Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Aurora Furore Over Great Gonerby UFO?

A little over a week ago (17 March 2008) I Blogged about a Grantham Journal article that reported on the UFO recently spotted in Saskatchewan ( Canada ) that was reportedly similar to other sightings by Allan Spick, who lives in Great Gonerby (UK). Mike Repin contacted the Journal after seeing a drawing by Spick which reminded him of a UFO that he'd previously witnessed.

The Grantham Journal has since reported that the plot thickens as a Luton man called John Pacey has been in touch to let them know he thinks what was seen was possibly a mysterious, “Spy-Plane ” which the Journal ominously reminds us, “Officially does not even exist .”

Flight-sim model of artist's concept of the Aurora aircraft – Wiki
Aurora Furore Over Great Gonerby UFO?
Sketch: Grantham Journal./ Specs Wiki – Estimate

Before adding that plane spotters claim the, “Triangular Aurora aircraft was built by the US Air Force to replace the aging Blackbird surveillance plane……It is believed to be capable of speeds massively in excess of the sound barrier. ” Also the actual article is headed, “Is this the Great Gonerby UFO ? ” & sub-headed, “UFO could be top secret plane.

This presents something of an attractive –if incredibly unlikely- proposition, not least because the Scottish media has previously reported that the Aurora was landing and taking off from Machrihanish airbase on the Kintyre peninsula.

It has been alleged that air traffic controllers had seen aircraft on their radars vacating and accelerating to high Mach numbers but (again rather ominously and according to Wikipedia) none of the controllers has ever went on, “The record.”

Aurora Specs Image From WikiBut the speculation surrounding the, “Aurora” dates back to the early nineties when a series of unusual sonic booms was detected in Southern California by some U.S. Geological Survey sensors (mid to late 1991).

Then on 23 March, 1992 in Texas, Steven Douglas (Reported May ‘92, Aviation Week & Space Technology) photographed the now infamous, "Doughnuts on a rope" contrail and also stated that, “A deep pulsating rumble that vibrated the house and made the windows shake...similar to rocket engine noise, but deeper, with evenly timed pulses” was clearly audible. This has led to much speculation that the Aurora aircraft could utilise something called, “Pulse detonation propulsion technology” which was originally patented in the 1950 but has yet to make a public appearance.

Aurora Doughnuts on a rope contrails
Doughnuts on a rope contrail

Unfortunately as one would expect that these sonic booms may have been mentioned by the witnesses (or if activated further away at least registered on something, somewhere) it seems like the craft recently sighted in Great Gonerby remains a UFO, well for now at least…..

Source: Grantham Journal & Wikipedia/Aurora

Monday, 24 March 2008

Farewell Sir Arthur Charles Clarke

Sir Arthur C. Clarke who is heralded as a scientific visionary and the acclaimed writer of, “2001: A Space Odyssey” was buried in his adopted country of Sri Lanka where he had lived (Colombo) for over fifty years on Saturday 22 March 2008.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke passed away after experiencing heart failure and respiratory problems at the grand old age of 90 on 19 March 2008.

Sir Arthur's brother, Fred Clarke, attended the funeral along with members of the Ekanayake family, with whom the writer had lived in recent years. A nationwide minute's silence was ordered by the Sri Lankan government to coincide with the ceremony and music from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey was played at the funeral.

A Farewell To Sir Arthur Charles Clarke

"Here lies Arthur C Clarke. He never grew up and did not stop growing," his gravestone in Colombo is to read, in accordance with the author's wishes.

Tamara Ekanayake, who grew up at Sir Arthur's home in Colombo , paid tribute to him at the service, saying: "We feel so privileged that you left your mark on us…..Your footprint will never fade. If anything, it will only magnify what we do. "

Before the funeral, yellow roses were thrown on to Sir Arthur's body as a final gesture of respect as it lay on a white bed beneath curved elephant tusks. Clarke had left specific instructions for his funeral and was quoted as saying that religion was;

“A necessary evil in the childhood of our particular species.”

According to his spokesman Nalaka Gawardene, Sir Arthur's last three wishes were for conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life, clean energy to halt global warming and peace in Sri Lanka during his lifetime.

"Now unfortunately he didn't live long enough to see any of these last wishes come true…..And I think the challenge for all his fans and all his admirers is to make these three wishes come true as early and as comprehensively as possible”

Sir Arthur C. Clarke - Godfather Of The Telecommunications Satellite

A radar pioneer in the Royal Air Force during World War II, Clarke wrote a 1945 article in Wireless World magazine in which he outlined a worldwide communications network based on fixed satellites orbiting Earth at an altitude of 22,300 miles -- an orbital area now often referred to as the Clarke Orbit. His conceptual leap, outlined in a 1945 article in Wireless World magazine, was to propose using a set of satellites in geostationary orbit to form a global communications network

Clarke's seminal article (for which he received payment of $40!!) was published two decades before Syncom II became the world's first communications satellite put into geosynchronous orbit in 1963. And so Clarke is widely credited for pioneering the concept of communications satellites, Clarke received a number of honours, including the 1982 Marconi International Fellowship and the Charles A. Lindbergh Award. Clarke was also named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 1986, won innumerable international awards for his fiction and scientific writing.

"Rendezvous with Rama," his 1973 novel about a space probe sent to explore an enormous celestial object speeding through the solar system that turns out to be a mysterious alien spacecraft, was one of Clarke's greatest critical successes. It won the prestigious Nebula, Hugo and John W. Campbell awards for best novel, as well as the British Science Fiction Associate Award, the Locus Award and the Jupiter Award.

"My God, it's full of stars!!”

Among his best-known science-fiction novels are "Childhood's End," "Rendezvous With Rama," "Imperial Earth" and, most famously, "2001: A Space Odyssey."

"It's better to be recognized for one thing, especially something of which I'm quite proud, than not to be recognized at all ," Clarke told The LA Times in 1982. And what a legacy, “2001: A Space Odyssey” was, with its mysterious monoliths, psychopathic Hal 9000 computer and a final sequence which left many cinema-goers confused has since became frequently-referenced icons of modern cinema.

