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Romanek(s) Deny BBC/Danny Dyer Statement of $50,000 Pricetag

In the interests of getting to the truth..... (A rebuttal from Lisa Romanek).

A couple of days after the documentary aired (can be viewed here) and Danny Dyer stated that a fee of $50,000 was requested by the ‘agent' of Stan Romanek for access to his footage (and one assumes also for the interview) I became aware that this was being disputed by Stan's wife:

“As for his ending comment, I would like to explain a bit about it. The BBC offered $1,000 to use the footage and we agreed, however we recieved $500.00 of that. They were not told that they couldn't use the footage unless they paid us $50,000 we simply asked for the other $500.00 that our agreement stated!”

Source: UFOEvolution Forum

After seeing similar comments to the one above attributed to Stan's wife (Lisa Romanek) as well as online references to the fact that Lisa had disputed the validity of the statement I contacted Lisa who confirmed the above and gave me permission to publicly post the following:

I was shocked at the end of the program to hear Danny say such a thing, and this is the truth. It saddens me that a possible misunderstanding could make him question my honesty, or the truth of he saw for himself. I was not aware of any such demand to the BBC, or Danny Dyer that they could not use the footage unless they paid us $50,000. They used the footage of the alien in the window, and also the obviously they used the footage.

Our business manager contacted then in regards to the $500.00 still owed. Other than that, I have no knoweldge of such a *demand* being made. We did not recieve $50,000 for the footage, and they still owe us $500.00. But it does not matter, we would still have Danny come back and visit. He is a wonderful person as were his mates he brought with him!!

(Private communication Jan 2009)

In fact it's fair to say Danny Dyer was very well received and the Romanek's obviously don't hold him personally responsible for the alleged “$ 50,000 ” request which Dyer was told the Romanek's ‘agent' requested for the ‘ alien in the window ' vide footage (amongst others). This can again be witnessed in the following quote by Lisa Romanek:

"I have the utmost respect for Danny Dyer, he is a wonderful person who like all of us is seeking the truth, searching for answers that he personally can accept as real. He is entitled to his opinion as we all are, and he has a very colorful way of expressing himself, which I personally find charming, and real!He was blown away but what he was shown while at our home. And as he said, it was a lot to wrap is mind around. It would be for anyone. Seeing a real alien, looking in a window is pretty amazing,but seeing many pictures and videos of them are even more overwhelming. If I was him,and I wanted more than anything to see a UFO or an Alien..."

(Private communication Jan 2009)

I'm sure you can all appreciate that the contact details (and identifying the people involved) for Dyer and ‘BBC Productions' are a little more difficult to access but I am pursuing it, if any answer is forthcoming I'll be sure and post it to this Blog.

(I thought it was unfair to withhold Lisa's statements until any sort of confirmation was obtained).

Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Sun UFO Deception Goes Global (You Heard It Here First!!)

As I was writing my last Blog post about this exact situation I received a Google alert regarding a FOX News story which yet again echoes earlier calls which directly bring the Suns jounalistic integrity(?) into question. The article is regarding the Dublin/Sun article which was posted on the 22nd Jan (2010) and references a PeopleMagazineDaily article. PeopleMagazineDaily actually posted an article titled, "UFO with Triangular Formation of Lights Filmed in Dublin, Ireland" which was a faithful reproduction of the original Sun article, this was posted on the 25th January.

THEN on the 26th January they ran a ‘correction' with the headline of, “Dublin UFO Actually from Iraq or California: British Press Deception,” this was four days after the Sun article which I covered (on this Blog) back on the 23rd (one day after the original article).

And as it has now gone mainstream (globally) I thought I'd highlight the timeline (a small indulgence I'm sure you'll forgive…..) And also worth noting is that the FOX News article actually specified the same motivations as I did when they wrote, “The real reason behind the UFO story and video? The Sun is taking on the task of running the U.K.'s UFO-report bureau after Ministry of Defense closed it down last year.”

Hopefully the message won't be buried amongst the hype that is sure to ensue now that the Sun have taken up the (UK) UFO mantle, well, at least for the minute.

Anyhoo, here's the FOX News article which was posted on the 29th January under the, “Air & Space” section of the website:

UFO Caught Over Ireland -- or California

A video purporting to show a UFO drifting over Ireland is making the rounds in British tablets. But what does it really show? A video purporting to show a UFO drifting over Ireland is making the rounds in British tablets. But what does it really show?

The video, showing a triangular formation of lights ostensibly invisible to the naked eye, was posted to the Web site of British tabloid The Sun. The paper reports that experts reckon the sighting near Dublin could be a secret aircraft -- or a spacecraft.

Nick Pope, who probed mystery sightings for the U.K.'s Ministry of Defense, told the paper that "the video seems to have been taken through a night scope and presumably shows things not visible to the naked eye."

"It appears to show a structured craft moving at incredible speed. The configuration of the lights is unlike any aircraft I've ever seen. It's either some secret prototype aircraft or drone, or something considerably more exotic."

The Web site People's Daily Magazine pointed out that the video in question was posted to video-sharing Web site YouTube in December of 2008 -- where it is listed as having been filmed in Fremont, California.

The real reason behind the UFO story and video? The Sun is taking on the task of running the U.K.'s UFO-report bureau after Ministry of Defense closed it down last year. A spokesman for the Ministry told The Sun, "We do not feel there is any military value in reviewing the public's sightings. "

Source: Fox News

(And I promise this is the LAST time I'll mention this particular incident!!)

Friday, 29 January 2010

UK UFO - Self-appointed MoD Replacement

The Future Of UK UFO Reports: ‘Lies' In The Sun?

As Blogged about recently The Sun (newspaper) posted an article online in which they attributed a UFO video to Ireland when it was from California, and in the middle of the article they (completely unprompted and unrelated) had the following text italicised:

And today (29 Jan 2010) a couple of days later they posted an article with the headline, “NASA backs The Sun's X-Files” as well as the news that, “The Sun re-launched the nation's X-Files last week ” and of course the statement, “'Important' ... The Sun will record UFO activity over Britain ” and (employing a tact which is quickly becoming something of a Sun ‘trademark') was accompanied by a completely unrelated & speculative computer generated image (CGI) of a ‘flying saucer'..

I assume all of this meant that the italicised sentence that was wedged into the middle of the earlier article, you remember, the one with the wrongly attributed video and blatant deception was actually a ‘statement of intent' as it were. Several Bloggers & UFOlogists have tried contacting the Sun and to the best of my knowledge all to no avail. However, credit where credit is due as Nick Pope has (again to the best of my knowledge) replied to every person who has emailed him about this, and while I hasten to add I don't agree with his position on this he surely deserves respect for taking the time to try and alleviate concerns and to personally answer those who have questioned his motives.

