Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ministry Of Defence Release Third Batch Of UFO Files

Ministry Of Defence Release
Third Batch Of UFO Files
(Saturday, 22 March 2009)

The third collection of UK Ministry of Defence UFO files can now be downloaded from the The National Archives (TNA) dedicated website (here).

The initial media coverage seems to be as feverish as ever but really they are only working from the details released by Dr David Clarke who is the consultant for the TNA's UFO project. Dave prepared a detailed summary for both the national and international media and also recorded a podcast regarding this -the third- release of UFO MoD files.

Dave writes:

This tranche consists of seven files containing more than 2,000 pages of material. Six of the files contain UFO reports copied to the MoD's secretive Defence Intelligence branch DI55, between November 1987 and April 1993. During this period 1200 individual sightings were reported to the authorities.

The release of these papers is in itself a victory for open government. For as recently as ten years ago the British Government refused even to acknowledge the existence of DI55, let alone comment upon their role in the investigation of UFO reports. The arrival of the Freedom of Information Act in 2005 brought this ludicrous situation to an end. But even then for at time it appeared unlikely we would discover anything further."

Source: Dr David Clarke's Blog

For further information regarding this latest release then as well as visiting the official TNA pages you should also visit Dr David Clarke's new Blog as he has an excellent run-down of the documents as well as sharing his personal insights gleaned from years of UFO research.

I suspect that this means that just as it seems that media interest was waning then this recent release will yet again increase public interest which in turn will inject more urgency into the reporting of any anomalous aerial phenomena. To be honest I've been pleasantly surprised of late with the handling of the UFO reports by the media in general as the ‘giggle factor' seems to be decreasing so it's a shame that this urgency generally means reporting wholly identifiable objects as unidentified.

There are exceptions to this ridicule-free approach and right at the forefront of this irresponsible gutter journalism is a UK paper, namely “The Sun”. In my opinion the sooner everyone realises that The Sun is quickly becoming the new, “Weekly Word News” then the sooner their ludicrous reporting of the phenomenon will be afforded the contempt it so rightly deserves. More than once in the last few months The Sun have approached UK UFO researchers asking for comments on a UFO report they have received and were given a thorough and concise (earthly) explanation of what was seen before promptly ignoring the explanation and running the story as a UFO sighting anyway, often quoting an obscure expert as verification or even more worryingly enlisting the help of their resident UFO expert Nick Pope. The only reason this is more worrying is that Pope is perceived by the general public as the UK UFO expert due solely to the fact that he manned the MoD's UFO desk part-time for a couple of years in the 1990's, a job which was/is effectively a ‘front,' representing the public face of the MoD's interest in the UFO phenomenon, however with the recent release of the UFO files it's obvious that this ‘interest' was more of an annoyance, a necessary evil to placate the growing public concern.

As Pope is currently employed by The Sun then it appears to me that his opinion is bought and paid for then as such any comments published should ONLY be considered as those of a spokesperson for The Sun rather the UFO expert he is often touted as……

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