Clarke also foretold an array of technological notions in his works such as space stations, moon landings using a mother ship and a landing pod, cellular phones and the Internet.

"Nobody has done more in the way of enlightened prediction ," science fiction author Isaac Asimov once wrote.

A Farewell To Sir Arthur Charles ClarkeArthur Charles Clarke was born in Minehead, a town in Somerset in the south-west of England , on 16 December 1917, peered into the heavens with a homemade telescope as a boy. A farmer's son, he was educated at Huish's Grammar School in Taunton before joining the civil service, Clarke grew up to become a visionary titan of science fiction and was knighted for his contributions to literature.

Clarke wrote more than 80 fiction and non-fiction books and more than 100 short stories as well as hundreds of articles and essays. A seer of the modern age, Sir Arthur was an original thinker, a scientific expert whose tales combined technology and good old-fashioned storytelling and whose influence went far beyond the written page.

As well as pioneering works of science fiction, Clarke also appeared on television, most notably in, “Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World.” The Mysterious World episode on UFOs which was first shown on ITV in 1980 is still relevant today featuring rare interviews with Ken Arnold, Jessie Roestenburg and Bob Taylor.

Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World - UFO

I'll leave you with Sir Arthur C. Clarke's own words via a BBC report, who while marking his 90th birthday last year, told fans:

"I want to be remembered most as a writer. I want to entertain readers and hopefully stretch their imaginations as well.”

"If I have given you delight by aught that I have done, let me lie quiet in that night, which shall be yours anon."

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Anomalous Data & UFO Hot-Spots In The UK

I feel there's something not quite right about the recent results of the Virgin Media Report into UK UFO Hot-Spots. It seems as if every subsequent news report relating to their findings has involved disingenuous data and it's probably to be expected considering the careful wording of the original press release/s.

I'm referring to instances like the statement that Nick Pope, “Supports the study." Not that Nick, “Carried out the study” or, “Assisted” but that he merely supports the study…..

This post isn't so much about UFOs but rather about the poor reporting that is peddled to us every day, this time it just happens to be in regard to UFOs. It may seem a bit banal to highlight the obviously flawed media-machine but it just pisses me off that something as simple as the details of a report could be so badly misinterpreted by virtually ever local newspaper website that subsequently latched onto it.

From the official Virgin Media webpage (virginmedia.com/ufo) that displays the details:

The Top 10 UFO hotspots in the UK

1. West Yorkshire (34)
2. Nottingham (29)
3. Lancashire (24)
4. Shropshire (22)
5. North Somerset and Avon (22)
6. Suffolk (19)
7. South Wales (18)
8. County Durham (17)
9. Lanarkshire (15)
10. Devon (15)

Virgin Media has been tracking data which goes back to 1961, revealing an astounding 609 unexplained sightings across the UK ….. 'The Virgin Media Files' detailing the counties you're most likely to see a UFO, supported by the former head of the Government's UFO project, Nick Pope.

Seems reasonable enough, and the first report I seen online by the Halifax Courier would seem to confirm all of these facts:

Halifax – Courier (14 March 2008)
Halifax – Courier UFO

'The Virgin Media Files' have been compiled from data which goes back to 1961.

Nick Pope said: “While we currently have no explanation why certain places in the UK are alien hot spots, as the research reveals, there are areas where mysterious objects are repeatedly witnessed”

“So people who want to alien-spot should definitely head to Halifax."

Then a day later the exact same online Newspaper ran the following article:

Halifax – Courier (15 March 2008)
Halifax – Courier UFO

There is a UFO sighting every four months in the area, dubbed "West York-fear", according to Virgin Media. The study was conducted by Nick Pope, a former government UFO advisor, and taken from data going back to 1994.

Mr Pope said: "While we currently have no explanation why certain places in the UK are alien hot spots, as the research reveals, there are areas where mysterious objects are repeatedly witnessed.”

“So people who want to alien-spot should definitely head to Yorkshire."

The same newspaper is now saying Nick didn't support the report but actually conducted it. Also instead of 1961 it's now supposed to be, “Taken from data going back to 1994.”

This Is Plymouth (17 March 2008)
This Is Plymouth UFO

People in Plymouth can expect a close encounter of the extra-terrestrial kind - Devon is ranked number 10 in a specially compiled list of Britain 's top 10 UFO hotspots.

'The Virgin Media Files' have been compiled from data which goes back to 1961 and highlight 15 unexplained sightings in Devon alone - including a silent, circular object which was spotted over Barnstaple in 1964.

Bury Free Press (18 March 2008)
Bury Free Press UFO

Strange spheres hovering above Bury St Edmunds have helped to make Suffolk a 'hot spot' for UFOs, according to an expert on the unexplained. With 19 sightings since 1961, the county has come sixth in a list of top 10 places to spot a UFO compiled by Nick Pope, the former head of a Government project looking at UFOs

Sunderland Echo (20 March 2008)
Sunderland Echo UFO

Nick Pope said: “While we currently have no explanation why certain places in the UK are alien hot spots, as the research reveals, there are areas where mysterious objects are repeatedly witnessed.

“So people who want to alien-spot should definitely head to Durham."

This Is Lancashire (21 March 2008)
This Is Lancashire UFO

"While we currently have no explanation why certain places in the UK are alien hot spots, as the research reveals, there are areas where mysterious objects are repeatedly witnessed"

"So people who want to alien-spot should definitely head to Lancashire."

So we have a study that has collected data from either 1961, 1994 or 2000 onwards and it would appear that people who want to alien-spot should definitely head to Halifax or Yorkshire or Durham or Lancashire or.....

Well I'm sure you get the picture and remember these were exact quotes credited to Nick Pope, who in turn may have conducted the study or may have just thought it was a good idea!! Depending entirely on which, “UFO Hot-Spot” locale you are situated closest to, and of course which local news report you are unfortunate enough to read…..

Capitola Dragonfly Drone UFOs Spotted On Prime Time!!