Anyway, here's the Suns latest contribution as the saviour of UK Ufology:

NASA backs The Sun's X-Files

(28 Jan 2010)

'Important' ... The Sun will record UFO activity over Britain

NASA has backed The Sun's study of Britain's X-files.

A top scientist from the US labelled our bold bid to record alien activity in the UK as "important".

Cash-strapped Ministry of Defence chiefs secretly axed the department that investigated UFOs last month. But now The Sun has picked up the baton as strange space sightings are close to an all time high.

Dr McKay — part of NASA's Space Science Division since 1982 — has spent his career looking for extra-terrestrial life. The planetary scientist was the co-leader of the Mars Phoenix Lander mission in 2008. The probe dug up chunks of ice on the Martian surface again fuelling hope that living organisms existed on the Red Planet. And he is busy planning a new mission to Mars in search of life. He said The Sun's bid to record the UFOs over the UK shared the same the goal he was striving for — to discover alien life forms:

"It is important to keep a record of UFOs…..I think it is only natural as a human to wander whether there is life outside of Earth…..The public are really interested in the unexplained sightings so it is worthwhile to log them…..Tracking UFOs is the same as the interest that I have. My interest is from a scientific viewpoint but I am asking the same question…..We are both asking the question - are there other life forms out there?"

British Mars expert Professor Colin Pillinger CBE echoed NASA's Dr McKay. He applauded The Sun for reviving the MoD's UFO project after they shut it down on December 1 2009. Any sightings in Britain will now NOT be officially recorded because MoD chiefs branded the £50,000-a-year department an "inappropriate use of defence resources". It came despite the near TRIPLING of alleged UFOs between 2008 and 2009 to 643. Prof Pillinger headed the Beagle 2 mission to Mars — which eventually ended in failure when the unmanned probe crashed on Christmas Day 2003:

"The Sun is right to keep the UFO files going.....You have an army of readers who could flag up something extraordinary.....Even if it is not alien life, it could be a meteorite which are of great value to the scientific community.....The Sun is right to persist in reporting UFOs.....Just because we do not understand something does not mean it is not true."

Leading US professor Albert A Harrison, from the University of California, also backed our UFO files. Prof Harrison — who served with NASA — said:

"The reason it is important to report UFOs is because it fascinates people who are interested in possible life in the universe and whether or not we are alone…..Such surveys can be mined for helpful information and properly conducted research is valuable."

The space watchers were in London for two days of talks at the Royal Society entitled "The Detection of Extra-terrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society." The Sun re-launched the nation's X-Files last week. We will now release a rundown of your sightings, like the MoD used to.

Source: The Sun

So if the public complies then the Sun is the new source for UK UFO reports, and the conspiracy theorists thought they've had a rough ride so far, I bet the boys at the MoD are pissing themselves…..

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Are Newfoundland UFO Reports French Missile? (M51)

CBC News recently (January 27th, 2010) ran the following story:

UFO sighting puzzles N.L. residents

Residents of Harbour Mille, on Newfoundland's south coast, reported seeing this object fly over their community Monday night. (Courtesy: Darlene Stewart)

Residents in Harbour Mille, a tiny community on Newfoundland's south coast, want to know what they saw in the sky Monday night. Darlene Stewart said she was outside taking pictures of the sunset when she saw something fly overhead. She snapped a picture of the object in an attempt to zoom in on it to see what it was:

"Even with the camera, I couldn't make it out until I put it on the computer…..I knew then it wasn't an airplane. It was something different."

Stewart's picture shows a blurry image of what appears to be some kind of missile-like object emitting either flames or heavy smoke.

Emmy Pardy also saw the object:

"It appeared to come out of the ocean…..It was like it was in the middle of the bay…. It's kind of scary because you don't know if something is being set off out in the bay, [or] if someone is doing experiments."

An RCMP officer was in the community Tuesday to investigate the reports. The residents plan to be outdoors again Tuesday evening to see if there is a similar sight in the sky.

Source: CBC News

The following is form a French speaking website:

"Hervé Morin, Minister of Defense, expressed his great satisfaction at the success so far in the fourth experimental flight of the M51 strategic missile carried out, as always, without nuclear charge. He extends his warmest congratulations to all women and men of the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), the Navy, the Energy Commission and Atomic Energy Alternatives (CEA) and companies worked to its success.

The shooting was conducted by the DGA, January 27, 2010 at 9:25 am from the Bay of Audierne (Finistère), from the submarine "Le Terrible". The launch of the missile took place as planned. The missile was tracked during its flight phase by means of the center DGA testing missiles Biscarrosse and Quimper and the building of tests and measures "Monge".

This trial marks an important step in modernizing and adapting the device for deterring France in strict compliance with its international commitments. The M51 is designed to equip from 2010 the nuclear submarine ballistic missile next generation (SSBN) of the strategic oceanic force."


The following is as reported at the French *secretdefense* Blog on the January 27th, 2010 (via a ‘tweaked' Google translate):

An M-51 missile was fired from a submarine diving this morning

A strategic missile M-51 was fired this morning at 9:25 from the submarine Le Terrible, which was submerged in southern Finistère, in Bay Audierne. This is the time this new missile has been launched form the sea. It ran "successfully" says one military source. This is the fourth test firing of the M-51, the first three having been made from dry land. The tests obviously didn't use a nuclear warhead.

Here's evidence that C. Gildas, whom I thank, send us:

"This morning while walking my dog around 9 am 30, I, I believe, witnessed the departure of the M51 missile. Indeed, I saw what initially looked like an airplane flying in the sky, but this gear was far too rapid to be an airplane. I have deduced that it was a rocket. Remaining in Finistere and following your blog I immediately thought of the M51 missile. the weather was fine, there had a white trail that followed the shooting likely. That is my testimony. I was surprised by the speed climb of this gear. "

Source: Secret Defense

Here's a crop which the same article posted, following image captured in the UK.

(Image Source)

And this image which was shot by fishermen along the coast Finistère.

Lionel Pennarun, the boss of Narwhal took this picture of the missile at launch.

(Image source)

Given the various comments on the original article and the available evidence this was almost certainly the result of the French Navy's final preparations of the M51 SLBM, specifically a submarine launched ballistic missile. And in the following image the, "Bay of Audierne" (out of shot) is where the M51 was launched, the yellow triangle is where the 'UFO' was captured and the red triangle was its destination.



