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UK UFO - Self-appointed MoD Replacement

The Future Of UK UFO Reports: ‘Lies' In The Sun?

As Blogged about recently The Sun (newspaper) posted an article online in which they attributed a UFO video to Ireland when it was from California, and in the middle of the article they (completely unprompted and unrelated) had the following text italicised:

And today (29 Jan 2010) a couple of days later they posted an article with the headline, “NASA backs The Sun's X-Files” as well as the news that, “The Sun re-launched the nation's X-Files last week ” and of course the statement, “'Important' ... The Sun will record UFO activity over Britain ” and (employing a tact which is quickly becoming something of a Sun ‘trademark') was accompanied by a completely unrelated & speculative computer generated image (CGI) of a ‘flying saucer'..

I assume all of this meant that the italicised sentence that was wedged into the middle of the earlier article, you remember, the one with the wrongly attributed video and blatant deception was actually a ‘statement of intent' as it were. Several Bloggers & UFOlogists have tried contacting the Sun and to the best of my knowledge all to no avail. However, credit where credit is due as Nick Pope has (again to the best of my knowledge) replied to every person who has emailed him about this, and while I hasten to add I don't agree with his position on this he surely deserves respect for taking the time to try and alleviate concerns and to personally answer those who have questioned his motives.

Anyway, here's the Suns latest contribution as the saviour of UK Ufology:

NASA backs The Sun's X-Files

(28 Jan 2010)

'Important' ... The Sun will record UFO activity over Britain

NASA has backed The Sun's study of Britain's X-files.

A top scientist from the US labelled our bold bid to record alien activity in the UK as "important".

Cash-strapped Ministry of Defence chiefs secretly axed the department that investigated UFOs last month. But now The Sun has picked up the baton as strange space sightings are close to an all time high.

Dr McKay — part of NASA's Space Science Division since 1982 — has spent his career looking for extra-terrestrial life. The planetary scientist was the co-leader of the Mars Phoenix Lander mission in 2008. The probe dug up chunks of ice on the Martian surface again fuelling hope that living organisms existed on the Red Planet. And he is busy planning a new mission to Mars in search of life. He said The Sun's bid to record the UFOs over the UK shared the same the goal he was striving for — to discover alien life forms:

"It is important to keep a record of UFOs…..I think it is only natural as a human to wander whether there is life outside of Earth…..The public are really interested in the unexplained sightings so it is worthwhile to log them…..Tracking UFOs is the same as the interest that I have. My interest is from a scientific viewpoint but I am asking the same question…..We are both asking the question - are there other life forms out there?"

British Mars expert Professor Colin Pillinger CBE echoed NASA's Dr McKay. He applauded The Sun for reviving the MoD's UFO project after they shut it down on December 1 2009. Any sightings in Britain will now NOT be officially recorded because MoD chiefs branded the £50,000-a-year department an "inappropriate use of defence resources". It came despite the near TRIPLING of alleged UFOs between 2008 and 2009 to 643. Prof Pillinger headed the Beagle 2 mission to Mars — which eventually ended in failure when the unmanned probe crashed on Christmas Day 2003:

"The Sun is right to keep the UFO files going.....You have an army of readers who could flag up something extraordinary.....Even if it is not alien life, it could be a meteorite which are of great value to the scientific community.....The Sun is right to persist in reporting UFOs.....Just because we do not understand something does not mean it is not true."

Leading US professor Albert A Harrison, from the University of California, also backed our UFO files. Prof Harrison — who served with NASA — said:

"The reason it is important to report UFOs is because it fascinates people who are interested in possible life in the universe and whether or not we are alone…..Such surveys can be mined for helpful information and properly conducted research is valuable."

The space watchers were in London for two days of talks at the Royal Society entitled "The Detection of Extra-terrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society." The Sun re-launched the nation's X-Files last week. We will now release a rundown of your sightings, like the MoD used to.

Source: The Sun

So if the public complies then the Sun is the new source for UK UFO reports, and the conspiracy theorists thought they've had a rough ride so far, I bet the boys at the MoD are pissing themselves…..

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Sacha Christie Infomaniac Housewife said...

Hi Michael.. Before i even go off on one I've got to say that I love the name of your blog.. Truth Decay... Ha! Brilliant :)

I laughed my arse off when I read this article when it came out. I Imagined their publications of statistics with reports of swarms of orange balls of light every weekend.

I suppose we shouldn't laugh too much, they are at least making an effort. Problem is... Who takes the sun seriously? It's like the recent fairly accurate stories in the star... almost genius. Put the truth in a paper that nobody believes... The sun is a reincarnation of the Sunday Sport.. remember the "B52 Bomber found on moon" .."Gone from moon" to "landed at Heathrow" Pilots Bing Astair and Fred Crosby stories in the very early 90's? Aline Stole my Wallet was the best... So IMO that's the level of expectation.

I've been researching why the MoD shut the desk... I've uncovered some rather interesting things.... I started a blog, I'll leave the link. It hasn't been posted on in a while but that's because I've been on a fact gathering mission. In a nutshell... The USAF have control of our airspace. Private investors pay for new military hardware... hence cut backs in Defense... The DoD have a paper called Strategic command.. the joint vision for 2020 which staes there is a collective plan to form a coalition in space.. but really there is no coalition. In one document I read, the US intimated that if we didn't pull our forces into line with theirs for this vision, we might to be so entitled to the luxury of using their satellite hardware for GPS and communications etc... They've pulled out of the 1967 space treaty and are receiving advice from senate about changin the admiralty laws.. Their ultimate intent is to weaponize space by 2030 BUT they are basing their prediction on the current rate of technological development. Meaning they don't have the technology yet but they expect to by then.... This means the unknown craft we see are not military or terrestrial because they are still waiting for (in comparison) primitive technology. They've classified all objects entering earths atmosphere as top secret and have been sending rockets up that create noctilucent clouds to measure shadows. At the same time they are scanning deep space on every spectrum of light and sound. The switch over from analogue to digital is so we stop making lots of noise giving our location away... They plan to have DEW platforms up there.. although they admit they do not know the full scope of their ability with their limited testing. All this coincides with the fact 2009 was a year for record numbers of sightings... Or... It could all just be 'coincidence'...

My plan is to tell as many people as possible and for them to pass it on... To ring the police everytime you see a ufo. I will shut up now but if you go to my blog and read the plan of action you can see the absolute beauty in it... A new entry with all my findings with bibliography of docs will be up in a few days to a week.

I think I might be contacting the sun... hahahahaha!!

Love your blog.. excellent work. Nice one :)