A couple of days ago, I made a Blog post on the Drone UFOs, “Dragonfly Drone Hunters – The Search For Rajinder/Rajman1977” which described how a group of members at the Open Minds Forum have paid to enlist the help of a couple of Private Investigators to try and locate the utility pole which is located in the, “Rajman1977” Drone images and subsequently locate the witness himself.

Well this story ran on the 18th March and the History Channels new UFO Flagship, “UFO-Hunters” heavily featured the Drone UFO images. I personally feel the UFO-Hunters presented the Drones with little in the way of middle ground, it appears that the UFO-Hunters team thought that they were either proof of reverse engineering of alien technology or a hoax.

The possibility that the Drones themselves could be manufactured or controlled by an extraterrestrial entity was strangely omitted, I say strangely as I feel the UFO Hunters (by definition if nothing else) should have at least of entertained this possibility. Bruce Maccabee was interviewed briefly and drew attention to the lack of any kind of aerodynamics present in the structure and design of the Drones yet still the investigation centred on the reverse engineering theory. If you are approaching the Drones from an evidence based perspective then after a quick browse the Isaac documents (which they possessed and discussed) it should be evident or at least very unlikely that the Drones were manufactured by human hands.

What follows is an excerpt from the Isaac documents under the, “Some Explanation for the Recent Sightings ” heading:

“I should first be clear that I'm not directly familiar with any of the crafts seen in the photos in their entirety. I've never seen them in a hangar or worked on them myself or seen aliens zipping around in them. However, I have worked with and seen many of the parts visible in these crafts…..These crafts have probably existed in their current form for decades, and I can say for sure that the technology behind them has existed for decades before that…..The technology itself isn't ours, or at least it wasn't in the 80's. Much like the technology in these crafts themselves .”

I probably should point out at this juncture that I personally believe the entire Drone phenomenon to be a complete fabrication but I still believe that any Drone investigation should have at least been conducted in a way that allowed for the possibility that the Drones weren't a result of human engineering or under human control.

Anyway, here's the relevant section/s from the recent UFO-Hunters (7th) episode, including Bruce Maccabee and James Carrion (head of Mufon).

Back to the Private Investigators and it's turning out to be money well spent if purely for raising the profile of the Drone reports and informing the public of their existence and the search for witnesses. They even made it to Fox News recently, here's a short Fox News Report on the two Private Investigators charged with locating the utility pole and commissioned by OMF.

After no news for nearly a year we no have the LA-Times story on the 18th, UFO-Hunters appearance on the 19th and the Fox News segment on the 20th March!! Perhaps the end is nearing for a collection of some of the most intriguing UFO images and UFO reports of recent times.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Elizabeth Kucinich Intervew: UFO's and Alien Life (exopolitik.org)

Elizabeth Kucinich: “I am concerned that ET disclosure might be used to weaponize space, to create more fear and government control "

Robert Fleischer attended the International Iraq Conference in Berlin last weekend and had the chance to interview Dennis Kucinich' wife Elizabeth. This is what she revealed concerning her husband's UFO experience and her opinion on official ET disclosure. Note that she is concerned that ET disclosure might be, “Used as a means to weaponize space, to create more fear and government control ”.

Transcript of video interview Elisabeth Kucinich on her husband's UFO experience and ET disclosure, interviewed by Robert Fleischer/German Exopolitics Initiative in Berlin (March 9, 2008) at the International Iraq Conference.

(RF = Robert Fleischer, EK = Elizabeth Kucinich)

RF : I was really impressed by the fact that your husband went public saying he actually saw a UFO and it touched him in his heart. That is something that people who had contact, who had similar experiences, can really understand. What did it feel like for him? Did he ever talk to you about this?

EK : No, we haven't had this discussion. Actually, Dennis didn't reveal that story that something happened 25 years ago with some friends that he was with, and one of the friends actually wrote in her book about the experience. So Dennis tried not to talk about it publicly because it was something that he just decided to stay away from. "UFO" is unidentified flying object, so it could be an alien craft or it could be something else.

RF : I understand that for political reasons, we have to speak hypothetically of this. You know, I agree with you, but as far as I'm informed, Daniel Sheehan was the legal advisor for the Disclosure Project, military people who want hearings in front of Congress...

EK : Well, you know, I think Ronald Reagan and President Carter both said that they saw UFOs. I think it is a very arrogant position for the human race to think that in the multitude of planets and stars that are out there we should be the only place in the universe where there is life.

RF : Do you think that the two of us, we will ever experience the moment when the governments officially disclose the truth?

EK : I don't know. My understanding of that is that I don't need the world to believe or disbelieve in aliens. It's just not anything that I worry about or anything. I would suggest though that if governments did start to understand or want to make public that there may be extraterrestrial life or if they have the evidence, to show the evidence, I have a cynical mind that it might be used actually as a means to weaponize space, to create more fear, to create more control through government control as opposed to liberating the human experience in understanding that there is life elsewhere. Do you see, I think that it would be used negatively? So I keep that out of my consciousness and it doesn't matter to me either way.

Source: Exopolitik.org

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Dragonfly Drone Hunters – The Search For Rajinder/Rajman1977

Regular readers of this UFO-Blog and indeed anyone who has been remotely interested in UFO reports over the last few months will already be well aware of the, “Drone” phenomenon and the feverish pursuit of anything Drone-like that occupied the majority of the online UFO community last summer and even went so far as to inspire a music video!!

OMF Members (SaladFingers & Droneonline) Drone Music Video.

I hold my hands up that I was as involved in this pursuit as anybody was, however I was one of the skeptics and still adhere to this belief (or more appropriately disbelief!!) In fact I've spent many, many thoroughly enjoyable hours/days/weeks (and yes even months) thrashing out the finer points of the reports with the rest of the, “Dronies.” To even briefly allude to any of the factors discussed without going into any great detail is to do a disservice to the Drones and all who have been involved in researching them, so I'll refrain from doing so.

I probably should however mention that MUFON declared the Drones as a hoax after handing the images over for digital analysis. Although in defence of the Drones Mufon initially only passed the Chad images over for analysis as they were the only ones available.