Wednesday, 27 January 2010

UK UFO - Danny Dyer - I Believe In UFOs (TV)

Back in July of 2009 Dyer had the following to say about the upcoming documentary:

"It's called I Believe. It shows a different side to me. Rather than running around with dangerous, deadly men and all that, I'm trying to break the mould.....I've always had a thing about UFOs since I was a kid. I've never had an experience but I'm constantly looking at the sky just in case.....I've been to see cattle mutilations and crop circles. Some are hoaxes but others are unexplained, like the ones stretching over 1,500 metres - to do that in the pitch black is impossible. There's definitely something going on.....There's not much chance of catching UFOs on film but it's about meeting people who think there's a big change coming.....Some people are claiming they've been abducted and there's people passing messages on to them. Maybe they are telling the truth."

While the actual show was the usual fare I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised but that could possibly be as I've always liked Danny Dyer since I first seen him in (the excellent) "Human Traffic." It is also the first time I personally have seen a decent copy of the now legendary Stan Romanek, “Alien in the window” footage but all-in-all the full documentary was nowhere near as poor as I was expecting it to be and I was pleasantly surprised to see Dyer raise the fact that Stan had an agent and a sum of $50,000 was required for the footage, which as Dyer rightly surmised raises the obvious question regarding motivation and (in my opinion) ultimately the integrity of this particular purveyor of truth…..

The documentary (courtesy of Mercury Rapids) can be seen here (two parts).

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Zealand Promises UFO Disclosure

New Zealand have revealed that they are to be the next in a growing number of countries who are releasing their -previously classified- UFO files (France, UK, Brazil, Denmark etc.) however according to one report it seems as if their tact may be similar to that of the UK:

The documents are being currently held by the Archives New Zealand and they were originally to be made public this month, but the Defense Force is presently in the process of removing personal information from the files in order to efficiently comply with the Privacy Act.

"At the moment we are working on making copies of these files, minus the personal information. Once this work is completed, we are hoping to be able to release a copy of all the UFO files, including some ahead of their release time, within the year", said a Defense Force spokeswoman.

All requests for access to the said files of sightings are currently being turned down as they are under the possession of the Defense Force.

Source: TopNews

Beginning Of The End?

By ‘tact ' I mean they are simply following the path of least resistance as in the UK the FoIA requests became so time-consuming that ultimately this was the reason for releasing the files, i.e. to free up man-hours that they felt was much better spent on other duties.

Disclosure at a price?

Hopefully their end-goal isn't as shady as the UK's was as it seems that their decision to release the files was a precursor to the announcement that they were in fact going to stop collecting ANY UFO reports whatsoever, well, that's certainly the impression that I got. As I've said prior I believe that this decision to remove themselves from the loop completely was known back when they decided to release all of the files, and in fact was the real motivation behind it.

However the other countries that have released their UFO files have so far hinted at no such official stance and even if they did I doubt they would be as underhand as the UK who decided to release this information (that they were no longer collecting UFO reports) via an amended online FOiA request.

UFO papers to be made public

New Zealand UFO DisclosureSECRET FILES : Stories in The Press from early January 1979 show that the air force had a Skyhawk readied to investigate UFO sightings following the mysterious lights which appeared over Kaikoura days before.

Hundreds of pages of secret files on New Zealand UFO sightings will be released by the military this year. The files include reports of UFO sightings from 1979 to 1984 and references to the Kaikoura sighting of December 1978. The files are held by Archives New Zealand and were to have been made public this month, but the Defence Force is removing personal information from them to comply with the Privacy Act:

"At the moment we are working on making copies of these files, minus the personal information," a Defence Force spokeswoman said. "Once this work is completed, we are hoping to be able to release a copy of all the UFO files, including some ahead of their release time, within the year."

Lights were seen in the sky over Kaikoura in December 1978 and were filmed by an Australian news crew. Aircraft tracked the lights, which were also seen on radar. A man who worked for the Transport Ministry's civil aviation division when the Kaikoura lights were seen said he would like to see the government files. The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was working at Christchurch International Airport at the time. He saw United States Air Force planes with unusual call signs touring the area and believes the full story about the lights has not been disclosed.

"For the US Air Force to come all that way and spend three days here, there must have been something going on.”

The Press sought any Defence Force files on UFO sightings under the Official Information Act in August last year. The Defence Force said the request:

Would require a substantial amount of collation, research and consultation to identify whether any of that information could be released" and it was "not in a position to deploy staff to undertake that task ".

It said public files on UFO sightings were available from Archives New Zealand. The Press requested access to those files from Archives New Zealand, but was not able to see them as they had been borrowed by the Defence Force. The director of research group UFOCUS NZ, Suzanne Hansen, said she was frustrated by the delayed release but understood the privacy reasons:

"We have been in discussion with the New Zealand Defence Force for many years ... It is frustrating from a research perspective because we would like to collate these sightings with international research…..There are cases that are certainly not our technology. It has been scientifically proven that this is entirely possible."

New Zealand Skeptics chairwoman Vicki Hyde said the secret files would not be as interesting as they appeared:

"Governments all around the world have these kind of files and they are not as exciting as you might possibly hope…..The Government is required to log these things and it can give a false impression that there is a vast amount of activity out there…..There is probably intelligent life elsewhere, but whether it has come here to play silly buggers with us in a game of cosmic hide and seek is another matter…..It is a big jump from `there was something in the sky and I don't know what it was' to `that was a craft piloted by aliens'."

She said most sightings could be of mundane things such as satellites and flocks of birds.

Source: Press

Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Sun Volunteers To Collect UK-UFO Data!!

As highlighted on this Blog several times (amongst many other sites) the Sun newspaper (UK) has constantly exploited UFO reports, sacrificing common-sense and facts in an effort to establish themselves as the ‘go to' people for UFO reports in the UK. With the recent announcement by the MoD that they weren't intending to collect any further UFO reports from the general public it seems that the Sun have now decided to ramp up their campaign by recently (22nd January 2010) announcing that:

AMAZING footage of a UFO has been taken in Ireland…..
The Sun re-launches the nation's X-Files
The Sun will pick up the baton,
and release a rundown of your sightings, like the MoD used to.
EXPERT Nick Pope says it's vital for our security to log sightings
and he will review yours.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Liffey on Mars

AMAZING footage of a UFO has been taken in Ireland - as The Sun re-launches the nation's X-Files.

A triangular formation of lights was filmed flying at night at "incredible speed".

