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Balloon Boy Hoax ‘09

UPDATE: 8th Jan 2010:

$48,000 in restitution from Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene.

In a 13-page filing, prosecutors said Richard Heene should pay $47,809.04 to local law enforcement, the National Guard, firefighters and the U.S. Forest Service for the search and the subsequent investigation into the family. Some of the costs were for public information officers loaned from other agencies to help answer reporters' phone calls.

The filing also notes that the Federal Aviation Administration is pursuing a civil fine against the family. The FAA has proposed they pay $11,000 for temporarily disrupting air traffic around Denver International Airport, but the two sides are negotiating, Richard Heene's lawyer said.


The following was a story I normally wouldn't mention but seeing as I learned of it when the news was actually breaking (mid-pursuit) I Blogged about it (here), so consider this a follow-up of sorts. Well that and the paths that all hoaxes travel (via the internet) has always been of personal interest to me. In this case however within a matter of hours questions were raised and in a day or so accusations were levelled, as I'm sure you're aware the event led to a prosecution and ultimately sentencing, if you actually look back at how the events transpired on the 15th October it quickly becomes apparent that it was indeed little more than a self-promotional publicity seeking attempt (ultimately aimed at garnering interest prior to a foray into reality television).

Balloon parents plead guilty to hoax charges
Fri Nov 13 2009

A couple who pretended their son had floated away in a homemade balloon have pleaded guilty to hoax charges. Richard and Mayumi Heene's six-year-old boy Falcon hit the headlines when it was believed he had climbed into the UFO-shaped helium balloon and drifted away. But the incident was an elaborate publicity stunt the couple hoped would secure them fame on a reality TV show. Richard Heene pleaded guilty to attempting to influence a public servant, a crime that carries a maximum penalty of up to six years in prison, while Mayumi Heene admitted a less serious charge of making a false report to authorities.

The Heenes drew worldwide attention on October 15 when they reported that Falcon had sailed away in a silver airship. The inflatable drifted over Colorado for 50 miles, chased by National Guard helicopters, as authorities mounted a search operation that riveted TV viewers. The balloon later landed empty and it turned out the boy had been hiding safely in the family attic. Public sympathy turned to outrage when Falcon gave away the hoax in a live interview. An investigation was launched and the mother admitted the incident was a publicity stunt.

Source: ITN

I say it quickly became apparent it was a hoax of course as when the father (Richard Heene) originally reported it the news-media showed little to no interest so Heene promptly called the FAA to report that his balloon was airborne, not being controlled and that there was a *possibility* his six year old son was inside, all of this was within minutes of the balloons launch at 11am. Then at 11:15 when apparently the story was still flying under the radar of the media Heene decided to call local news-media and request for their helicopter to locate and follow the balloon, still not content Heene then gets his wife to contact police and describe the massive current/voltage that builds up in Mylar balloons every few minutes. It has since been claimed the police were rightly sceptical of the entire fiasco but obviously once the news-chopper was in pursuit and live coverage being streamed they had to at least appear to be taking the claims seriously.

Roll on the 16th October and several interviews later Falcon lets slip that he was hiding in the attic under his father's instruction and ‘for a TV show,' cue the parents disbelief & denial. Two days later the Colorado Sheriff announced that it was indeed a hoax and the parents were to be arrested, on November 13th the parents entered a guilty plea finally on the 23rd December the parents were sentenced. The following was posted to the BBC on December 23rd (2009):

A US man who triggered a major alert by falsely claiming his son was adrift in a helium balloon has been sentenced to 90 days in jail - and his wife to 20. Richard Heene, 48, and his 45-year-old wife Mayumi said in October their son had been carried off by the balloon. Six-year-old Falcon Heene was finally found hiding at home. In court in Colorado, Heene appeared to fight back tears as he apologised to rescue workers and the community, saying he was " very, very sorry ". The judge also ordered four years of supervised probation for the couple and banned them from receiving any form of financial benefit from the case. Heene and his wife Mayumi had pleaded guilty to charges that they carried out the balloon stunt to promote a reality TV show.

'Wasted money'

The prosecutor had argued the couple should face time in jail to act as a deterrent to others who may be considering mounting similar stunts for financial gain and publicity. Prosecutors had asked for a jail sentence to deter others , he said Heene had, " wasted a lot of man power and a lot of money in wanting to get himself some publicity ". He argued that the couple had acted not on the behest of any TV companies, but that " they came up with it all on their own, not necessarily just to get a TV show but at least to put their name out there again and maybe in hopes that somebody would pick them up ".

