Thursday, 15 October 2009

UFO Balloon Lands With Still No Sign Of Missing Boy

Update - Boy Found

A couple of hours after my original Blog post the following was published online:

The six-year-old boy who was allegedly involved in a UFO helium balloon incident has been found safe at his home. *There have been no details as to where the boy has been for past few hours. The incident involved an experimental helium balloon, which was not intended for flight, found speeding through the Colorado sky. It was believed at the time that a six-year-old boy had wandered into the basket of the UFO-looking balloon and the tether had broken releasing the balloon into the air. When the balloon crash landed it was surrounded by emergency services who quickly cut at the balloon to find any sign of the child, however it was discovered he was not in fact there. The boy was found safe at his home by authorities, however there are no details at the moment as to the child’s whereabouts for the past few hours.

*Update: Officials have said that the boy was hiding in a box in his home garage.


A tragic story is unfolding involving the disappearance of a six year old boy.

A small homemade helium balloon resembling a flying saucer and believed to be containing a 6-year-old boy is pictured floating thousands of feet above Colorado, October 15, 2009. The boy is thought to have climbed inside a home-made helium balloon which is described by a Larimer County Sheriff's spokeswoman as "a homemade helium balloon made to look like a UFO."

The reports filtering through from the local media are sketchy at best but current reports are now stating that the balloon has landed and there is no sign of the little boy. If the actual events are being are being reported without error then unfortunately it doesn't bode well for the youngster but here's hoping and Godspeed ……

Balloon lands in Colorado, boy not inside (Thu Oct 15)

DENVER (Reuters) - A helium balloon that flew out of control over Colorado landed on Thursday but a 6-year-old boy who had been thought to be on board was not in the craft, local media said. It was not known where the boy was. The boy, who was not identified, was reported to have climbed into the small homemade craft at his family's home before it floated away and across the Colorado skies at up to 7,000 feet.

Television images showed the silver ballon, resembling a flying saucer and about 20 feet (six meters) across, floating above Colorado before it landed, as authorities scrambled to find a way to bring it down safely. A Larimer County Sheriff's spokeswoman described the craft as "a homemade helium balloon made to look like a UFO." She said the boy climbed into the balloon at his family's home in Fort Collins. The craft then apparently broke away from a pair of tethers holding it to the ground and floated away. Aviation experts said that the boy could survive the flight but would be cold and possibly disoriented at high altitudes.


Fort Collins, CO - A homemade balloon that took off unattended has landed without anyone inside. Initial reports said that a 6-year-old boy may have climbed inside. A representative of the sheriff's department says the child may have fallen out early in the flight. Officials say the balloon is owned by the boy's parents, and that it was tethered behind their home. They say the boy and his older brother were playing outside when the older boy saw the younger one go into a compartment at the bottom of the balloon, which then flew away. The balloon was rotating slowly in the wind during the flight, sometimes tipping precariously. It landed around 3:40pm Eastern Time.


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