PICT17 - “Rajman1977” Drone Image Featuring Utility Pole

(Click On Image To Enlarge)

Whether new to the Drone phenomenon or if you'd merely like a refresher on the Drones then please check out the, “Drone Sighting History 2007” .PDF file that I compiled just after the release of the Isaac documentation last year. It's all there, a couple of earlier sightings as well as what is now classed as the, “Original” sightings. Also included is all of the Isaac documents (claimed to be a whistle-blower with stolen documents and strangely coherent explanations for the Drones and the technology they allegedly implement).

To view the Drone History PDF document (complete with ALL images)
then click anywhere on this text.

Alleged Isaac, “Antigravity” Device
Alleged Isaac, “Antigravity” Device

Now, back to the reason for this post, the following article was recently posted online by the LA Times…..


Private eyes Frankie Dixon, left, and T.K. Davis at a park in Capitola , Calif. , where they're investigating reports that a UFO was photographed by a man with the Internet name of Raji, who later vanished into cyberspace.

Where's that power pole? And the guy who said he photographed a flying saucer above it? Two down-to-earth private eyes want to know.

Private eye T.K. Davis has worked his share of oddball cases. Once he tracked down a one-armed woman wanted for child endangerment. He staked out a backyard to catch a guy throwing dirt clods into a pool. When you make your living answering life's mysterious questions at $100 an hour, you take a few calls out of the blue.

He works the streets of this suburban town near Santa Cruz , where dog-walking mothers and aging hippies compete for beach time. Oh, sure, it might seem innocent enough, but it can get a little creepy if you let it. People might see things -- unusual objects in the sky, for instance -- and not say a thing for fear of being ridiculed.

At times like that, a private eye comes in handy. He can look around, ask a few hard questions -- even if it means risking his reputation built over 30 years as a deputy sheriff. That's more or less where Davis finds himself now, behind the wheel of his blue Ford Explorer, with his partner Frankie Dixon. They're cruising down streets, looking at utility poles and trying to figure out: Is that the one in these three pictures, the pictures with the unidentified flying object?

The photographs came from -- surprise! -- the Internet. In May, someone using the name Raji posted them on Craigslist. All three show a lone wooden power pole with its jumble of crossbeams and wires. Hovering just above it is some kind of flying saucer.

The thing looks part campy " Star Trek " prop, part slapdash collection of handyman tools, with metallic limbs jutting from a cylindrical sphere. Examined closely, one of the arms bears some kind of writing.

Raji told people he took the photos in Capitola.

Then he vanished into cyberspace.

UFO hunters around the world started buzzing. Apparently, Raji wasn't alone. Elsewhere, other alleged eyewitnesses posted pictures and video of the quirky little craft. It became known as the, "California drone" because it was clear from the photos that no human could have fit inside to fly the thing.

Soon, the mystery became too tantalizing to be left to Internet speculators. Somebody who knew what he was doing had to be hired to locate that pole, which might lead to finding the elusive Raji.

Enter Davis, 62, and Dixon, 60.

Men in Black they're not. To cover his middle-age paunch, Davis prefers windbreakers and blue jeans to the crisp suits of Hollywood 's extraterrestrial sleuths. Dixon is more Man in White. On this day, he's wearing a Vegas-bright white sweater suitable for the first tee at the golf course -- which is where he spends most of this time since retiring from police work seven years ago.

"See how close that one is ?" Dixon says of one power pole, comparing it with a photo. Their SUV is easing along a shady street, its cab cloudy with smoke from Davis ' cheap Hav-A-Tampa cigars.

"I like that one ," Davis says. "No ," Dixon says, " it's turned the wrong way."

They motor on, scanning the sky.

A onetime captain in the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, Davis considers himself an expert in scam artists and nut cases. So his radar went up in January when he got the call from a woman in London .

She said she was from the Open Minds Forum, an Internet group specializing in "UFOlogy." She said she represented people who were interested in the drone and wanted to contact Raji and others who claimed in Web postings to have seen the craft. There was the guy in Bakersfield who called himself Chad . There was the hiker and the bicyclist, both from the San Jose area. Nobody used last names. So far, nobody could be found. Before calling Davis , the Open Minds group had e-mailed Raji. He told them he snapped the picture from his fiancée's parents' home. They hoped to ask more questions, but he suddenly closed his e-mail account. They spent months looking for him before deciding to hire a professional.

Find the power pole in the photo, the woman told Davis , and you'll find the house. And Raji. Oh, and one more thing: She didn't want to be identified.


Source: LA Times

And here's the original account that Rajinder (Raji) first posted along with the images (to Craigslist):

"This week I was visting my fiance's parents in Capitola (we were actually there to tell them about our engagement, in fact). We were eating dinner on the back porch when we noticed this "object" sort of hovering in the sky. The camera was still out from earlier so I grabbed it and tried to get some clear shots of it. It took off over the roof shortly after, so I ran into the street in front of the house to follow, trying to get more shots without wobbling around too much (which was harder than it sounds). It then came in lower over a telephone pole, where I was able to get a few more pictures, before it finally took off into the distance pretty fast. I thought it was gone but noticed it was still visible, so I grabbed a few more pictures.

At one point a car stopped to look as well. No one had any idea what this thing was but everyone in the car was visibly freaked out by it. Once it was gone they told me to call the news and drove off. I'm not sure who else saw it in the neighborhood since I don't live down there, but I'm sure at least a few others must have noticed it. It was way too werid and way too close to go unnoticed. Once it was gone and I caught my breath I could barely stop my hands from shaking for the next hour or so. Needless to say, this is all we talked about for the rest of the night. None of us can figure out what it was (and that's saying something, because my fiance's dad is a mechanical engineer).

We sent a copy of the photos to their newspaper but haven't heard back yet. I dunno how long that kind of thing takes.

There's also some writing on this thing, which I didn't recognize (and I read both English and Hindi). You can see it in a few of the pictures.

Anyway, I created this Flickr account for the best of these pictures. I have no clue what this thing is so I'm putting it out there to see if anyone else saw it."