Experts reckon the sighting near the River Liffey in Dublin could be a secret aircraft - or spacecraft.

Nick Pope, who probed mystery sightings for the MoD for three years, said:

"The video seems to have been taken through a night scope and presumably shows things not visible to the naked eye…..It appears to show a structured craft moving at incredible speed. The configuration of the lights is unlike any aircraft I've ever seen….It's either some secret prototype aircraft or drone, or something considerably more exotic."

Dublin ... UFO was spotted near the River Liffey

Source: The Sun

Liffey on Mars” But Sun (Still) Devoid Of Intelligent Life

A couple of points worth noting is the limited information made available, i.e.:

AMAZING footage of a UFO has been taken in Ireland - as The Sun re-launches the nation's X-Files…..A triangular formation of lights was filmed flying at night at "incredible speed…..Experts reckon the sighting near the River Liffey in Dublin could be a secret aircraft - or spacecraft.

Or more importantly when was this footage taken and who filmed it?

The reason I ask is that the footage has been around for well over a year and actually orignated from the US!!

Here's a screen-shot of the footage posted to YouTube in December 2008:

Now compare and contrast to the recent Sun video:

And to further demonstrate the extent of the rigorous research they are prepared to undertake in their search for the truth they have reposted a low quality video that first appeared on YouTube in December 2008, but as it was (allegedly) filmed in Fremont California it's obviously not much use for this particular self-promotion, well, unless of course they just ignore this and claim it was actually filmed in Dublin, Ireland (Liffey to be exact).

Never one to let facts get in the way of a story this is exactly what they decided to do!!

Anyway, here's the original footage as posted to YouTube:

No doubt a major influential fact in this decision was solely so they could run with the pathetic (even by their standards) headline of, “Liffey On Mars”. And their ‘alliance' with Nick Pope is a long-standing agreement and it appears this was before he was established as the official in-house expert last year because as far back as late 2007 they published what was obviously a gull (Blurfo) with a direct quote from Nick Pope saying it was the best UFO photograph he had personally seen:

Nick Pope, one of Britain 's foremost UFO experts, said the photo was one of the best he had seen, Nick, formerly the official Ministry of Defence UFO analyst, said: “If I was still there I'd be looking at this very closely. The object looks structured, symmetrical and metallic. This man has caught something very interesting indeed."

And as I wrote at the time:

To be honest, I find its strange that this image is being touted as, “One of the best” as even if you squint and tilt your head slightly it appears to show a gull, and regarding, “The object looks structured, symmetrical and metallic” perhaps this was a quick glance that the former MOD, “Analyst” Nick Pope cast over the image as I personally fail to see any of the features described.

Then a couple of months later in February 2008 the Sun recently ran another, “Exclusive” story of what was again (in my opinion) obviously not a UFO but rather a reflection on the windscreen of something inside the vehicle. I noted at the time that:

The Sun also likes to quote, “UFO experts” that further advance their suppositions that the photographs they print actually depict an intelligently controlled alien spacecraft.

I partly agree in that they haven't been, “Digitally manipulated or hoaxed” indeed it's very likely that the photographer was as puzzled by the anomaly as the head-scratching UFO expert was. I do however differ from the opinion that it's a real (as in physically in the sky) object and as for how any control can be ascertained from two still images, let alone control of an intelligent nature.....

London Eye UFO - Thames UFO

Of course all of this is common knowledge and has long been known by the core of UK researchers as well as inevitably the general public which can be evidenced by the readers comments on practically all of the UFO related articles posted online. I feel it's fair to say that the Sun is obstinate to the point of ignorance towards any theory that doesn't agree with one of their ten-a-penny experts who regularly & proudly proclaim that yet again the Sun has absolute proof, in fact to such an extent that not only do they NOT print testimony from any of the true UK UFO experts who they approach but they fail to even acknowledge the existence of any opposing theory that they themselves originally requested!!

This is even common knowledge amongst other mainstream media outlets as can be witnessed in the following More4 report in which it is mentioned that the Sun sought out a respected UFO expert and asked for her assistance. But after the expert told them it was Jupiter that the witness had seen they promptly ignored it and told her that they would mislead their readers and the reason for this?

Apparently they were just having a little fun with them!!!

The Sun & The UK UFO Wave (Summer 2008)

More4 takes a look at the recent UK UFO reports and also at *The Sun* newspapers role in the making of a myth.

"Experts are divided over how to explain the more...recent surge in sightings of unidentified flying objects in the night sky over Britain, as More4 News reports. But some allege that when it comes to UFO-mania, tabloid editors are reluctant to let the truth get in the way of a good story."

And I noticed that they are STILL banging on about the UFO/turbine incident touting it as unexplained:

Among the most mysterious include a UFO over Parliament in 2008 and fast-moving lights before a wind turbine blade was sheared off last January at Conisholme, Lincs.

And this is despite the best efforts of Jenny Randles who followed, reported and conclusively explained this event within the context of the several witness reports, writing the following:

THE ANSWER: Finally, on Monday 9 February, Enercon – the turbine manufacturer – released the results of their month-long “forensic analysis” of the Fen Farm debris. The results (to which I was given early access) are conclusive and vindicate the stance we have taken at FT rather than that of the tabloid press or more excitable researchers.

The bottom line – as stated – is that “It wasn't E.T.,”
and Enercon could categorically state:
“UFOs [are] ruled out.”

In fact, they add, after “several weeks of forensic examination of the turbine compon­ents, Enercon has ruled out collision as a possible cause.” What they did find was that: “Bolts securing the blade to the hub of the turbine fractured due to material fatigue.” There were “classic signs” in the debris of this “fatigue failure”. The bolts themselves were not found to be defective, but supporting components are suspected as a factor in the problem and further tests are being carried out to find exactly why this failure occurred. However, all concerned, including the Health and Safety Executive and local council, were satisfied with the continuing investigation. They also believe that the remaining turbines onsite and similar ones elsewhere pose “no concerns with ongoing safety”.

Source: Jenny Randles/FT

I guess what I'm really trying to say is does this strike you as the type of organisation that should be in charge of collecting and publishing UFO reports of ANY description?

No, me neither.....

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sunderland (UK) School Pupils Encounter ‘Crashed' UFO

UFO Crash Used As Teaching Tools (Again!!)

This is by no means the first time that an alleged “ crashed ” UFO has been used as a teaching tool and I should perhaps point out that I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea. Not because ‘ any publicity is good publicity' but due more to promoting a sense of general awareness and understanding, but I digress…..