"For that, they do need to be punished".

Richard Heene will be allowed to serve 60 days of his 90-day sentence on release, allowing him to work as a construction contractor during the day, while spending the night in jail. He will start his sentence on 11 January 2010. Mayumi Heene will begin her sentence after her husband's to ensure their children are still cared for. She will be allowed to report to jail on two days a week, return home at night, and serve the sentence through jail-supervised community service. The judge also ruled that her husband must serve 100 hours of community service and write a letter of apology to the community and public service agencies which helped search for his son. The couple have already been ordered to pay $42,000 (£26,000) in restitution for the emergency services' rescue efforts.

Source: BBC

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Mothman UK?

The following account was posted on the 20th December (2009) by a “Davey (Geordie Dave) Curtis” and was titled, “Mothman in Seaham on Sea? Hmmmmm”.

Obviously it's not my usual fare but due both to the close proximity to me and the fact that it is involving one of my favourite mythological (?) creatures complete with Keel references then I thought it warranted a mention.

There are images of the locations available at the Cryptozoology Online Blog (here).

Dear Jon,

I have written up this story because I think the people concerned are telling the truth, but you never know. An interesting story has came to my attention about a possible Mothman/Owlman-type sighting that warranted closer inspection. I don't know what to make of it, but this is what I have learnt so far. I have had to change the names of the people concerned for reasons I will explain later. On the outskirts of Seaham on the northeast coast of England there is a pub called the Pemberton Arms, known to everybody as the `White House` because for as long as anyone can remember, it has been... wait for it... painted white. A married couple in their early 40s (Phil and Kate, I'll call them) had gone there on Saturday evening (10th of October) to watch a live band.

Now, I don't if the band they had wanted to see had not turned up or what, but they had decided to leave early (Just after 10pm, they tell me) and because it was unusually warm for that time of year, walk back into town for a few jars to finish off the night. They left the pub, turned right and walked down the lane that would lead them to the well-lit main road into town. As they got to the end of the lane something caught their eye in the field next to the fence. At first they thought it was a Shire horse because of its size but it was definitely not a Shire horse. Phil and Kate both told me that it was man-shaped, at least 7 feet tall, jet black with piercing red eyes, and it just stood there, motionless.

Phil and Kate looked at it in disbelief for about 15 seconds, then it let out a scream like a fox before “disappearing straight down like it had fell down a well or trap door!” That did it! Phil and Kate then ran like Hell onto the main road until they stopped near the recently built water treatment plant, exhausted and out of breath. Phil tried to phone a taxi but found his mobile phone was dead , although it was working fine back at the pub. So half running, half walking, constantly looking about them, they got back home, terrified out of their wits, unable to understand what they had just witnessed.

Three weeks later, when they felt able to, they wanted to talk to me.

I have known this couple for about 20 years and I don't think it is a hoax. They are very upset that this has happened to them and did not want to talk about it to anyone for fear of ridicule. They are angry and confused, “Why us?” They said. They want to put it all behind them. They only came to me because they remember me talking a few years back about my visit to Loch Morar in Scotland to look into sightings of a creature there and so thought I may be able to help them. But apart from recommending they read Alien Animals and me assuring them they are not alone in witnessing strange beings, I could offer little help. What can you say to somebody who has witnessed the unexplainable?

Now things get weirder!

The name of the place where this thing was seen is Cold Hesledon. As soon as I made the Cold connection to Indrid Cold, Mothman and Point Pleasant, a lot of other things that John Keel had written about in The Moth Man Prophecies started falling into place. I re-read his book and discovered that according to John Keel, phenomena like this is attracted to certain things.

He mentioned power lines - there is a sub station approx 50 feet from the sighting

He mentioned military bases - there is a old R.A.F radar and underground bunker approx 200 feet away

He mentioned ley lines and the name Cold cropping up in ancient settlements - (this is the icing on the cake for me) it just so happens that the original Cold Hesledon was an medieval village, long deserted!

So there you have it: food for thought!

If our Tall Dark Friend turns up again I'll let you know.


Davy C

Source: Cryptozoology Online

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California UFO Drone Detectives (Conference Audio)

Dronology 101

The “2009 UFO Crash Retrieval Conference" was held in Vegas (8th & 9th November, 2009) and had a good array of speakers assembled to speak, but the ones I wanted to highlight was TK Davis and Frank Dixon (pictured left) who for the uninitiated are the two private investigators charged with what was billed as the, "California Drone Investigation."

