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Dragonfly Drone UFO Report - Ohio (2nd August 2009)

I'll admit I was hesitant in posting this firstly because the witness sounds overly familiar with the debacle that was the California Drones (2007), what with phrases like, “winged object like a dragonfly drone” & “holographic image being projected” and secondly after watching the video and looking at the image I can't for the life of me see what the witness is referring to!!

However due to the inexorable allegations of, “HOAX!!” which were justifiably levelled at the original Drone reports and as this witness drew the correlation between their report and the original Drone hoax themselves I thought what the hell as if nothing else -and as I've said several times previously- it shows the lingering appeal that the original Drone reports/images had and the dogged determination with which the (original) Drones themselves seem to exude whilst they strive for myth-status.

A status which will never be achieved due in no small part to the anonymous witnesses, their CGI images, their self-evident & outright deceptive statements in which they apparently lied about everything, from their names to their email addresses. And of course more telling was the fact that *every* location discovered to date has been coupled with the discovery that the original witness statement was inexcusably blatant lies, and not just about the physical location but the entire back-story was exposed as no more than fantasy.

The Rajman1977 report is a prime example of this as it showed undeniably that the timeframe in which the Drone was alleged to have been captured was a physical impossibility!! This of course being due to the distance between the locations where it was claimed the images were captured being impossible to traverse in the allotted time dictated by the time-stamp on the images, which in turn directly condemned the entire witness statement as a fabrication.

Anyway the following was submitted to Mufon on the 5th December 2009 and was accompanied by an mpeg video and an image (which as I mention above is entirely inconclusive), links to these are located below the following report:

California Drone Hoax

Attached Media:

  1. Stealth Drone Video (.mpg) file.
  2. Stealth Drone Image (.jpeg) file.

Source: Mufon CMS

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gordon_ari said...

I know , but now is time or until the book comes out in February or some time around there in 2010 , to start understanding this UFO enigma which encompasses all who are investigating this ancient phenomena . You must understand and that means everybody envolved here in a investigational type process . I want You all to know there is a stand still of repedial sightings of the basically of the same images , not all but 98% are all the same and this is a problem We have to concider within our population . What this all means is that this creator is telling Us 'We are in this Together - Meaning our whole population - this gives Us new insight on the responcibilties of giving birth and giving a proper eduacation on our friend , from above . As more of the Human mind meaning 'everybody' starts realizing the true indentity behind these projections , then We will see a direct coreolation or a type of evolution on these projected images in the sky . Do take note why they are not on land and only in the air !?! A very important thought to remember . That if they did land than We would think they are physically here or a fixed object like a roof top structure . This is only for these images of course !