I actually Blogged about an earlier such incident not that long ago (September 2008) in Edgware, “Police Seen ‘Investigating' Alien Invasion At Edgware School” (click to view).

And at least –to date- there has been only one such event that has even good humouredly tried to pass itself off as genuine as in the Clevedon school back in January 2009 whom enlisted the help of a local reporter who decided to run two stories, one reporting on the event as real, an excerpt follows:

“A UFO has crashed at a primary school in Clevedon – giving the most clear sign yet that aliens do exist…..The object, described by witnesses as an alien spacecraft, crashed on the playing fields at Yeo Moor Junior School shortly before midnight on Wednesday…..It then took off again but, as well as leaving a trail of debris behind, footprints were also found…..Police are not confirming what it is but a crime scene investigator exclusively told the Mercury 'he had never seen anything like it before' and that in his opinion 'it appeared to be alien'.


And another article explaining the event which can be read here, “Young Clevedon reporters get a scoop that is out of this world." "And as ludicrous as it may seem to consider that anyone took the report seriously just check out the comments on the first article (here) and I rest my case!!

In fact there was a rash of similar events in the UK at the end of 2008 & the beginning of 2009 which can be further evidenced by the following at the beginning of November 2008, “A UFO landed at a primary school in Basingstoke.”

And earlier still in October 2008 we have: “UFO crash lands at Cleethorpes school!

Anyway..... On the 20th January the Sunderland Echo ran the following story:

Shock for pupils as UFO lands at school (20th January 2010)

Forensic teams have been scouring the grounds of a city school after an alien invasion. Pupils looked on in amazement when a UFO landed at Hylton Red House Primary School, bringing lessons to a sharp halt. But – rather than being the creation of little green men – the spacecraft, which appeared as a surprise to pupils, was put together by staff as part of a three- week space project.

Head teacher Steve Williamson said:
"The pupils knew nothing about the spaceship landing and there were a lot of surprised faces…..There was plenty of goo, smoke and lights and we tried to make it as real as possible. The local community police officers came along, as well as the forensics team…..The children were shocked as the staff put on a very believable show, but the project has been designed to engage the pupils and help them with the development of their writing…..As part of the project they will be writing stories, doing police-style reports and their own detective work…..We have been in Special Measures for some time, but this serves as a boost to learning to show parents how hard the staff are working."

Source: Sunderland Echo

Thursday, 14 January 2010

James Carrion To Resign As Mufon International Director

Frank Warren posted the following recently (14th January 2010):


MUFON Director James Carrion Stepping Down and New Replacement Has Been Chosen!

Effective March 1st, 2010, I am relinquishing my position as MUFON International Director to take on a different position within the organization. The reasons for my relinquishing the position are many but the overlying issue is that I simply no longer have the time to dedicate to the job. As a member of the “sandwich generation”: a single parent of a young child who must also deal with aging parents, my time has become very limited. In addition, I still actively manage a separate for-profit company which further limits my time. Finally, I am also doing time-consuming independent UFO research that focuses on the role of Government in the UFO field - a gold mind of information yet to be adequately explored.

It may come as a surprise to you, but my transitioning out of the International Director role has been two years in the making. In 2006, I committed to a three year term as the International Director until 2009, but when no suitable candidate was found, I agreed to stay on for one more year. In 2008, the MUFON Board of Directors approved the role of a MUFON Business Manager to separate the duties of leadership from those of running MUFON's nonprofit business operations. I gave the board notice in December 2009, but I offered to stay on until the 2010 Symposium in July so a suitable candidate could be found. Fortunately, a candidate search was not necessary as one of the existing MUFON Board members offered to become the new International Director and was unanimously voted into office. I will be occupying the role of MUFON Business Manager which will be far less demanding of my time.

I am proud to announce that the new MUFON International Director is my long term good friend and colleague, Clifford Clift. Clifford will be featured in the MUFON Journal so that the MUFON membership can become acquainted with him and his professional background. I am completely confident that Clifford is the best man for the job and I know that MUFON could not be in better hands.

It has been my pleasure to serve MUFON as the International Director these last three years and I know that going forward, MUFON will still be on the cutting edge of UFO investigation.

If you would like to congratulate Cliff or introduce yourself to him, please direct all correspondence to

If you want to keep up with my independent research, stay tuned to my personal blog at where I will continue my fight for the truth and exposing those who have no intention of revealing the truth.

By James Carrion (MUFON, 1-12-10)

Source: UFO-Chronicles (Frank Warren)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

(Alien Inspired) Survival Of The Fittest?

A UK (Bristol) based gym has drew criticism for daring to inject a little comedy into their marketing campaign , the campaign which is aimed at recruiting new members has prompted ‘Public Outrage' according to

Strangely it seems as if most (if not all!!) alien-based marketing campaigns are destined for failure as can be witnessed by the alien advert that New Mexico put out a little while ago and can be viewed here.

Outrage,” really?

To be honest I couldn't see what the fuss was then much as I can't with this recent one as isn't any publicity good publicity?

Besides which isn't this recent marketing ploy simply a case of (over!) stating the obvious? Perhaps it would illustrate my point a little better if I share a movie-quote which instantly sprang to mind when reading the article:

"Rule #1 for surviving in Zombieland, CARDIO .

When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties. "

- Columbus (Jesse Esenberg), Zombieland

Outrage over 'aliens will eat fatties' gym poster.

Some say that a Bristol gym's extra-terrestrial advert about over-filling plates and (flying) saucers will merely alienate people.

Fat's not on!!

The manager of the Cadbury Gym in Yatton, Somerset, sparked outrage after he launched an ad campaign warning overweight people that aliens will eat them first. It's enough to make you head for the hills – a warning that aliens are coming and they are going to gobble up fat people first. Well, that's if you believe the latest ad campaign from one of Britain's biggest health clubs. The sign was meant to encourage fat people to shed a few pounds and join a health club and spa attached to Cadbury House hotel in Bristol.

It featured a green alien and the words:

'Advance health warning!
When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first.'

But others are less happy, Vicky Palmer, 45:

“I am not overweight yet I find this extremely offensive…..The people who came up with this idea and sanctioned the advert need a good stiff kick up the backside and, if that backside is a rather bony one, then they will feel this all the more.”

A spokesman for the Beat Eating Disorders association said people were unlikely to respond to the ad:

“This is a very unfortunate choice of words. People get fit and healthy when they are positively motivated and are unlikely to respond to such a negative message.”

But Cadbury House hotel club manager Jason Eaton said they did not want to offend anyone:

“It is our way to encourage people of all ages who might want to lose a few pounds and get fit to join our award-winning health club.”

