papers, no one interrogated us for hours on end.

There is no Air Force “cover-up” it just did not happen the way Salas and has portrayed the course of events. I am sorry that you are all caught up in a pissing contest with these people, I really am. They are just not going to let go no matter what you say or do. He has made a 15 year career pandering about the country talking about things he has no knowledge about. I am not at all interested in taking them on – it's not worth my effort – I have more important things to do with my life. I much rather just stay out of it.

Hopefully, we can move on. I did read about a briefing on the 27th here in DC. I am here in VA about 10 miles away. Interesting. Hopefully this helps you and confirms to you at least that your dad is a straight shooter and does not lie to anyone.


Walt Figel

The full article continues here and is well worth a read.

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Malmstrom AFB Missile UFO Incident

Firstly Frank Warren's website, “The UFOChronicles” recently posted some more information regarding the infamous (alleged) Malmstrom AFB Missile UFO Incident of March 1967 and -as has apparently happened before- removed a VERY valid comment relating to the veracity of the claims:

Former Boeing Engineer, Robert Kaminski Confirms UFO Activity at Echo Flight Missile Launch Control Facility in 1967 (Friday, September 10, 2010)

Excerpt: Letter To Jim Klotz - By Robert Kaminski (2-1-1997)

Since this was a field site peculiar incident, a determination was made to send out an investigation team to survey the LCF [Echo Launch Control Facility] and the LFs [Launch Facilities, or silos] to determine what failures or related incidents could be found to explain the cause. The team was made up of qualified engineers and technicians headed by scientific person who was a glaciologist. There were about 5 persons in all that were sent out. After a week in the field the team returned and pooled their data. At the outset the team quickly noticed a lack of anything that would come close to explain why the event occurred. There were no significant failures, engineering data or findings that would explain how ten missiles were knocked off alert. This indeed turned out to be a rare event and not encountered before. The use of backup power systems and other technical system circuit operational redundancy strongly suggests that this kind of event is virtually impossible once the system was up and running and on line with other LCF's and LF's interconnectivity.

[After months of investigation,] the team met with me to report their findings and it was decided that the final report would have nothing significant in it to explain what happened at E-Flight. In other words there was no technical explanation that could explain the event. The team went off to do the report. Meanwhile I was contacted by our representative at OOAMA (Don Peterson) and told by him that the incident was reported as being a UFO event—That a UFO was seen by some Airmen over the LCF [sic] at the time E-Flight went down.

Subsequently, we were notified a few days later, that a stop work order was on the way from OOAMA to stop any further effort on this project. We stopped. We were also told that we were not to submit the final engineering report. This was most unusual since all of our work required review by the customer and the submittal of a final Engineering report to OOAMA.

Source: The UFO Chronicles

The person who posted the comment was a Mr James Carlson who has earlier stated that on March 16, 1967, his father was on watch with Walt Figel at Echo Flight, shortly after he awoke from his sleep period, and during the time Figel was debriefing him on the mundane events of the previous night, his father (CAPT Eric D. Carlson) who was the MCCC at Echo Flight that morning, noticed that the missiles started going offline, because he happened to be the one facing the monitors.

And here is the since deleted comment posted by Mr James Carlson:

Source: James Carlson/RU Forums

This is reproduced here for no other reason than to present both sides of the story.

Truth is not only violated by falsehood;
it may be equally outraged by silence.

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Aetherius Society - Worlds Oldest UFO Religion

Aetherius SocietyYou may have seen a couple of weeks ago that the media carried a story about the Aetherius society or to be exact about their upcoming pilgrimages.

There were several articles on this but here's the one I first saw:

RECORD numbers of UFO sightings are predicted over the coming bank holiday weekend as spiritual pilgrims gather to worship on a "holy mountain" in Devon. Members of the Aetherius Society will descend on Yes Tor near Okehampton on Saturday, August 28 to chant and pray, in the belief that the second highest point on Dartmoor is charged with spiritual energy. And if the ceremony provokes a similar response from the extra-terrestrial realm to their pilgrimage to Combe Martin two years ago, the skies could be littered with alien craft. When more than 100 followers visited Combe Martin in 2008, there were a record 200 reported UFO sightings across the UK.

Spokesman Mark Bennett said:

"For every step we take towards them, they take two towards us but we need to make the effort and make ourselves available…We need to work for peace and enlightenment, then they will be in a position to help us more."

The society was founded in the 1950s by Dr George King, who claimed the holy mountain sites were charged with spiritual energy by extraterrestrials from Venus and Mars. Dr King worked as a medium and followers believe his trance-like utterances are communications from superior life forms. The society arranges annual pilgrimages to the sites in order to tap into the "energetic imprint" made by a being they call The Full Aspect of Adept Nixies Zero Zero Three.

