Friday, 20 March 2009

Alien Abduction - Nigel Watson & “The Alien Deception”

A new book has just hit the shelves (March 2009) which is titled, “The Alien Deception”.

Written by Nigel Watson it is an, “Exploration of the AlienAbduction Phenomenon” and while I haven't yet obtained a copy of the book the write-up for it does sound promising and is as follows:

The Alien DeceptionAt times, after such encounters, the abductee has little conscious recollection of these events, and usually through nightmares, flashbacks and hypnosis they eventually learn more.

Some abductees even believe they have been used as part of a breeding project to create hybrid alien/humans. Almost all are truly bewildered by their experiences.

Ultimately, alien abductions make us consider fundamental questions about our place in the universe and our future evolution as a species. Are abductions real events that have momentous consequences for the whole of humanity or are they the product of rumour, psychosis, hoaxes, media hype and sensationalism?

Is there a grand Alien Deception manipulating our minds and our governments or are we deceiving ourselves?

Nigel Watson's groundbreaking exploration of alien abductions takes a comprehensive look at the reports by the earliest abductees (such as Betty and Barney Hill), right up to the latest encounters. Watson considers the possible historical, paranormal, extraterrestrial, psychological and media influences that might help explain the origin of these reports.”

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