Sunday, 10 January 2010

(Alien Inspired) Survival Of The Fittest?

A UK (Bristol) based gym has drew criticism for daring to inject a little comedy into their marketing campaign , the campaign which is aimed at recruiting new members has prompted ‘Public Outrage' according to

Strangely it seems as if most (if not all!!) alien-based marketing campaigns are destined for failure as can be witnessed by the alien advert that New Mexico put out a little while ago and can be viewed here.

Outrage,” really?

To be honest I couldn't see what the fuss was then much as I can't with this recent one as isn't any publicity good publicity?

Besides which isn't this recent marketing ploy simply a case of (over!) stating the obvious? Perhaps it would illustrate my point a little better if I share a movie-quote which instantly sprang to mind when reading the article:

"Rule #1 for surviving in Zombieland, CARDIO .

When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties. "

- Columbus (Jesse Esenberg), Zombieland

Outrage over 'aliens will eat fatties' gym poster.

Some say that a Bristol gym's extra-terrestrial advert about over-filling plates and (flying) saucers will merely alienate people.

Fat's not on!!

The manager of the Cadbury Gym in Yatton, Somerset, sparked outrage after he launched an ad campaign warning overweight people that aliens will eat them first. It's enough to make you head for the hills – a warning that aliens are coming and they are going to gobble up fat people first. Well, that's if you believe the latest ad campaign from one of Britain's biggest health clubs. The sign was meant to encourage fat people to shed a few pounds and join a health club and spa attached to Cadbury House hotel in Bristol.

It featured a green alien and the words:

'Advance health warning!
When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first.'

But others are less happy, Vicky Palmer, 45:

“I am not overweight yet I find this extremely offensive…..The people who came up with this idea and sanctioned the advert need a good stiff kick up the backside and, if that backside is a rather bony one, then they will feel this all the more.”

A spokesman for the Beat Eating Disorders association said people were unlikely to respond to the ad:

“This is a very unfortunate choice of words. People get fit and healthy when they are positively motivated and are unlikely to respond to such a negative message.”

But Cadbury House hotel club manager Jason Eaton said they did not want to offend anyone:

“It is our way to encourage people of all ages who might want to lose a few pounds and get fit to join our award-winning health club.”

Source: Metro

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