Thursday, 18 February 2010

UK UFO – South Shields, 2010 Valentines Day UFO Report (Crowned with circular array)

I was recently contacted by South Shields resident, Rick Frame, who wanted to share the details of his recent UFO sighting. It hasn't been reported anywhere else and from our brief correspondence the witness (Rick) appears genuine, hasn't contacted the media and so has nothing to gain by sharing his experience. (And of course permission was granted to share his report).

14th February at 5.30 (p.m) in the South Shields area.

The object was a vertical cylinder with arms jutting out at the top of the cylinder. At the bottom was a bright orange light.

This was not a Chinese lantern and it moved very slowly but very accurately to the north. My wife and several other people in my street saw the object but didn't really pay it much attention. By the time I had ran into the house to get my SLR camera the object had disappeared.

However when I went to look from my bedroom window the object was now far north and slowly rising toward the cloud ceiling (I could no longer make out the object just the distinctive bright orange light). The object would have had to have moved very quickly in the 4 minute or so this sighting occurred.

I replied with a couple of questions which were as follows:

Regarding your recent account, firstly I won't insult your intelligence but it would be negligent not to mention the fact that South Shields experiences quite a bit of air traffic due to the direction/distance it is located in relation to Newcastle airport. But the fact that you can instantly dismiss Chinese lanterns as a possibility (a possibility due to, I suspect, the orange light) then I also suspect that the air traffic isn't unfamiliar to you?

I wanted to ask what you meant by, “jutting out at the top of the cylinder”?

Did the protrusions appear parallel to each other (exactly opposite?) also how large were the protrusions in relation to the object (e.g. same size, half etc.) and were they in the top quarter, top third, etc.?

Did the object remain vertical as it was travelling in the Northerly direction you described?

And finally have you or anyone you know of reported this sighting?

And Rick swiftly replied with the following information:

The protrusions were protruding at the top of the cylinder in a circular array as a crown if you will. I didn't see how many protrusions as the fading light and distance of the object at my very inexact estimates around a few hundred feet meant it was hard to resolve (I was also in a hurry to get my dslr with zoom lens on it.) I live right over the flight path into Newcastle airport and this was no conventional aircraft.

It made no sound and just seemed to move I would say drift but there was no chaotic momentum to it I would argue that it's propulsion was not inertia based, but that would make me sound like an expert, which I am not.

I have not reported it to the police or the local newspaper as I am very sceptical of their reporting style and do not want to be labelled as a nutter.

I would be happy for you to post it on your blog and you can use my name.

Source: Private correspondence.


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