PICT16 - “Rajman1977” Drone Image Featuring Utility Pole

(Click On Image To Enlarge)

Previous "UFO-Blog.com" Posts Regarding The Strange Craft:

Image by SaladFingers

Monday, 17 March 2008

(UK) Great Gonerby UFO Surfaces In Canada

Gonerby UFO sighted over Saskatchewan - A UFO sighted over Great Gonerby repeatedly over the last four years has also been spotted in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Grantham Journal recently reported five sightings by Allan Spick, who provided a drawing of the mysterious flying object he has seen from his home at Belvoir Gardens as well as Mike Repin's UFO sketch which can be seen below.

Mike Repin's UFO drawing
Mike Repin's UFO drawing

Now an anonymous UFO spotter has got in touch to say he saw the very same object over Saskatoon in November or December 2005, saying:

"It was about 50 feet off the ground and not more than a city block away from me. I saw what appeared to be a craft that looked almost tear-shaped but sideways. I slowed down to a crawl and watched it hovering for about 10 seconds…..I could only see the outline by its multi-coloured lights that surrounded the object…..After around 20 seconds the object banked to the right a flew slowly away…..I do feel that when I slowed down more that maybe they took notice of me observing this and that caused the object to start its sharp bank and then slowly disappear…..It was all very weird to me."

Gonerby UFO sighted over Saskatchewan

Source: Grantham Journal
(13 March 2008)

West Yorkshire (UK) & Lanarkshire (Sco) Top For UFO Reports

Virgin Media - UK UFO Hot SpotsAccording to a study supported by Nick Pope, Britain 's premier, “UFO Hot Spot” is West Yorkshire , averaging one UFO report every four months. The UFO sightings include an incident last month (17 February 2008) when three orange objects were spotted in the night sky in Leeds.

The Top 10 UFO hotspots in the UK

1. West Yorkshire (34)
2. Nottingham (29)
3. Lancashire (24)
4. Shropshire (22)
5. North Somerset and Avon (22)
6. Suffolk (19)
7. South Wales (18)
8. County Durham (17)
9. Lanarkshire (15)
10. Devon (15)

Britain's UFO Hot Spots

The study was, “Supported” by Nick Pope who -quite a few years ago- was the, “Public” face of the MoD's infamous UFO Desk. The study was commissioned by Virgin Media and is comprised of UFO reports going back to 1994. The report is to herald the, “Month-long Sci-Fi extravaganza available on our (Virgin Media) TV on demand service.” Virgin Media has been tracking data which goes back to 1961, revealing an astounding 609 unexplained sightings across the UK .

Second and third place went to Nottingham and Lancashire respectively.

Nick Pope MoD UFO DeskNick Pope stated that:

It's fantastic to see local folk taking an interest in UFO activity and keeping an eye on the sky…..While we currently have no explanation why certain places in the UK are alien hot spots, as the research reveals, there are areas where mysterious objects are repeatedly witnessed….So people who want to alien-spot should definitely head to Yorkshire."

Lanarkshire Ousts Bonnybridge as Scottish UFO Central

Surprising to see Lanarkshire is announced as Scotland's UFO hot spot, well it's surprising when you consider it's a title usually reserved for Bonnybridge (near Falkirk) which until these results were announced was always considered to be Scotland's UFO hot spot…..

Source: The Virgin Media Files

Monday, 10 March 2008

Robbie Williams Talks UFO Sightings

Joss Stone has landed a job on her hometown radio station. Exeter 's Gemini FM has given Joss a regular show called, “Peace Love And Music.” For this programme she has recorded several interviews with people who Joss admires, one of whom is Robbie Williams and is due to be aired in the next few weeks, here's an early release of some of Robbie's dialogue as he fervently discusses the UFO phenomenon.

"Seriously, I want to go out and investigate these things. I'm stopping being a pop star and being a full-time ufologist……We could be like Mulder and Scully in real life…..You're always mega-busy, but I've got nothing on at the minute."

"I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I was lying on my sun lounger outside at night, looking up…..Then, about 300 foot above me, there was this square thing which just passed over my head silently and then shot off…..The next one was the weirdest one yet. I'd just written a song called Arizona , and it's all about alien contact and I was playing that…..I stood on the balcony and there was this big ball of gold light that turned up - we thought it was Venus or Mars or something. Then the song stops playing and it disappears. But then we put Arizona on again and the ball turned back up. It happened four times…..After that a massive electrical storm started and these two big massive balls of light started dancing in the sky. It was like a whole light show for about an hour."

Okay, I'll level with you, I don't really care what these, "Celebrities" think or believe about UFOs, but I know people out there who do (care) and as I try to focus on the UK side of the UFO phenomenon I thought I'd include this UK celebrity UFO report.....

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Vehicular UFO Experiences, Sign Of The Times?

Driving.Ca have published a few articles recently regarding the UFO phenomenon. Their recent one is regarding UFOs and how they interact with/affect motor vehicles, or more precisely how the parallels that can be drew between UFO sightings which are experienced while in motor vehicles and any subsequent interruption to the electrics/engine of the vehicle are due more to cultural influence and prior knowledge of similar events, rather than any physical manifestation.

Not something I entirely agree with but is an area that has always interested me and I received a fascinating report last July (2007) from a witness who was ex-military. He experienced a strange event while driving his truck through Durango, (Bondad) while driving a sizeable vehicle a UFO, “Buzzed” the vehicle and the witness felt a direct physical disturbance on his vehicle as a result. So panicked was the witness that he pulled over and checked his vehicle and the surrounding area, at which point he noticed broken/damaged branches on a tree which was adjacent to the truck, here's a section of his initial report.

I commute between Aztec New Mexico and Durango Colorado . Last night I was coming home (from Durango toward Aztec), through a small nothing town called Bondad in Colorado…..I drive a big Dodge 2500 Diesel truck, this truck is not affected by much. Something was off to the left in my field of view, right over top of a bluff, it was kind of bright, I thought at first it was maybe a bright light on top of an oil or gas rig. But suddenly it just shot backwards out of my sight, way too fast to be a plane, I mean it SHOT back out of sight, as in there one second, and gone the next, no way was this a plane.

So then I slowed down, quite a lot because I was a bit freaked out. I was slowing down from about 60 down to about 35, thinking what the hell was that thing.

