Sunday, 10 May 2009

UK- UFO Over Glastonbury Tor (May 2009)

05-02-09 - Great Britain - Pulsating Light Show

I have just arrived home from a camping holiday in Glastonbury, Somerset, England. With me were my wife Fran, and our friend Julie. It was our last night and we were at our campsite in the larger of the two tents we had taken. I looked out of the doorway and noticed a bright reddish orange light above Glastonbury Tor. I mentioned this immediately to the others because it was an unusual colour for an aeroplane.

I must mention that there was cloud cover and no stars were visible. However, ground level visibility was good. The light ascended and started to pulsate - I suspect the pulsation was as it got nearer to and started entering the clouds, all of a sudden two more lights the same ascended and as they did the first one disappeared into the clouds. We were all amazed at this fantastic light show and it still hadn't ended because as the two lights reached the clouds another one appeared and this followed the same course.

All of this occurred at approx 23.25 - 23.40 BST on 2nd May, 2009. I had 2 mini-DV camcorders with me, but both had been used and due to us camping we never had a way of powering them, therefore no film. I had used all the batteries filming Mayday events.

Regards, Maurice Voice from Wirral, Merseyside, England

Source: UFOCasebook


Tis a silly place! said...

Hi, I live (on one of the hills) in Glastonbury, I was out in the back garden having a ciggy when I saw some Chinese lanterns in the sky about that time. It's a common occurrence for people to set these off from the top of the Tor. They tend to fly off in the same direction because of the wind current up there.

stuart said...

hi it was 1.05am on the 16/7/09 iwas off to bed and thought i would pop out for a quick cigarette and as i viewed the shiny stars i noticed a bright bright bright light in the sky.It was as high as the stars but the bright light which was as round as AA battery bottom shining in the sky took my eye ,it was there above me for about 15 seconds then pulsated twice and then went up higher and higher until it was was a u.f.o i belive it was a ship of some discription but dont know what. its about time we were all told the truth and showed the truth.