Unfortunately I was unable to attend in person but due to the wonders of the internet was able to listen to it courtesy of *Tomi01UK* a member at the UfoCasebook forums (as well of course as the OM forums and founder member of the Drone Research Team as well as the -London- woman whom the investigator/s talk about contacting them) who posted an audio link to parts of the presentation.

Below is a screen-grab detailing their appearance at the conference courtesy of the official 2009 UFO Crash Retrieval Conference website:

California Drone Investigation PI Conference
Click here or on image for larger image.

The Art Of The Hoax

Smithsonian recently posted a short article online by Rob Irving and Peter Brookesmith charting Crop Circles and their origins and was somewhat contentiously titled, “Crop Circles: The Art of the Hoax,” well, I suppose it's contentious among certain groups it is however a title that I personally thought befitting of its content. Anyway, irrespective of where you believe the origins of the circle-makers may really stem from I still found it a thought-provoking article, sections of which can effortlessly be applied to all broader anomalous phenomena, an excerpt of the article follows:

Crop circles are a lens through which we can explore the nature and appeal of hoaxes. Fakes, counterfeits and forgeries are all around us in the everyday world—from dud $50 bills to spurious Picassos. People's motives for taking the unreal as real are easily discerned: we trust our currency, and many people would like to own a Picasso. The nebulous world of the anomalous and the paranormal is even richer soil for hoaxers. A large proportion of the population believes in ghosts, angels, UFOs and ET visitations, fairies, psychokinesis and other strange phenomena. These beliefs elude scientific examination and proof. And it's just such proof that the hoaxer brings to the table for those hungry for evidence that their beliefs are not deluded.

False evidence intended to corroborate an existing legend is known to folklorists as “ostension.” This process also inevitably extends the legend. For, even if the evidence is eventually exposed as false, it will have affected people's perceptions of the phenomenon it was intended to represent. Faked photographs of UFOs, Loch Ness monsters and ghosts generally fall under the heading of ostension. Another example is the series of photographs of fairies taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths at Cottingley, Yorkshire, between 1917 and 1920. These show that the motive for producing such evidence may come from belief, rather than from any wish to mislead or play pranks. One of the girls insisted till her dying day that she really had seen fairies—the manufactured pictures were a memento of her real experience. And the photos were taken as genuine by such luminaries as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—the great exponent, in his Sherlock Holmes stories, of logic.

The desire to promote evidence of anomalous and paranormal events as genuine springs from deep human longings. One is a gesture toward rationalism—the notion that nothing is quite real unless it's endorsed by reasoned argument, and underwritten by more or less scientific proofs. But the human soul longs for enchantment. Those who don't find their instinctive sense of the numinous satisfied by art, literature or music—let alone the discoveries of science itself—may well turn to the paranormal to gratify an intuition that mystery dwells at the heart of existence. Such people are perfectly placed to accept hoaxed evidence of unexplained powers and entities as real.

Source: Smithsonian

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UK UFO Research: BOAC Labrador Report (1954)

The BOAC Labrador sighting of June 29, 1954

One of the UK's respected and prolific (serious) researchers, “Martin Shough” recently authored a research report on the infamous 1954 BOAC UFO incident. I’ve been lucky enough to correspond with Martin a few times and his reasoned approach has always been fair, penetrative & erudite, whether you're aware of Martin Shough or not if you have read any reports involving UFO/UAP reports in the UK and if they were approached from a more scientific angle then you will undoubtedly have read some of the research that he has either personally conducted or assisted with, including the vast majority of radar-related (UK) UFO reports.

And to be honest it’s a little puzzling why I haven’t seen (m)any references to this particular report and if I were to hazard a guess then it’s perhaps its because its presented as a sober and scientific report and of course doesn’t wildly promote the ETH as the most likely explanation. If this is indeed the case then it‘s a sad reflection on the broader online UFO community, the majority of whom are quick to pick up on the most obscure of possible UFO reports often presenting no viable working hypothesis or even additional information regarding the report. Not of course that this is –always- necessarily a bad thing, but then to neglect exhaustive reports on historical UFO events such as this one, it just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Martin is listed (in his capacity as author of this report) as a, “UK Research Associate of the US National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP)”.