Source: Metro

Friday, 8 January 2010

Multimedia Campaign As 'Team' McKinnon Claim Bill Of Rights Breached

Text and music campaigns established to support Gary McKinnon as barrister claims that extradition will breach bill of rights.

An SMS campaign has been established to allow supporters of alleged hacker Gary McKinnon to join a text petition. The text petition, spearheaded by McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp and key supporters, urges voters to text ‘Gary' to 65000 by way of demonstrating their support. Evidence of petitioner numbers will be sent on a regular basis to the Home Secretary, as well as to the Conservative and Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretaries.

Sharp said:
“The support and compassion shown by members of the public has been a tremendous boost during our eight year fight to ensure Gary faces justice in the UK…..I hope this text campaign helps stir the Government from its stupor of inactivity which is simply fuelling the public's sense of outrage at the unnecessary cruelty of the situation…..Gordon Brown wrung his hands over the execution of a mentally ill British drugs carrier in China. Yet he and his Government remain complicit in the US authorities' hounding of my vulnerable son, despite knowing that, for Gary, extradition amounts to nothing less than a death sentence, given his growing mental instability.”

A social networking campaign has also been established, asking supporters to download the song ‘Chicago', that was recorded last year, with and for Gary, by international musicians David Gilmour, Bob Geldof and Chrissie Hynde.

Sharp said:
“As for the music campaign, I hope President Obama will listen to the reworded version of ‘Chicago' which is a direct plea to him. If he personally learns of Gary's plight perhaps he may show compassion of his own accord, and allow my son to be tried in Britain.”

The song is available for download from iTunes, Amazon and HMV online, and text messages will be charged at normal network rates. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Robertson QC said the 1689 Bill of Rights specifically prohibited ‘cruel and unusual punishments' and so extraditing McKinnon will breach the bill.

Writing in the magazine Standpoint, and reported by the Telegraph, Robertson said:

“It [the Bill of Rights] was meant to ban punishments that do not fit the crime and cause unnecessary mental anguish, a precise description, you might think, of the fate of Gary McKinnon…..If tried in Britain, where the crime was partly committed, he would in all probability receive a non-custodial sentence, especially since his actions were motivated by an undiagnosed disorder over which he had no control…..He will be a victim of the European Convention, or at least of Parliament's ignorance in preferring the convention's loose language to that of its own, more stalwart predecessor.”

McKinnon could find out as soon as next week whether the High Court will allow a judicial review of a decision by Home Secretary Alan Johnson to ignore fresh medical reports about the impact of extradition on McKinnon's health.

Source: SCMagazine

And more specifics on the claim:

Gordon Brown branded hypocrite over UFO hacker Gary McKinnon

THE mother of an autistic man wanted in America on computer hacking charges has labelled Gordon Brown a hypocrite after he tried to halt the execution of a Brit convicted of drug smuggling in China. Gary McKinnon with Janis SharpJanis Sharp, from Brookmans Park, hit out after the PM pleaded with the Chinese authorities to spare Akmal Shaikh, the Londoner put to death on December 29 despite concerns he was mentally ill. She applauded the premier's intervention, but said it contrasted sharply with the Government's stance over her son Gary McKinnon. Asperger's sufferer Gary faces up to 60 years in a US jail if he is extradited and convicted of computer hacking. But Janis believes her son would be at risk of committing suicide should he be put on a plane to America.

She said:
“Gordon Brown wrung his hands over the execution of a mentally ill British drugs carrier in China…..Yet he and his Government remain complicit in the US authorities' hounding of my vulnerable son, despite knowing that, for Gary, extradition amounts to nothing less than a death sentence, given his growing mental instability…..Why can't the UK just ask our supposedly strongest ally, President Obama, to show clemency towards Gary by cancelling the extradition request and allowing a UK prosecution?”

Source: Welwyn Hatfield Times

A few earlier posts regarding Gary Mckinnon:

gary mckinnon faces us extradition on hacking charges (6 Apr 2007)

the united states government claims that gary mckinnon is a dangerous man, and should be extradited back to america to stand trial in a virginia courtroom. whether they may be right or wrong in this particular case, i personally have ...

gary mckinnon loses european appeal (29 Aug 2008)

glasgow-born gary mckinnon was said to be "distraught" after losing the appeal to the european court of human rights. he faces extradition within two weeks. the unemployed man could face life in jail if convicted of accessing 97 us ...

Protest For Gary McKinnon (31 Aug 2008)

Lucy, (Gary's girlfriend) is organising a gathering/demo/protest forGary ( McKinnon ) outside the Home Office in London this Tuesday at 4pm. I know its short notice but if you're able to attend or to spread the word in any way, ...

boris johnson criticised for defending ufo hacker (31 Jan 2009)

the “thinking mans idiot” london mayor (boris johnson) strikes again, and this time it's in favour of soon to be extradited gary mckinnon . to be honest i don't get involved or reference politics but i will make an exception and say that ...

Justice For Gary McKinnon? (27 Sep 2009)

Well, yesterday (26th September, 2009) saw UK based “Tribune magazine” who describe themselves as, “A thorn in the side of all governments, constructively to Labour, unforgiving to Conservatives” posted about the plight of Mckinnon in ...

UK UFO - New Years Orange Orbs

As expected the recent holiday period was littered with reports of ‘orange orbs' and lights in the sky (LITS) and from what I can gather this was due to no more than the proliferation of Chinese Lanterns and their many derivatives. Indeed many of the online media sites that covered the reports tended to follow up with an explanatory article several days later, it would of course be futile to mention all of these but as usual I will repost the ones that were located in the North-East of England, namely Sunderland.

They come via & courtesy of the Sunderland Echo who you may remember have a bit of past ‘form' for this as back in 2006 they covered quite extensively one of the earliest such IFO's, further information available here. As well of course as one or two more recent incidents.

And refreshingly it seems that the majority of the public who witnessed the LITS recognised them for what they were (see comments at foot of post).

Anyhoo, on to the 2010 reports and on the 5th January 2010 the Echo ran the following story.

Sunderland Echo UFO

Mystery of the orange light in the night sky

STRANGE sightings have caused a stir in a Sunderland street after lighting up the night sky. The Tokes family were astonished when they saw three unusual objects float across the sky, one after the other. Dad Les was parking the car next to his home in Hepburn Grove, Hylton Castle, when he noticed the first strange light at about 8.15pm on Saturday.