About 10-seconds or so later I saw a bright light in my drivers side rear view mirror, almost looked like high-beams or something. I slowed down a bit more and then whatever that light was, shot right over my truck - so fast that the truck literally almost bounced - and like I said, nothing much can do that to a big 2500 truck, the thing shot over - super bright, it went over so fast that the truck felt like it went through a huge ditch (and there are no ditches on that road), it pushed my truck straight down - I assume wind pressure?? This thing went right over top, blinded me a bit and then it was WAY out in the sky, as in it went from being really close to being a small blip - and then it was gone - MAYBE 2 or 3 seconds went by. Way too fast to be anything man made as far as I know, and I spent 8-years in the Marines out in 29 Palms working with air to ground communications - I was one of those guys who told military jets where to drop ammo (I was a forward observer who called rounds down range) - trust me I have been around plenty of jets and this was NOT a jet - THERE WAS NO NOISE.

So I am really, confused and freaked out. I never took this UFO thing seriously - until now…..All I know is this - it was fast and bright and it shook my truck. (To read more about this UFO account, visit here.)

Another interesting account was that of Antonio Villas Boas who after being returned from an alleged abduction experience was surprised to find his tractor engine had been physically tampered with (disconnected from the battery). The Boas story is certainly an interesting one especially as it pre-dates most other abduction accounts and back in 1957 was one of the first which stimulated any media interest. Also, his entire experience was recounted without the use of any kind of hypnosis or suggestion, and even more strangely he apparently showed signs of exposure to radiation after the alleged abduction and suffered from mild radiation sickness, he never changed his story and never attempted to profit from it. But of course the reason it was so popular is I suspect more to do with the detailed sexual encounter he reported having with a humanoid alien while aboard the UFO. (Read more about this account here.)

Anyway, here's the article published by Driving.Ca (February 29, 2008) titled:

Truth about how UFOs affect cars is, "Out there.”

June 21, 1954
Ridgeway, Ont
: A couple spotted a UFO while driving near Lake Erie . The UFO was metallic, shaped like a flattened sphere and the witnesses chased it in their car. When the car crossed the UFO's path, the car stalled. The UFO landed in the woods nearby and the car could only be restarted after pushing it some distance away.

May 1967
Vauxhall, Alta:
A couple saw a lit object in the sky. During the sighting, the headlights of their car flickered. Another motorist's engine failed during the sighting.

Winter 1995
Winnipeg, Man:
A car driving northbound to Selkirk stopped dead on the highway. The ignition failed repeatedly. A disc-shaped UFO hovered over the car for 15 seconds, then disappeared. After the departure of the object, the car functioned again.

Vehicular UFO Experiences

Tales of cars and their drivers encountering UFOs form a part of our modern popular culture. But are motorists really being afflicted with automotive malfunctions caused by unidentified flying objects or, worse, being abducted from their vehicles on lonely back roads by aliens from another realm?

Your answer may say more about you and your preconceptions than about the actual phenomena being reported, says Bufo Calvin, education director for the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS) with headquarters in California . The problem with reports of strange encounters is that they're often imbued with meaning by our own cultural references.

"Before a series of UFO reports in France in 1954, we rarely received reports of sightings from people driving along in cars -- it was from people flying in airplanes.....Most of the significant reports of UFO encounters of the 1940s involved pilots. After the huge wave of sightings in France, the idea of car stops entered the public consciousness. "

In essence, once the idea of UFOs being linked with car malfunctions becomes common knowledge, reports of similar encounters become less reliable. The original report may either inspire intentional copycats or unintentionally provide others with a new framework to re-interpret previous experiences. A series of widely reported car malfunction cases in Levelland, Texas in 1957 essentially tainted the pool of virgin North American witnesses for good.

Betty and Barney Hill
A 1965 abduction incident involving UFOs reported by Betty and Barney Hill in New Hampshire was widely repeated in newspapers, a subsequent book, Interrupted Journey, and a 1975 TV movie, The UFO Incident. Tales of similar encounters became more common in the 1980s, with people reporting the now-familiar phenomena of having their cars stop and later awakening in their vehicles with no knowledge of what happened during the intervening hours.

"If people see something they can't explain, they try to fit it into existing patterns, even something reported by others…..They don't have the mental discipline to look at something and not commit to what it is. "

Can mysterious flying objects really cause car engines to falter and electrical systems to fail?

"The basic belief behind a car stop is that an electromagnetic (EM) field dampens the car's electrical system and the engine effectively stops…..When reports began to come in about these encounters, we find that people driving cars with diesel engines didn't report car stoppages, while people with regular car engines did. That supports the idea that something is happening, because people just making up stories wouldn't originally make a distinction between diesel and non-diesel engines."

A 1981 study of more than 400 cases of car stoppage due to electromagnetic failure by Mark Rodeghier for the Center for UFO Studies says that something significant is occurring -- but what? Rodeghier concludes that:

“Some EM events occur in the presence of unknown metallic, noisy, disc-shaped objects…..Interesting, but no slam dunk for aliens.”

In fact, the large number of reported car/UFO encounters on desolate roads may be just a function of our own driving habits and not a particular attraction between cars, their drivers and UFOs:

"Regardless of what people are seeing that triggers UFO reports, about 90 per cent of them involve nocturnal lights……Where else might you be when you can clearly see nocturnal lights? Certainly not in the city where there's too much ambient light. You'd likely be driving on a country road."

Bigfoot sightings follow a similar pattern.

"The most common reports of Bigfoot are from people who claim to have seen one from their cars……It doesn't mean that Bigfoot is an automobile aficionado -- it just means that most people who encounter anything in the woods are driving through the woods."

Source: Driving.Ca

UK Contactee And Alien Dreamland In Hartlepool

A little surprising to see a UK, “Contactee” talking so candidly in the local press and even more surprising that they seem to have printed her entire account apparently unaltered. At this juncture it's probably best to mention that the contactee is working on a book which may explain her desire to release this information at this particular point in time.