The report is published in its entirety on the website which itself is an excellent resource to the serious UFO researcher as it offers a wealth of information on a wide variety of aerial phenomena.

A short video clip of the pilot speaking about his experience is available at: Commercial Flight JFK to London BOAC UFO (1954) Video

The following is posted on the lead page of the relevant section on (summary):
BOAC 1954

This classic observation was made by crew and passengers of a 4-engine Boeing Stratocruiser of the British Overseas Airways Corporation. Flight 510-196 was a luxury flight bound for London on the "champagne and caviar run", departing New York at 17:03 local (21:03 GMT) on June 29, 1954 with 51 passengers aboard. Four hours later at sunset, 19,000 ft (5,791 m) over Labrador, Newfoundland, and en route for Goose Bay, an apparently huge shape-changing UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) and a swarm of small attendant objects was seen against the bright sky off the left wing. The strange display persisted for 18 minutes.

After a refuelling stop at Goose where they were met and questioned by US Air Force intelligence officers the crew proceeded to London, where the story rapidly appeared in national papers and magazines. Capt. James R. HOWARD was filmed for BBC TV and cinema newsreels. It became big news and went around the world within days via the Associated Press syndicated wire. The standing of the witnesses, in particular 33-year-old Capt. HOWARD, a highly respected former RAF Squadron Leader with 7500 hours commercial flying on 256 Atlantic crossings to his credit at the time of the sighting, has never been called in question. They were convinced that their airliner was followed for 80 miles by a formation of solid flying objects under intelligent control. To this day the case is still hailed by many ufologists as unexplained and one of the most significant "British" cases.

Several theories have been advanced. Were these objects spaceships, a giant flock of migrating starlings, balloons, or perhaps a mirage? Whilst the evidence is not conclusive, we present evidence that the most likely explanation seems to be an unusual mirage of a type which, whilst rare, appears to have been observed several times in similar conditions in other parts of the world.


And here are three sketches that the pilot made after his sighting:

The full report is available at the website.

UK-UFO: A70 Abduction Case (Scotland)

Malcolm Robinson has been circulating emails for a while regarding his new book, “UFO Case Files Of Scotland” and recently (19th December 2009) the Daily Telegraph has dedicated a substantial article on their website publicising this, an article which deals mainly with the intriguing, “A70 Abduction Case.”

This is a well known and alarming abduction scenario in which practically every researcher who has met/interviewed the original witnesses says that they believe that the witnesses are grounded and are very sure that they (witnesses) believe this event actually happened. As one would perhaps expect after such an incident the witnesses entrenched themselves into the UFO/abduction phenomenon and much was made of this as being an influential factor revealing itself in their later testimonies, however this doesn't detract from their original claims and the immediate events surrounding them.

What follows is a transcript of a session in an A70 related typical hypnotic regression supervised and conducted by Helen Walters:

• Helen: “I want you to relive that night Colin, see it, feel it where are you?”

• Colin: “Nowhere”.

• Helen: “Where is nowhere”. Colin: “Just nowhere, complete blackness”.

• Helen: “What are you looking at, what are you trying to see?”

• Colin: “I feel I'm going up”.

• Helen: “Going up?”

• Colin: “Uh huh”.

• Helen: “See it, feel it, can you hear anything”?

• Colin: “Nothing” Helen: “See it Colin, nothing can harm you at this moment, listen to the sound of my voice”, Colin's body jerked suddenly.

• Colin: “ Creatures, I'm telling them to get lost”.

• Helen: “Where are you”?

• Colin: “I'm in a Bright room”.

• Helen: “What are they doing”?

• Colin: “They're trying to undress me”.

• Helen: “Tell me what's happening Colin”.

• Colin: “I'm sitting with no clothes on”.

• Helen: “Where are you sitting”?

• Colin: “A metal chair, it's smooth and cold”.

• Helen: “How do you feel”?

• Colin: “Just cold”.

• Helen: “Tell me what is happening Colin”?

• Colin: “Something's in my right eye”.

• Helen: “What's in your right eye”?

• Colin: “I don't know, it's uncomfortable, like a red hot poker in the centre of my eye, it's really sore”.

• Helen: “Who is putting this hot poker I to your eye”?

• Colin: “I can't see anything”.

• Helen: “Is your left eye open”?

• Colin: “Uh huh”

• Helen: “Why are you shaking your head”? At this point Colin was moving his head from side to side.