Source: ThisIsPlymouth

Here's a video I uploaded quite a while ago that gives a quick run-down on the Aetherius Society as well as accompanying George King and his followers on one of these mountain pilgrimages (as an aside when watching this video one can understand why rightly or wrongly- similarities have been drawn between the Aetherians and other UFO based cults):

Before I continue there are a couple of things I wanted to draw your attention to, firstly at the 3:20 mark George King states:

“Which looked like the usual type of flying saucer, of which I have a, a, model here, it err, this is a, what we call a scout patrol craft.”

And as well as calling it a “scout craft” it also looks remarkably like the “scout ships” which George Adamski was famous for allegedly photographing, have a look at the image below:

Scout ship comparison

As you can see there are four images, the bottom two are of the model that King is holding in the video, the one on the top left is the infamous ‘photograph' (that Kentaro Mori -amongst others- have reasonably alleged is not an original photograph at all but either a photograph that has been retouched with a pencil or actually just a pencil drawing) and finally the one to the top right is a replicate model of an Adamski scout ship as sold by

Perhaps someone from the Aetherius Society could clarify that it was a model of an Adamski craft that King is holding, or is it as implied that King happened to witness the same make & model of Venusian scout ship that Adamski claimed to have seen in the early 50's (i.e. before King).

And secondly at the 4:40 mark George King (while preaching to his followers atop a mountain):

“As you know we were informed from cosmic sources that there will be a period of, ah, emergency from October 23 rd until December 11 th and that's why we're meeting here today, to finish charging this battery so that we have the power available at any time we need it.”

The reason I highlight this comment is that it somewhat conflicts with the specified, “Dates of Orbit” which as mentioned a little further down this post is the time when “Satellite No. 3” (a massive spacecraft) comes into orbit at set times each year, these periods are referred to as "Magnetization Periods" or "Spiritual Pushes" and are the most opportune time for these mountain pilgrimages, the dates of these orbits are being, April 18 to May 23, July 5 to August 5, September 3 to October 9 & November 4 to December 10.

Admittedly I could be accused of being a little cynical and especially so where organised religion of any denomination is concerned and I was hoping that perhaps someone more knowledgeable than myself could confirm that this period of emergency' King references is a regular occurrence and so was more than just an excuse fabricated for the sole reason of getting his followers to convene on the mountain for the camera crew?

Anyhoo, I uploaded the video a couple of years ago now and during the same period I spent quite a bit of time looking into the Aetherius Society and after being reminded of them I decided to see how the organisation and their website was doing, mainly for new information regarding the pilgrimages to charge the holy mountains.

However, what I considered to be the ‘good stuff' regarding ‘satellite number 3' was missing, namely the specifics of the magnetisation period/spiritual pushes during the (non)appearance of the giant UFO from which the cosmic masters bestow exactly the right kind of energy in order to amplify the prayers and intentions of the Aetherians, and by doing so ultimately help humanity to evolve. Apparently the energy of the sun is captured, filtered through the UFO and then directed towards individuals who are striving for the greater good on earth.

Whilst comparisons have been made in the past between the Church Of Scientology (COS) & the Aetherius Society in the past I believe the main similarities to be found are in the genesis of the respective religions, or more specifically the individuals and their motivations behind pioneering and moulding the belief systems into what we see today. Indeed there is some rather amusing anecdotal evidence suggesting entirely different and more cynical motives exist surrounding the circumstances that led to the forming of the Aetherius religion, one which involves King back in his days as a taxi-driver, copious amounts of alcohol, his search for a work associate and his entrepreneurial instincts. But as I say as this is essentially anecdotal evidence and so I won't elaborate any further.

The reason I draw this parallel now though is due to a different similarity, this being that the COS has publicly shied away from what is alleged to be the core belief of their religion, but more than merely shy away from it they publicly deny it and have even actively pursued legal action on the grounds of both copyright and trade secrecy to protect the secret of Xenu and the COS teachings about extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in Earthly events.

The following is paraphrased from the Xenu Wiki page:

Basically it's alleged that 75 million years ago the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy (any relation to Vrillon I wonder?) Xenu brought billions of his people to earth stacked them around volcanoes and promptly blew them up with Hydrogen bombs no less. The essences of these people remain earth-bound and attach/form themselves around modern-day humans and by doing so they cause the human spiritual harm. These events are known within Scientology as "Incident II", and the traumatic memories associated with them as the Wall of Fire/R6 implant. (The “implant" -past trauma-was "calculated to kill (by pneumonia etc) [sic] anyone who attempts to solve it").