Les Tokes - Sunderland UFOThe 52-year-old said:

"As I looked across, I could see this orange light in the sky between the two houses. At first, I thought it could be a plane, but as is started to get nearer it looked the wrong shape…..It wasn't very big and was a strange oblong shape. It was pulsating red and orange and was completely silent as it passed over the house."

By the time he called his wife, Anne, 40, and children, Stefan, 12 and Robyn, nine, it had gone. However, as the family, watched just about seven minutes later another one exactly the same appeared travelling in the same direction as the first over towards the Nissan factory.

"We watched it right the way across as far as we could. Then when I went back to the front of the house a third light, exactly the same, appeared."

This time Les alerted his neighbours to the strange sighting and they all watched as it travelled slowly over their homes.

"We couldn't believe what we were seeing, for three to follow each other like that was strange. We get a lot of aircraft going over our houses towards the airport, but these lights were totally different and were going in the wrong direction for the airport. Also, they went right over our houses and we couldn't hear any noise whatsoever."

Source: Sunderland Echo (04 January 2010)

Followed by this story on the 7th January 2010.

Sunderland Echo UFO

Sunderland UFO sightings: The truth

Little Layla Wood may hold the key to the mystery of the strange lights that have been spotted in the Sunderland sky. The Echo has been inundated with calls and emails from readers after we reported on sightings of objects floating above Hylton Castle during the festive period. But it seems the unidentified lights, which have also been spotted elsewhere across Wearside and East Durham, may be Chinese sky lanterns. Three of the hot air balloons were set off on New Year's Day and the following day to celebrate Bexhill School pupil Layla's fifth birthday.

Stepdad Mark Bulmer, of Baltimore Square, said:

"We bought them for Layla's birthday celebrations. We've never used them before and we were surprised at how high they go…..We set them off in Town End Farm but they floated off over Hylton Castle, which is what we think people have seen…..They are made of tissue paper and are three to four feet high, from underneath they look like orange circles. Layla loved them."

On Tuesday, the Echo reported on the Tokes family who had spotted three unidentified lights in the sky above their home in Hepburn Grove, Castletown. Les Tokes, 52, said:

"They were pulsating red and orange and were completely silent as they passed over the house. We couldn't believe what we were seeing."

Since then, dozens of readers have been contacting the Echo saying they too have seen them. Many people appear to have spotted the lights floating in the night sky throughout the festive period. But, several people are saying there is no mystery to the lights and claim they are in fact the new craze of Chinese lanterns, which are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to fireworks. Kathleen Taylor, 65, from The Avenue in Hetton, said she saw a strange orange light just minutes after midnight on New Year's Eve.

She said:
"I couldn't take my eyes off it, I was really fascinated by it. It was like a small ball of fire in the sky…..I thought it was a plane on fire, but then realised it was rising up. I didn't know what it was, but I don't believe in UFOs."

Anne Laing was celebrating New Year's Eve at her home in Moorside when just after the stroke of midnight she and a friend saw three of the strange lights hovering in the sky.

She said:
"At first, we thought we were seeing things, but there was three of them together just still in the sky and they lasted ages."

Lyndsey Fox, 21, from Seaham, who saw 20 lights fly over her home, said:
"I believe that these mysterious orange lights are nothing but Chinese lanterns that are used for celebrations."

Paula Weston said:
"I live in Coventry but was visiting relations in Sunderland for Christmas (Bede Street, Roker)…..Early evening on Christmas Day, me and my brother-in-law went outside for a cigarette and saw a strange orange light in the sky."

Jacqueline Watson, of Harraton, Washington, said:
"I too saw the orange lights on Saturday…..I was looking out over the back garden at the snow when I noticed two lights following a parallel course coming from the south-east towards Harraton in Washington…..They approached quite steadily, then simply disappeared into thin air.”

Anthony Cuthbert said:
"I saw the orange light next to the Alexandra Bridge."

David Young from Washington said:
"It wasn't a UFO…..They are called Chinese lanterns…..They are available in different shapes, cost £2-£3 each, and are basically a paper hot air balloon with a special candle at the bottom to provide hot air and make them light up and float up into the sky."

Source: Sunderland Echo (07 January 2010)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Father Gill - Papua New Guinea UFO (CE3)

The following is from, "Defining A Close Encounter".

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind:

The Third kind is when you not only encounter a UFO, but when you can also see the entities inside the UFO.

Hynek was very careful to label this encounter as one which observed, “Animate beings,” within the UFO, note how he doesn't reference aliens or extraterrestrial, this was in conjunction with his own beliefs, and he further states that they are included because Hynek felt a scientific obligation to include them, due solely to the amount of reports of this type of UFO encounter rather than because of a personal belief.

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind - The Bloecher Subtypes:

UFO researcher Ted Bloecher, proposed a further seven subtypes for the Close Encounters of the Third kind in direct relation to/and for inclusion in the Hynek's scale.

  • A: An entity is observed only inside the UFO
  • B: An entity is observed inside and outside the UFO
  • C: An entity is observed near to a UFO, but not going in or out.
  • D: An entity is observed. No UFOs are seen by the observer, but UFO activity has been reported in the area at about the same time
  • E: An entity is observed. But no UFOs are seen and no UFO activity has been reported in the area at that time
  • F: No entity or UFOs are observed, but the subject experiences some kind of “intelligent communication”
  • G: Abduction (same as close encounter of fourth kind)

Subtypes D, E, and F may be unrelated with the UFO phenomenon.

Source: UFO-Blog (07)

No simple flight of fancy

IT is now 50 years since a 31-year-old Australian Anglican missionary in Papua New Guinea, William Gill, and 37 parishioners and staff made the best attested and least explained sighting of unidentified flying objects in the long, otherwise kooky history of the genre.

The day before the celebrated encounter of a mystifying kind, Gill had written a letter to David Durie, acting principal of St Aidan's College, which trained teacher-evangelists at Dogura, then the headquarters of the church in PNG. Gill, who was priest in charge at Boianai, a large village on the mountainous north coast of Milne Bay province, about 25km west of Dogura, told Durie of a UFO sighting by Stephen Moi, then an assistant teacher.

He said: "There have been quite a number of reports over the months from reliable witnesses.....The peculiar thing about these most recent reports is that the UFOs seem to be stationary at Boanai or to travel from Boianai."