The book will be called, “Alien Dreamland” and personally I feel she probably hasn't done herself any favours with the article as it seems to concentrate on the more bizarre aspects of her subsequent alien visitation/s and is even titled, “Alien doctors treated my cystisis.” However upon reading the story it transpires that she was abducted while suffering from cystitis rather than it being the reason…..

Dianne Sudron who is a call centre worker from Hartlepool claims that she has been visited by extra-terrestrials for the past thirty years, Dianne Sudron's initiation into friendship with extra-terrestrials began when she was just 13. In 1974, she had been babysitting her brother and younger sisters at her home in Elphin Walk, Hartlepool, when she saw a UFO above the houses between her street and Brierton Community School . Dianne said she was with her friend and a boy, and the three of them followed it as it headed towards Owton Manor Primary School :

"It was like a big headlamp but not as big as a football and hovering above the rooftops…..I wasn't scared….. The UFO was there for about 10 minutes. I was fascinated. I always sort of believed in them and knew something was out there. When I saw one, it confirmed it. "

The next time she saw the 'visitors' she was babysitting again.

"They came in through the French windows. There was about six of them and they had creamy-coloured bald heads with pointy chins and eyes like almonds, like you see in films…..I remember it vividly. We had ornaments on a shelf next to the window and part of the wall became a control panel and an alien, that seemed to me to be female, would press buttons on the wall. There were flashing lights and it just seemed to be part of the UFO….I used to say to them, 'how long are you going to be, I don't want you here when my mam and dad come in'…..My mind is blank. I don't know whether they took me somewhere or whether they did something to my body…..They used to come in through the French window at the back of the room and float out through the front window. I wondered if our house was in the way, in the middle of the alien highway or something. "

“We used to speak in telepathy and they would immobilise me.
I used to just sit there.”

Dianne later joined a spiritual and psychic development group, saying:

"We would get psychic messages from extra-terrestrials and they would channel themselves through someone's body. They would say they were sending 'love, healing and light to all mankind…..These aliens were humanoid and very beautiful with blonde hair and a space between their eyes. They had crystals for eyebrows. They were from the Pleiades constellation…..For about six months we used to speak to them. It was debatable whether we believed they existed, we just went with the flow…..I thought 'I'd really like to meet them extra-terrestrials, it's not good enough to just have it channelled….."But when I told the group I wanted to meet them, they didn't want to know. They were frightened and I left."

When Dianne was 26, she lived in Stockton Road , where her first actual contact with the beings took place.

“I'd had a bad relationship and thought why not ask them for help and love. I was sitting on the sofa and I heard a voice say 'Are you feeling OK?' I didn't know what to do. It was a lovely softly-spoken voice. It was a nice English accent…..The voice asked me 'do you want us to play you some music?' I said yes. I started hearing 1940s music. It made me laugh. I thought it was so funny; either they've got a sense of humour or they don't know what music I like."

Dianne moved to Wolverhampton to be with her fiancé but her fascination with the paranormal proved too difficult for their relationship.

“We got engaged, but the aliens came between me and my fiancé. First of all he didn't believe in it, because I was saying all these things…..I was lodging with him when I heard a loud bang. The aliens had bumped themselves down and fallen on top of each other. They were laughing and giggling about it. It was so strange to see aliens on the floor thinking it was funny.''

She said her fiancé acknowledged the next day – for the first time – that she was being visited by aliens. ''He said he heard the bang and 'I think I believe you'. He called them the three amigos .''

"An alien pulled up in a silver car. It was quite early in the morning. I seemed to see in my mind, this alien pulling up in an expensive Honda car. I could see it in my mind, parked up outside the house…..I thought I better compose myself. I am going to be frightened. I tried to trace them in my mind coming in the door and coming up the stairs…..But in a matter of two seconds it came to the bottom of my bed. They looked like doctors. One had a clipboard. I had been suffering from cystitis at the time, but I know they gave me an operation on my forehead. They cut through a piece. I was aware of it and sort of conscious…..It seemed to hurt but as soon as they had gone, it went. I don't know whether they were trying to make me more psychic. If you have an operation on your third eye you become more psychic…..Sometimes they put implants in people and put them up their noses to track people, not for any bad reasons, just to know what people are doing…..I think they were investigating me anyway. I think they are investigating a lot of humans on the planet to see how their minds work and to change the way the world works.”

"I think they do it to lots of people, they're just not lucky enough to remember. "

When Dianne was 33, she came back to Hartlepool , and her inter-galactic friends made another appearance.

"I was laid on the settee and fell asleep then I heard a sound at the door. It just sounded like when you stand on a cat's tail. It was quite a scary experience…..I felt either a rope or a fishing line come around me. It didn't hurt. It was like a lasso. It was wet and it touched me on the face as if I'd been hit with a wet fish. I was going up towards the light…..I didn't want to go any further and gently came back down…..They have visited me about 30 times. It's fairly regular. At one point it seemed to be happening all the time. Each experience is totally different…..They used to put a ray over my body to immobilise me. I think it was to try to calm you down. They didn't do anything sinister to me….I don't tell people. They are quite frightened of it. I don't need to tell people. I don't think they believe me…..That's why I'm telling my story to the Mail, to give credibility. I want to get it into concrete evidence if you don't come out and say people think, maybe…..People may say I'm barmy but at the moment we've got a hole in the ozone layer. We are living in times that are delicately balanced. I don't know what we are going to do ."

Dianne, who is a follower of Guru Sai Baba, added:

"Aliens have given me so much of themselves, so much love and understanding…… I hope I'll see them soon. I enjoy the experience. They are not going to harm you."

Regarding her book Dianne rather ominously adds, “ I've got bits of information but I've been holding back to see if I can find a hypnotherapist to help me regress. I'd like to find one that's interested in UFOs ."

Source: Hartlepool Mail

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Stephenville , Texas UFO - David Caron Video Explained

Stephenville Symbols Of UFO Footage - Comparison

Since the footage captured by David Caron was, “Leaked” onto the internet it caused quite a stir. A YouTube user called, “Sparksabit” has further investigated the alleged symbols evident in the video and has been able to successfully reproduce the effect using an identical video camera.