But I digress as my point is that all of this which the COS founder (L. Ron. Hubbard) appropriately called the ‘space opera' falls under the remit of secret "Advanced Technology" (allegedly only revealed to members who have attained Operating Thetan level III,' which is really only available to those who have contributed large amounts of money to the COS cause). And yet none of this doctrine which we have good reason to believe is the underlying constant, the core belief, the foundation on which the religion itself is built is to be found anywhere, whether that be published, sanctioned, promoted or endorsed by the COS.

Now back to the Aetherius Society and George King who also claimed that extraterrestrial beings were the ‘raison d'ĂȘtre' for his religion, it differs from the COS due to this doctrine forming not only the foundation but also the very structure of the religion, thanks to the wonders of the internet archive ‘wayback machine' (or in this case its mirror) the following is from the official Aetherius Society ‘About Us' page, circa 2006:

Aetherius Society ‘About Us' - 2006

The Aetherius Society is a group of dedicated people cooperating with Ascended Masters to help usher in a New Age of Peace and Enlightenment upon our world.

We were founded in England in 1955 by a Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King, in order to introduce a "Cosmic Concept" into the minds of searching and thinking people everywhere. Since that time, the Society's New Age and metaphysical teachings have spread to America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other locations around the world. This Cosmic Concept depicts our true place in creation and has been specifically given at this crucial crossroads in the evolution of humanity.

It is a time in which we have begun to physically and scientifically journey outwards to the cosmos as well as a time when we are also being visited by extra-terrestrials. We are on the cusp of an entirely new era in our evolution and it is for this reason that this cosmic concept has been given.

Why UFOs have been commonly seen since World War II

During World War II humanity once again found the power and means to cause global destruction through the use of atomic energy. We were in a position to allow our destructive tendencies to affect a system of life outside of our own world. If we destroyed this planet, it would affect the subtle balance of the Solar System itself.

It became important for us to be watched to make sure this would not happen. It became important for us to be protected from the negative effects of our own actions and inactions. It became important to protect the life of the Mother Earth, herself, our great home.

Since that time flying saucers, or UFOs, have been increasingly seen in our skies.

Some of these UFOs are from remote parts of this galaxy, manned by beings who are curious to observe our planetary culture in its challenges during this crucial time.

Many of these craft are from within our solar system and are manned by intelligences far more evolved than mankind. They are able to exist on higher levels of vibration than ourselves who mostly only inhabit the basic physical realm in this incarnation. These intelligences are now urging humanity to rise upwards into the realms of spiritual Light and the realization of universal Oneness.

Source: Aetherius Society About Us (2006)

Which as you can see seems to be the somewhat usual mantra of contactees, with this being especially true back when the religion was founded as it was amidst the entirely more innocent era of the 1950s, long before the ubiquitous grey's reared their -featureless- heads and their seemingly malevolent modus operandi was exposed and consequently ingrained in the psyche of a generation.

My point being that the revisionist ‘About Us' page which you now see in its place makes little reference to these majestic and other-worldly origins instead preferring to vaguely reference (almost absent-mindedly) their cosmic masters:

Aetherius Society ‘About Us' - 2010 (Current)

The Aetherius Society is a worldwide spiritual organization comprised of people dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity through spiritual action. We were founded in 1955 by the late Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King, in order to help the Cosmic and Ascended Masters bring a state of balance back to humanity.

Our world is desperately out of balance. A relative handful of wealthy westerners have control of an unprecedented share of the world's resources, while millions if not billions suffer starvation or lack decent living standards.

Our world is accelerating into a world of selfishness and materialistic hedonism causing an increase in violence and terrorism around the world and a rapid depletion of Earth's resources.

The increase in worldwide pollution and violence, the decrease of Earth's resources such as oil and forests combined with the rapid increase in consumerism is propelling us down a dangerous and deadly slope to disaster.

It is up to each of us to try and halt this slide to disaster.

But How?

The solution is spiritual action, true dedicated tireless spiritual action for the many.

The Cosmic Masters, our spiritual elders from other worlds, have come again to help us in our time of need.

They have delivered their messages to the political and religious leaders, and have been ignored. They come now to you, with compassion and desire to help. They come with great hope, offering mystical tools of white magic that can give you the spiritual power available only to advanced adepts centuries ago.

These tools include advanced wisdom and powerful methods of spiritual energy invocation and manipulation, methods which include the Twelve Blessings, the Holy Mountains and the Cosmic Missions.

This website will present their Cosmic Wisdom - with the Spiritual Opportunities offered to all at this critical period in the total history of Earth. Enter in and learn how you can really help heal and uplift this, OUR WORLD.

Source: Aetherius Society

In fact, so watered down is their current statement of purpose (as it relates to their deities) that if it wasn't pluralised then with little effort it could conceivably apply to most mainstream religious doctrines:

“The Cosmic Masters, our spiritual elders from other worlds, have come again to help us in our time of need.”

