Monday, 14 December 2009

Richard (Dick) Hall – MI5 Sponsored (Dis)information?

UK Ufologist Dick Hall has excelled himself by publishing a list of UK based researchers (including Ufologists) whom he believes are MI5 agents, however there's one small problem with this list…..


So forgive me for not providing a link to what for all intents & purposes appears to be completely unfounded allegations fuelled by seemingly little more than Dick's personal green-eyed monster, if you want to read it I'm sure you'll have no problems locating it. Unfortunately these (what are in my humble opinion) vicious, slanderous & baseless accusations will undoubtedly be perpetuated throughout the inter-web because as I'm sure you all know that if it's on the internet then it *MUST* be true.

Don't get me wrong as IF MI5 were sponsoring people within the UFO community to derail the subject and IF there was any proof of this then I'd be at the front of the queue naming and shaming them and calling for action, but that's two very big "if's".

It's a sad day for UK Ufology as yet again it has devolved into school-yard style shenanigans and from what I can gather these are based on little more than the fact that Dick disagrees with the (in my experience often factually correct) data presented by those on his personal shit-list.

Let's face facts it's certainly no “” mainly as there is absolutely NO corroborating information presented by Dick, and of course the Ufologist's in question just happen to disagree with the assertions of Dick regarding one of his 'pet' UFO cases.

Hmm, what are the chances?


mat said...

Its just this type of infighting that makes the ufo/et phenomenome not be taken seriosly,we become ridicueled and labeled as nutters.Now is a time when everyone who takes this subject seriosly, we need to show a united front,what with all the talk about the obhama administration about to disclose the fact that ufos and ets are real.lets hope this turns out to be the case...peace/love and unity................

Lesley said...

Dick is gone, so I guess there is an end to that.

Michael Naisbitt said...

Hi Lesley,

It’s not *THE* Dick Hall (US) but rather *A* Dick Hall (UK).


gordon_ari said...

Your absalutly right this UFO videos are just projected images and are just meant to bring out what is behind the curtain and it is physically impossible for man to catch a Ufonic image meaning like if You are , hunting for trophys - See Ya all later