• Colin: “I'm trying to get a good look at the thing, the thing that's doing this to me to me”. Helen: “What's Happening now”?

• Colin: “Just took it out of my eye, my right eye's really burning, my eye's really watering, it's gushing”.

• Helen; “What kind of material was it, what did it feel like”?

• Colin; “It felt like there was something clamped on it, that there was something going into my eye”.

• Helen: “How did you get there Colin, how did you get there? I want you to relive your journey”

• Colin: “The car is in a big, bright, metallic room”.

• Helen: “How did it get there”?

• Colin: “It was lifted”.

• Helen: “How was it lifted”?

• Colin: “I don't know, I just feel it juddering and being lifted”.

• Helen: “OK, go back to the beginning of your journey”.

• Colin: “Just passing the reservoir on the left hand side, just passing the farmhouse on the right. Doesn't make sense, there's no road, nothing; the car is definitely off it. There seems to be some kind of force, there is nothing physical that I can see. I'm cold; I'm getting carried along at some rate”. Colin's body gave a powerful twitch. “I'm in that chair again…something's looking at me back in the corridor, it's…it was…ahhh…it's ugly”.

• Helen: “Describe it Colin, describe the ugly thing”.

• Colin: “It's ugly and it's lurking in that corridor, it comes and goes, it seems ancient to me. Ugly…it's really badly deformed, I'm not scared of it any more”. Colin began to laugh. “It seems that this thing has been in a fight and it's the loser. I think it's trying to manipulate me”.

• Helen: “In what way”?

• Colin: “I don't know, ii think I'm pissing it off because I'm not scared any more. I'm laughing at it, it's weird it's away”. Colin's head turned to the right. “ I can hear a noise behind me, I can't think of a word to describe it”. His body convulsed briefly. “I'm staring at a wee one”.

• Helen: “A wee what”?

• Colin: “ A wee creature, it's not very happy with me, I don't think I was supposed to look behind my chair for some reason. It's looking at me with those black eyes but I'll not give in”. Helen: “You won't give in to what”?

• Colin: “It's trying to outstare me. It's away; I don't think it was very pleased with me. It just doesn't want me to see what is behind me for some reason. If I try to do anything they'll come round the corner and stop me”.

• Helen: “What do you have on Colin”?

• Colin: “Nothing, the chair is freezing, I keep wanting to get out of the chair but I bet it will be a big mistake”.

• Helen: “Did they speak to you”?

• Colin: “No, but I could tell it was pissed off. I'm looking at something, it looks like some sort of surgery tool, I think that's what went into my eye”.

• Helen: “Can you describe it”?

• Colin: “It sort of comes down and bends to the left and then bends down again, it's hard to describe. I've never see anything like it, it separates into four and there's all just things hanging from it”.

• Helen: “Move on from there Colin”. He convulsed again. “What's happening Colin”?

• Colin: “Two of them have got me by the feet and are dragging me toward a small archway”.

• Helen “How did you get out of the chair”? Colin: “They grabbed me by the feet, I think I pushed them off”.

• Helen: “What's happening now”?

• Colin: “They're dragging me back to the car, they're not fussy about hurting me”. More convulsions

• Helen: “Where are you now”?

• Colin: “Back in the car, back in the seat”.

• Helen: “Do you have your clothes on”?

• Colin: “Yes”.

• Helen: “Go back to when you put your clothes on, what's happening”?

• Colin: “Putting my clothes on”.

• Helen: “Who”?

• Colin: “The wee aliens”.

• Helen: “How many are there”?

• Colin: “Four”. Again more convulsions. “There is a big alien in front of me doing something, my head is pounding. I don't know if it's giving me something or taking something out of my head. My mind goes black, then lighter, my head feels numb, it feels massive, it feels as if I've got a big forehead”. Colin's hand came up and he rubbed forehead vigorously”

• Helen: “What's happening”?

• Colin: “Shooting pain, I don't know what they have done but it's weird, my brain feels like it's swollen and pushing my head out like it's going to burst. I can't handle this, it's stopped, it's weird”.

• Helen: “Can you move on, where are you now”?

• Colin: “Back on the road”.

• Helen: “How did you get there”?

• Colin: “Big bang then a thud”.

• Helen: “Anyone in the car with you”?

• Colin: “Gary's looking at m, he's bewildered, Garry's asking me, did you see what I saw”?

• Helen: “ Did you see Garry on your travels”?

