Monday, 4 May 2009

Firefighters Investigate ‘Burning object’ UFO alert - Shadsworth UK (May 2009)

‘Burning object’ UFO Alert

AN unidentified flying object was seen over the skies of Blackburn.

A ‘burning’ object which then shot through the sky at speed was witnessed by a 15-year-old boy and a resident in Arran Avenue on Friday night.

Firefighters were alerted around 9.30pm to the unusual goings on over Shadsworth.

Crew manager Paul Jennings said:

Lancashire Telegraph UFO“We were called to reports of a UFO around 9.30pm in Arran Avenue.....A 15-year-old lad and one of the neighbours said they had seen a burning objects in the sky. They said it was almost like a hot air balloon but it was moving too fast....It had disappeared by the time we got there. We spoke to the lad but we would not have been able to do anything had we seen it.”

Source: Lancashire Telegraph

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