Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sunderland (UK) School Pupils Encounter ‘Crashed' UFO

UFO Crash Used As Teaching Tools (Again!!)

This is by no means the first time that an alleged “ crashed ” UFO has been used as a teaching tool and I should perhaps point out that I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea. Not because ‘ any publicity is good publicity' but due more to promoting a sense of general awareness and understanding, but I digress…..

I actually Blogged about an earlier such incident not that long ago (September 2008) in Edgware, “Police Seen ‘Investigating' Alien Invasion At Edgware School” (click to view).

And at least –to date- there has been only one such event that has even good humouredly tried to pass itself off as genuine as in the Clevedon school back in January 2009 whom enlisted the help of a local reporter who decided to run two stories, one reporting on the event as real, an excerpt follows:

“A UFO has crashed at a primary school in Clevedon – giving the most clear sign yet that aliens do exist…..The object, described by witnesses as an alien spacecraft, crashed on the playing fields at Yeo Moor Junior School shortly before midnight on Wednesday…..It then took off again but, as well as leaving a trail of debris behind, footprints were also found…..Police are not confirming what it is but a crime scene investigator exclusively told the Mercury 'he had never seen anything like it before' and that in his opinion 'it appeared to be alien'.


And another article explaining the event which can be read here, “Young Clevedon reporters get a scoop that is out of this world." "And as ludicrous as it may seem to consider that anyone took the report seriously just check out the comments on the first article (here) and I rest my case!!

In fact there was a rash of similar events in the UK at the end of 2008 & the beginning of 2009 which can be further evidenced by the following at the beginning of November 2008, “A UFO landed at a primary school in Basingstoke.”

And earlier still in October 2008 we have: “UFO crash lands at Cleethorpes school!

Anyway..... On the 20th January the Sunderland Echo ran the following story:

Shock for pupils as UFO lands at school (20th January 2010)

Forensic teams have been scouring the grounds of a city school after an alien invasion. Pupils looked on in amazement when a UFO landed at Hylton Red House Primary School, bringing lessons to a sharp halt. But – rather than being the creation of little green men – the spacecraft, which appeared as a surprise to pupils, was put together by staff as part of a three- week space project.

Head teacher Steve Williamson said:
"The pupils knew nothing about the spaceship landing and there were a lot of surprised faces…..There was plenty of goo, smoke and lights and we tried to make it as real as possible. The local community police officers came along, as well as the forensics team…..The children were shocked as the staff put on a very believable show, but the project has been designed to engage the pupils and help them with the development of their writing…..As part of the project they will be writing stories, doing police-style reports and their own detective work…..We have been in Special Measures for some time, but this serves as a boost to learning to show parents how hard the staff are working."

Source: Sunderland Echo

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