• Colin: “No, just now”.


Click here or on image for the, "
UFO Case Files of Scotland
" at Amazon.

There is also a wealth of information and a detailed study of the case at the link provided above which offers several hypothesis regarding the incident as well as a brief analysis of the possible validity of each suggested scenario with MILAB's afforded quite a bit of attention.

And finally here's the Daily Record article:

Scotland's biggest UFO mystery comes to light in startling new book

A REMARKABLE new book explores the mysterious world of UFO sightings in Scotland and tells in full detail the country's first reported case of alien abduction. Author and investigator Malcolm Robinson probed the incident which took place as friends Garry Wood and Colin Wright, now 46 and 42, were driving to the village of Tarbrax, West Lothian 17 years ago. Their journey was supposed to take 30 minutes. When they reached their destination, they were an hour and a half late and could not account for the time. They later recalled, in amazing detail under hypnosis, how a space ship hovered in front of them before they were beamed on board the craft, stripped and examined by strange creatures before being beamed back to earth. The men have never changed their stories and even passed a lie detector test on TV. Their experiences are now referred to as the ' A70 Incident '. Malcolm, founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations and an acknowledged UFO expert, carried out an inquiry into their claims, which had a massive impact on him. After the case emerged he stated:

"I was an ardent sceptic. I really didn't think there was any validity to these tales of machines flying about the Scottish skies. But once you physically get involved in investigating these subjects, then you come off the fence. After a few years of investigation, there's enough substantial data to validate the people that have been saying these things."

The A70 Incident forms a major section of Malcolm's new book UFO Case Files of Scotland, which analyses various sightings across Scotland in recent years. He's now helping film producers who plan to turn the story into a movie. Malcolm and the two men are contracted to the film-makers and are not permitted to speak in public about the A70 Incident. When their story is told on the big screen the world will astounded by the events of that night in 1992. Almost all UFO reports have natural identifiable explanations - as many as 95 per cent. That leaves only a small five per cent of unidentified cases. Malcolm Robinson set up Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) to research UFOs and the paranormal in the Seventies, but it wasn't until the Nineties that his hardened scepticism was broken.

It was August 17, 1992, just after 11.30pm, when Garry Wood and his friend Colin Wright left Edinburgh, heading to a friend's house in Tarbrax to drop off a satellite system. Garry's car was travelling at 40mph and there was little traffic about. The car had just passed Harperrig Reservoir when Colin and Garry saw a two-tiered disc-shaped object hovering 20ft above the road - and it definitely wasn't an aircraft or helicopter. Both were scared and ambulance repair man Garry put his foot down and screamed under the object, using his elbow to lock the doors. The object emitted a silver, shimmering mist and as it touched the car, both men were enveloped in total darkness. What seemed to be second later, the pair regained their sight. Garry, still driving like a madman, was fighting hard to control the car but managed to regain his composure. Reaching their destination, Garry recalls frantically banging on the door. His concerned friend answered wondering where the two of them had been as they were 90 minutes late. They described their experience and asked for pens and paper to draw what they had seen. They left to return to Edinburgh, taking a different route home, but Garry had the feeling something else had happened. Soon after the encounter, he was bothered by strange dreams, he developed severe headaches and even had a CAT scan - but nothing unusual was found. He began to think perhaps it was a UFO, but didn't want to accept that possibility. After all, he had no interest in such tales and Colin certainly didn't believe in such things. Garry visited his library in the hope of finding UFO literature. He came across details for Strange Phenomena Investigations and decided to contact its founder Malcolm Robinson. Robinson listened intently and knew something very strange had occurred to both men - head and shoulders above the usual close encounter experience. A meeting was arranged and Robinson invited Garry and Colin to his home, Robinson said:

“I have never met such honest and sincere individuals. One could see the trauma they had suffered and were still suffering. It sent shivers down my spine. I believed in them."

