Friday, 19 February 2010 Website Suspended/Offline (TEMPORARILY!!)

The massively popular UFO website is currently showing a, “Website Suspended" message:

This is NOT due to anything other than administrational difficulties which have come about by the owner (Mr BJ Booth) trying to provide a higher quality service to his readership by way of posting (and making available for download) high quality videos which directly relate to articles published on his website.

(BJ Booth had the following to say:)

I received no warning from my serving company on this matter.

Here is what happened:

As you know the main site gets a ton of page views, often as many as 1 million per day. I had recently redone our entire video section to high quality files that you can stream or download.

As a result of the enormous traffic the new section received, it was putting a lag on the entire bluedomino site world wide. I spent an hour dealing with them on this issue. I pay them well, for unlimited bandwidth, but they would not budge.

So, to get back online, I had to delete 459 files in my new video directory.

I will put a message on the main site page about what happened as soon as they put me back on.

The above hasn't been publicly posted (in full) but I assure you this is in fact exactly what happened and the problems are currently being ironed out.

Of course one would hope that no-one would be naïve enough to believe there is anything untoward or clandestine regarding this temporary suspension before checking the facts. (Although admittedly stranger conspiracies abound!!)

But just in case this Blog post is purely to quell any possible conspiracy theories before they arise, a pre-emptive strike if you like…..


Hale said...

Just wondering bj if your going to be posting the videos you delete somwhere else just so people do not lose them?

and i saw your new format but how do you download videos now i do not see anywhere where it says right click to download anymore?

Thanks i will check back to see if you reply Hale James Kaden UFO P.I.

UFOHunter82 on youtube.

Michael Naisbitt said...

Hi Hale,

Unfortunately it’s all up in the air at the minute and as has absolutely nothing to do with me I can’t answer. However I would be very surprised if BJ opts to just delete all of the videos as there was a lot of work involved in posting them in the first place. From what I understand the site should be back up soon.


stricklyprsltd said...

How will we know when UFO Casebook is back up and running?

Michael Naisbitt said...

It should be 48 hours maximum as BJ recently posted the following to the Casebook forum yesterday(which is still active as it's on a different server):

"What happened folks is that my present host, www.bluedomino, which I have used for 8 years now, got really horsey with me about our huge video file pages, so I deleted over 120 videos.

After that, nothing happened, so I went back to support, and they told me I still needed to delete my flash files, which are small files, but handle the navigational panels for some 75,000 html files.

Had I done what they requested, can you imagine editing that many pages, and reuploading them all. It would have taken several months.

Long story short, I went a purchased a much large package from a different company. All of the files from the old server are being transferred to the new one.

Ultimately, the user will see no difference when the transfer is completed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

ufosecrets99 said...

wow that is unbelievable, is there no one better to use then them? I have 3 currents, godaddy, Network solutions, and startlogic. I have found startlogic to be the best so far and the cheapest.

Michael Naisbitt said...

Update by BJ Booth posted to the forums on 21st Feb (today):

I have received an email from my new host telling me that, whom I requested the domain transfer from, should begin this process on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

This shouldn't take but a few hours, so we should see the site back up, for the most part anyway, by Thursday. (Thursday 25th Feb).

tarbuff said...

I called Blue D and asked what was going on and they told me that you did pay the bill for hosting. They seemd very unorganized. They sent me 4 different e mails for 4 different reasons also. Get a new web hoster.