Saturday, 25 April 2009

Did you see these UFOs? (Isle Of Wight April 2009)

A RYDE woman who said she saw a late night UFO ‘near miss' has appealed for other witnesses to come forward. She said at 11.10pm on Saturday the police spotter plane, circling the south of the town, was involved in a low-altitude ‘ near miss' with three other craft. Police, who confirmed their spotter plane was in the area and that three officers were on the ground searching for occupants of a stolen car, who ran off after a crash, said none of the officers reported seeing any unusual activity.

A police statement said:

“The pilot, observers and police officers on the ground did not see, hear or come into contact with any other aircraft while flying over the Island at this time…We are satisfied that Hampshire Police Air Support Unit was not involved in an air near-miss incident.”

But the woman maintained:

“I was watching from the bedroom window, which faces east, at 11.10pm…What appeared to be three jets came very fast from the west and flew even lower towards the plane…f these had collided, half the houses in Ashey Road would have been wiped out…The strange thing is, the three craft didn't make any noise…I do not want publicity, do not drink and have never taken drugs. Somebody must have a record of what these craft were up to?

“The spotter plane had lights under each wing and one on the nose. The three, that appeared as fast as the Red Arrows, had only one light…Surely someone else must have been watching at the same time?”

This report follows a Sandown woman describing a bright orange circular object making its way silently across the sky on Wednesday last week. Meanwhile, on Bank Holiday Monday, a Bonchurch resident reported seeing a luminous ball of light in the sky. Again, it made no noise.


(The scourge of UK UFOlogy?)


Peewee said...

Saturday 25th April 10.30pm strange chinese lantern undefined shape, coloured orange/red travelling silently across the sky in the Great Yarmouth area

keelybbz said...

im from bristol, i seen one large orange light on the east side of my house, traveling quite fast. it was no chinesse lantern. it was like a orange street lamp,but larger. at 11.00 ish. traveling silently. i watched it travel into the distance and it wasnt orange it was just black from the back.

Серж said...

From time to time they appear... it is the fact.