Helen Walters, a qualified hypnotherapist and psychic, was called in to help get to the bottom of the mystery through hypnotic regression. During his first session, Garry burst into tears and was distraught, but Colin remained calm. Over the course of several weeks, Garry recalled seeing vague shapes, while both men's bodies jolted as they recalled the encounter. The results of the hypnotic regression made for startling and harrowing reading. Both men stated the car was stopped, after which the doors were opened by three small entities. Colin recalled Garry being placed on a free-floating stretcher. Garry experienced tremendous abdominal pain and recalled another entity lurking behind part of the UFO. Colin was led up a ramp into the object, where he found himself in a round room with a curved chair. Colin was stripped naked and placed on the chair, where a medical examination was conducted on him. Gary remembers being taken into a round room with a raised table. He too was stripped and placed on the table. Here are both men's stories:


A grey arm was dropped on to his chest. The small being was four and a half feet tall with a child-like body, a large pear-shaped head with black eyes. Garry also saw small brown beings with folds of skin covering their faces and a small man dressed in a black suit with tie. He recalled lying naked with two small creatures at the foot of the table, one holding a bright diamond-shaped object, which pulsated with an orange light. The creature then began moving the diamond over his body. To his left, sitting on the floor, was a naked female who was crying and shivering. He said in his mind, "Why are you doing this?"

The reply he got was simply, "Sanctuary."


Colin found himself in a large glass or perspex chamber, naked and strapped by the wrists and ankles. Although he could only move his head slightly, he observed many other chambers containing people. He also recalled feeling as if a red hot poker was being inserted into his eye and his brain feeling as if it had swollen. He was then dragged across the room by creatures before being dressed by "the wee aliens" and put back in the car. Both men came back from their encounter with scars which previously were not there, which further added to the mystery. Robinson observed afterwards:

"By far this is probably Scotland's biggest UFO case. This case not only dealt with a close proximity UFO, it also dealt with 'beings'. For me, this was the case which took me off the proverbial sceptical fence. I dealt with it hands on and saw the trauma both men experienced. I felt their pain. I was totally convinced these men did not make it up, far from it. They wanted no publicity. It came purely because I advocated it. I needed Garry and Colin to come out, whereby it was hoped similar abductees would come forward. I was gobsmacked by world reaction and the intense media frenzy."

Garry and Colin were left bemused by the whole episode. Their lives may have changed, but they are still the men they were - albeit with a different perspective on life.

Source: The Daily Record

Click here for the, "UFO Case Files of Scotland: Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters" at Amazon.

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Richard (Dick) Hall – MI5 Sponsored (Dis)information?

UK Ufologist Dick Hall has excelled himself by publishing a list of UK based researchers (including Ufologists) whom he believes are MI5 agents, however there's one small problem with this list…..


So forgive me for not providing a link to what for all intents & purposes appears to be completely unfounded allegations fuelled by seemingly little more than Dick's personal green-eyed monster, if you want to read it I'm sure you'll have no problems locating it. Unfortunately these (what are in my humble opinion) vicious, slanderous & baseless accusations will undoubtedly be perpetuated throughout the inter-web because as I'm sure you all know that if it's on the internet then it *MUST* be true.

Don't get me wrong as IF MI5 were sponsoring people within the UFO community to derail the subject and IF there was any proof of this then I'd be at the front of the queue naming and shaming them and calling for action, but that's two very big "if's".

It's a sad day for UK Ufology as yet again it has devolved into school-yard style shenanigans and from what I can gather these are based on little more than the fact that Dick disagrees with the (in my experience often factually correct) data presented by those on his personal shit-list.

Let's face facts it's certainly no “” mainly as there is absolutely NO corroborating information presented by Dick, and of course the Ufologist's in question just happen to disagree with the assertions of Dick regarding one of his 'pet' UFO cases.

Hmm, what are the chances?

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dragonfly Drone UFO Report - Ohio (2nd August 2009)

I'll admit I was hesitant in posting this firstly because the witness sounds overly familiar with the debacle that was the California Drones (2007), what with phrases like, “winged object like a dragonfly drone” & “holographic image being projected” and secondly after watching the video and looking at the image I can't for the life of me see what the witness is referring to!!

However due to the inexorable allegations of, “HOAX!!” which were justifiably levelled at the original Drone reports and as this witness drew the correlation between their report and the original Drone hoax themselves I thought what the hell as if nothing else -and as I've said several times previously- it shows the lingering appeal that the original Drone reports/images had and the dogged determination with which the (original) Drones themselves seem to exude whilst they strive for myth-status.

A status which will never be achieved due in no small part to the anonymous witnesses, their CGI images, their self-evident & outright deceptive statements in which they apparently lied about everything, from their names to their email addresses. And of course more telling was the fact that *every* location discovered to date has been coupled with the discovery that the original witness statement was inexcusably blatant lies, and not just about the physical location but the entire back-story was exposed as no more than fantasy.