A beautiful location brilliantly captured by pioneer Australian photographer Frank Hurley in 1921:

"I myself saw a stationary white light twice on the same night on April 9 . . . the assistant district officer, Bob Smith, and Mr Glover have seen it. I do not doubt the existence of these things, but my simple mind still requires scientific evidence before I can accept the from-outer-space theory. I am inclined to believe that probably many UFOs are more likely some form of electric phenomena or perhaps something brought about by the atom bomb explosions etc.....That Stephen should actually make out a saucer could be the work of the unconscious mind, as it is very likely that at some time he has seen illustrations of some kind in a magazine.....It is all too difficult to understand for me; I prefer to wait for some bright boy to catch one to be exhibited in Martin Place.

Yours, Doubting William.

The following day, he wrote again:

"Dear David, life is strange, isn't it? Yesterday I wrote you a letter, expressing opinions re the UFOs. Now, less than 24 hours later I have changed my views somewhat..... Last night we at Boianai experienced about four hours of UFO activity, and there is no doubt whatsoever that they are handled by beings of some kind. At times it was absolutely breathtaking. Here is the report.

Cheers, Convinced Bill.

P.S. Do you think P. Moresby should know about this? If people think it worthwhile, I will stand the cost of a radio conversation if you care to make out a comprehensive report from the material on my behalf!!"

What had Gill and his parishioners seen?
The notes he made following his encounter describe a bright white light appearing in the northwestern sky, approaching the mission station, then hovering about 100m in the air. Gill, Moi, another teacher, Ananias Rarata, and 35 other people who all later signed a confirming document, watched what they described as a large, disc-shaped, solidly constructed object, with a wide base tapering up to a higher deck, and with what appeared to be four legs beneath, and four brightly lit panels in the side. It occasionally emitted a shaft of blue light at a 45 degree angle.

Then what they described as men emerged on to a deck on the top, four at most, but in various configurations. Clouds, which were at about 600m, then eventually obscured the vessel as it drifted higher. It had been stationary through most of the 25 minutes of this encounter. Gill then wrote his letter to Durie. That evening, the visitation returned in an extraordinary manner. He first saw it at 6.02pm, as the sun was setting.

Gill's account states:

"We watched figures appear on top - four of them - no doubt that they are human.....Two smaller UFOs were seen at the same time, stationary. One above the hills west, another overhead.....On the large one, two of the figures seemed to be doing something near the centre of the deck . . . were occasionally bending over and raising their arms as though adjusting or setting up something (not visible).....One figure seemed to be standing looking down at us (a group of about a dozen). I stretched my arm above my head and waved. To our surprise the figure did the same.....Ananias waved both arms over his head then the two outside figures did the same.....Ananias and self began waving our arms and all four now seemed to wave back. There seemed to be no doubt that our movements were answered. All mission boys made audible gasps (of either joy or surprise, perhaps both).....As dark was beginning to close in, I sent Eric Kodawara for a torch and directed a series of long dashes towards the UFO. After a minute or two of this, the UFO apparently acknowledged by making several wavering motions back and forth.

Waving by us was repeated and this followed by more flashes of torch, then the UFO began slowly to become bigger, apparently coming in our direction. It ceased after perhaps half a minute and came no further..... After a further two or three minutes the figures apparently lost interest in us for they disappeared below deck. At 6.25pm two figures reappeared to carry on with whatever they were doing before the interruption. The blue spotlight came on for a few seconds twice in succession."

The situation remained unchanged, so Gill returned to his regular routine and went to have his dinner at 6.30. By 7pm, the main object had moved slightly away and the observers went into the village church for evensong, as usual. By the time they emerged, at 7.45pm, visibility had become very limited with the sky covered in cloud. At 10.40 pm, Gill wrote, an "earsplitting" explosion woke up the mission-station inhabitants. Gill said it did not feel like a thunderclap. Later, Gill said, he was always asked why he had reverted to his usual routine when there was a flying saucer apparently hovering overhead. This was partly because, he said, "there was nothing eerie or other-worldly about any of this. It was all so ordinary, as ordinary as a Ford car.

"It looked a perfectly normal sort of object, an Earth-made object. I realised, of course, that some people might think of this as a flying saucer, but I took it to be some kind of hovercraft the Americans or even the Australians had built. The figures inside looked perfectly human."

Gill's report caused quite a sensation at the time, when PNG was an Australian colony. A Liberal federal MP from Western Australia, E. D. Cash, asked the then air minister questions in parliament, without receiving a substantive answer. The Defence Ministry deployed two RAAF officers to investigate. Although they found Gill "a reliable observer", they attributed the sightings to "natural phenomena", the result of cloudy, thunder-prone weather and light refraction from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Gill was educated at Trinity Grammar School in Melbourne, then studied theology at St Francis College, Brisbane, and education at the University of Queensland. He was ordained as a priest in 1950, then worked in PNG in parish work and as a teacher and education administrator. In Port Moresby, he also did some radio broadcasting.

After returning from PNG, he taught at Essendon Grammar, Camberwell Grammar and St Michael's Grammar, all in Melbourne, and undertook sociological research at La Trobe University. He died at age 79 in 2007. Gill appears an exceptionally unlikely figure to have been readily caught up in the flying saucer craze, at its most intense in the 1950s. Few phenomena would have appeared more remote to high-church Anglican missionaries in PNG, many with considerable educational attainments. Among those most intensely interested in the sightings was Englishman Norman Cruttwell, an outstanding exemplar of the long tradition of priest-botanists, who discovered and named - after his mother Christian - a rhododendron in PNG and had an orchid named after him in tribute.

Gill wrote to Cruttwell, who was also running a parish in northern Milne Bay: "Here is a lot of material the kind you have been waiting for, no doubt; but I am in some ways sorry that it has to be me who supplies it. Attitudes at Dogura in respect of my sanity vary greatly, and like all mad men, I myself think my grey cells are OK."

Among the hypotheses later considered to explain Gill's sightings was that he was pulling Cruttwell's leg. But, if so, when Cruttwell became excited, and helped inform the world about the events, Gill might then have been expected to stay quiet and wait for the embarrassment to pass. Instead, Gill accepted invitations to speak widely about what he had seen, with no apparent reluctance. Australian author Randolph Stow, who worked at an Anglican mission station for Aborigines in northwestern Australia, then as assistant to the government anthropologist in PNG, where he was based in Milne Bay, framed an acclaimed novel in 1979, Visitants, around the Boianai sightings.

"Be not afeard," Stow cites from Shakespeare's The Tempest:
"The isle is full of noises."

The writer knew both Cruttwell and Moi - by then a priest - when he worked in PNG. Cruttwell famously missed out on a sighting of bright lights over his own mission station because he was ensconced in the "smallhaus". The following day, he had the roof replaced with a clear glass panel, just in case .

Source: The Australian