Which when compared and contrasted with the statement from the same only a few years ago (2006) then the now guarded nature of their belief quickly becomes apparent:

“It is a time in which we have begun to physically and scientifically journey outwards to the cosmos as well as a time when we are also being visited by extra-terrestrials. We are on the cusp of an entirely new era in our evolution and it is for this reason that this cosmic concept has been given.”

Which brings us full circle to the ‘good stuff' regarding the reasons behind their mountain pilgrimages which I mentioned at the start of this Blog post as once I went looking for it all I could find was broken links, if you visit their “Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains” webpage you will see what I mean:

The Nineteen Holy Mountains

Between 1958 and 1961, in a world mission known as Operation Starlight, 19 mountains around the world were filled with accessible spiritual energy.

Dr. George King, acting as a karmic representative of the human race, was needed to physically climb 18 of these 19 mountains. At a point on or near their summit, he entered into an elevated state and an initial Charge was sent through him into the mountain.

In this way, each mountain was charged with spiritual energy by the Cosmic Masters.

This energy is now available to all who expend the effort to climb these mountains to send out their prayers and healing. Each contains slightly different energies and can be used by people to help the world and themselves in different ways.

It has been stated by Saint Goo-Ling, an ancient Ascended Master of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, that the most potent spiritual practice in these days is to perform The Twelve Blessings on any of these Holy Mountains during a Spiritual Push.

Source: Aetherius Society/Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

As I say the links don't work as you can see by this screen-shot of a mouse-over the “Spiritual Push” link you can see that the URL is broken/incomplete:

So after a little manipulation I managed to access the page but with no images present, finally after searching for “Satellite number 3” using the search box available at the top of all of the Aetherius pages I managed to find a complete functioning page of the “Magnetization Periods” which is available here.

And after re-familiarising myself with the content then I believe that amidst the recent press coverage that its difficulty to locate and any the lack of any functioning links are conspicuous by their absence as the page in question seems to be similarly themed to the other information which has been removed (and which I highlight above).

Magnetization Periods
A Source of Spiritual Energy

Since the dark days of the fifties, for several periods each year, a massive spacecraft called Satellite No. 3 comes into orbit of our earth. These periods are referred to as "Magnetization Periods" or "Spiritual Pushes."

On board there is a fantastic array of radionic instruments, manned by spiritually evolved extraterrestrials, known as Cosmic Masters. This advanced spacecraft is able to transmit exactly the right energy to each person who is helping humanity in some spiritual way.

This uplifting energy is sent to all people who are engaged in some type of spiritual act, whether directly helping another or working to improve themselves spiritually. It makes no difference what race or religion they may be. It goes to Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslim, Taoists, Jews, all religions, including atheists if they are working for the common good.

During these Magnetization Periods the karmic effects of each spiritual action are enhanced approximately three thousand times, thereby speeding up the evolution of both the individual and humanity as a whole.

Satellite Number 3

Dates of Orbit: Satellite No. 3 comes into orbit at set times each year. The dates of these orbits are as follows:

• April 18 to May 23

• July 5 to August 5

• September 3 to October 9

• November 4 to December 10

Satellite No. 3 enters and leaves Earth orbit at 12:00 midnight G.M.T.

Tune into this Energy

Everyone can tune into this source of energy from Satellite No. 3, and you will be amazed at the difference this makes to all your spiritual practices and your true service to humanity.

The energy used by Satellite No. 3 comes directly from the Sun. The Sun, as has been known to the metaphysician and Eastern Masters for centuries, is the source for all prana or spiritual energy on Earth. The Third Satellite virtually magnifies this energy in a safe and highly effective manner, and directs it to those working for the greater good on Earth.

Source: Aetherius Society/Magnetization Periods

And at the foot of this text there is a disclaimer, sorry it's not a ‘disclaimer,' well it is but instead of stating such it is placed under the rather pompous heading of a, TECHNICAL NOTE ”:

TECHNICAL NOTE: There is a simple reason why this large spacecraft is not seen or detected by radar. A force field protects Satellite No. 3 and is capable of rotating radar and light particles in an arc of 180 degrees rendering it invisible. This is necessary in order to keep its presence a secret from humanity's rather active military forces. The Cosmic Masters prefer to help humanity without interference caused by undue curiosity at this time.

Perhaps the Aetherians have tapped into this force field and are using it to disguise the more outlandish aspects of their religious doctrine?!

Seriously though and as far as organised religions go then I personally find the beliefs of the Aetherians are mild-mannered when compared to the vast majority of their counterparts and indeed their members are amongst the most unassuming that I'm aware of. This was originally going to be a short Blog post covering the reasons for their mountain pilgrimages but I guess I was just a little disappointed to see that they are apparently trying to publicly distance themselves from the core beliefs espoused by King that previously and unambiguously defined their fundamental belief-system.....