The Rajman1977 report is a prime example of this as it showed undeniably that the timeframe in which the Drone was alleged to have been captured was a physical impossibility!! This of course being due to the distance between the locations where it was claimed the images were captured being impossible to traverse in the allotted time dictated by the time-stamp on the images, which in turn directly condemned the entire witness statement as a fabrication.

Anyway the following was submitted to Mufon on the 5th December 2009 and was accompanied by an mpeg video and an image (which as I mention above is entirely inconclusive), links to these are located below the following report:

California Drone Hoax

Attached Media:

  1. Stealth Drone Video (.mpg) file.
  2. Stealth Drone Image (.jpeg) file.

Source: Mufon CMS

Saturday, 5 December 2009

MoD Closes Door On UFOs

It was recently announced/released (via FoIA) on the MoD website that after fifty years they are finally washing their hands of the UFO phenomenon as they have announced that they will no longer be collecting UFO reports from the public. Personally I don't think this is anywhere near as significant as it is being reported as, mainly because the lacklustre approach adopted by the MoD over the last fifty years or so has been dismissive at best and criminally negligible at worst.

Also, you can’t help but wonder if this closure is merely the culmination of a plan that was set into motion several years ago when the FoIA requests were at a peak and which ultimately led to the decision to publicly disclose the files in their entirety…..

MoD + UFO = No Defence Significance

That's not to say they are *really* to blame as the public face of the MoD, i.e. the ‘UFO desk', that dealt with this was little more than a public relations exercise anyway, an exercise which if nothing else proved a useful springboard for Nick Pope being established as the ‘go-to man' for the British (gutter) press as well as for various UFO-related documentaries, publications, radio-shows etc. etc. etc. And in case there is any doubt about the capacity of involvement allowed to those who ‘man' the UFO desk this was stated in writing by the MoD, below is a section from the FoIA document in question which was sent to Mr James Easton back in 1999:

“Mr Pope was employed as an executive Officer in Secretariat (Air Staff) 2. His post was designated Sec(AS)2a. The main duties of the post concern non-operational RAF activities overseas and diplomatic clearance policy for military flights abroad. A small percentage of time is spent dealing with reports from the public about alleged ‘UFO' sightings and associated public correspondence.”

(The scanned document can be viewed here).

The only reason I highlight this is so that one can see the prior level of commitment that the MoD awarded the UFO reports anyway, so is the loss really that great?

And the following was posted by Nick to his website on the 3rd December (2009):

MoD Terminate UFO Project

With effect from 1st December 2009, the Ministry of Defence terminated their UFO project, ending over 50 years of research and investigation. The news was slipped out in a way designed not to attract attention, by making an amendment to an existing document in the Freedom of Information section of the MoD website, entitled "How to report a UFO sighting". The announcement states that "in over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom" and goes on to say that "MOD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them". Having worked on the UFO project from 1991 to 1994 I am sorry to see MoD disengage in this way. I believe that where evidence suggests that UK airspace has been penetrated by an unidentified object, this must automatically be of defence interest and should be investigated properly. Indeed, I am sure that sightings from pilots and uncorrelated targets tracked on radar will continue to be looked at, albeit outside of a formally constituted UFO project. From the Fifties to the present day, MoD received around 12,000 UFO reports. While most were misidentifications of ordinary objects and phenomena, around 5% remained unexplained.


And the following was posted to on the 4th December:

UFO investigation service shut down

The Ministry of Defence has stopped investigating reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the UK. A telephone number and email address which allowed the public to report sightings for investigation was closed on 1 December after the MoD decided the service was an "inappropriate use of defence resources."

The closure was revealed in a Freedom of Information request released via the MoD website. The MoD had dealt with more than 12,000 reports since it launched the reporting service in 1950 - including 135 last year. The service had cost around £50,000 a year to run and was based at RAF Command in High Wycombe. In a statement, the ministry said:

"The MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial life …..However, in over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom….. The MoD has no specific capability for identifying the nature of such sightings …..There is no defence benefit in such investigation and it would be an inappropriate use of defence resources. Furthermore, responding to reported UFO sightings diverts MoD resources from tasks that are relevant to defence…..Accordingly, and in order to make best use of defence resources, we have decided that from the 1st December 2009 the dedicated UFO hotline answer-phone service and e-mail address will be withdrawn. MoD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them…..The ongoing programme to release departmental files on UFO matters to the National Archive will continue."