The following video shows a clip from the David Caron Video then a clip from YouTube Users Sparksabit Video, this is then repeated with a different section from both videos.

Lastly, to make the comparison easier it the shows the David Caron video Inset in Sparksabit video and then the Sparksabit video Inset in David Caron video.

The following video is IN NO WAY intended to detract from the Stephenville, Texas UFO reports. It provides a solution for ONE VIDEO that was allegedly of the Stephenville Lights. David Caron had previously said that the effect was more visible when viewed thorough the viewfinder on his Camcorder, all the following video does is to verify this comment. In my opinion this video confirms that the David Caron video is a star accidentally recorded using the, “JVC Night Alive” setting.


You can really discern patterns better when viewed on a larger screen
so click on this text for an enlargement.

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The Return Of The Dragonfly Drones?


Well, hot on the heels of these latest revelations Linda Moulton Howe (LMH) who manages the Earthfiles website has released further details of another TWO Drone witnesses, unfortunately and yet again there is no photographic evidence to back it up. LMH says that she received this particular email in January 2008, from a witness in Van Buren , Arkansas , a suburb of Fort Smith.

Subject: Drone
Date: January 6, 2008
To: earthfiles@earthfiles.com

Dear Linda,

It was suggested that I send you a letter to let you know that I was pretty certain I saw a drone in Fort Smith , Arkansas . What was strange is at first I believed it to be a helicopter, and then I realized it wasn't making the noise of a helicopter. So I looked again and saw that wire cone-shaped part and realized what I was seeing (the drones in the photos at Earthfiles.com).

I was so shocked I didn't think about getting someone to take a picture of it. My cell phone isn't a newer one, so my camera on my phone sucks.

Anyway, I saw it for what it's worth.

I also asked my sister if I could tell you about her sighting in Oklahoma several years ago. When I told her what I saw, she told me she had seen something like I was describing.

Sincerely,Melody McIver Thaxton

LMH subsequently phoned Melody and her sister, reporting that Melody Melver Thaxton is a non-profit fund raiser from Van Buren, Arkansas and said she experienced her Drone sighting around November 20/21 in 2007, it occurred at 5pm (Central) as she was leaving work.

LMH also reported that the sister wished to remain anonymous and proceeded to call the sister, “Jane Smith.” Jane explained that she had two sightings the same week in June 2003 and at the time Jane lived in the very small rural town of Hartshorne, Oklahoma, which is about two hours southwest of Van Buren and Fort Smith , Arkansas .

Interview with Melody Melver Thaxton: Van Buren, Arkansas
Regarding Drone sighting in November 2007.

“I just was looking in the direction where I was fixing to drive out of the parking lot. There is a business building next to where we are. Above that, I see this thing out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was a helicopter.

But when I looked at it, I thought, ‘Wait a minute! That's no helicopter!' Then I realized there was no sound. You know how much sound helicopters make, especially if you are within close vicinity?

This was not making a sound and I realized I was looking at what appeared to be like the pictures of the drones at your Earthfiles website. It had this weird, funny, metal-looking shaped thing on it and it looked like it has a tail – like a long, flat tail sticking out.

I realized it was not the right shape for a helicopter. When you are going home, you just think, ‘I'm on my way home' and you kind of look at other things at a glance. But it definitely had those prongs on it going up.

It had these metal, spidery-looking things going up – almost like a funnel shape, the way it would go up, like it was an upside down funnel with the spider-leg-looking things. And then, it had like a tail sticking out that was metal-like. The object was slowly moving toward the west.

It was in pretty clear sight. And there was another person – I think they were a customer of where I work. They looked up and back at me and said, ‘Are you going to get a picture of that?' And I said, ‘All I've got is my camera phone.' I headed back to the building to see if I could find a photographer that was still there. As I was going back to the building, the aerial thing just kind of dissipated. You could tell it was moving very slowly, it wasn't moving very fast!

(Melody also added the following when further prompted)

“There was another person there. I have no idea who they were and they looked at me and asked, ‘Did you see that? Do you have a camera?.....I did not have a camera, but I had my cell phone and I was going to go inside the building to see if I could find a photographer who was working. Before I got to the door, I was still keeping it in my peripheral vision and the thing faded out. It did not move away fast. It just disappeared, kind of dissipated, like a cloud of smoke.”

Her sister hadn't mentioned her Drone sighting to Melody until Melody broached the subject herself in December 2007 (approximately four weeks after her sighting). She said that from the way she (Jane Smith) described it she saw it from a closer distance. Melody also says that when she told her sister about her sighting that her sister said it sounds the same as her own experience, which she added she thought was some kind of covert surveillance (spy) equipment.

And as to why Melody didn't report (or tell anyone about) her sighting she says:

Most people around here, if you told them you saw something like that, they would think you are crazy. I haven't really discussed it with a whole lot of people because of that reason. This is the Bible Belt. I'm not saying that Christians can't believe in UFOs. But a lot of them discourage it.”

LMH emailed seven of the previous Drone images to Melody and asked her to pick the one that most closely matched what she saw in Van Buren , Arkansas .

Melody picked one of the “Chad” photographs.

Central California, dated May 6, 2007.

Interview with Jane Smith: Housewife in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
Regarding Drone sighting in June 2003.

[Movement and colouration]
It just kind of hovers….. It's hard to describe. It was sort of like flat and round both…..Sort of a greyish color, like a pewter – like a metal. As far as distance, like a helicopter before it lands on the ground.

[Protusions/Paddles - Legs]
It had so many protruding legs and arm type of things on it. The body of it – it was like it did not have much body to it. But it had a lot of these extensions out from it.

Like a spider's legs, like something that has the ability to turn any direction….. The little arms, they moved around, but the main part of the craft itself did not really turn. It just stayed hovering there…. I saw the smaller ones (legs) moving some, but not the larger ones. The larger ones were just still.

The writing was a darker color than the pewter. On the bigger part, like the bodice part of the thing. It was a black, a dark... Squiggly, almost like Eastern-type language or like an Egyptian writing or Jewish writing. You know, it was a foreign type that was all squiggly.

No, but the lights on it were what changed at different times..Various Sizes of Lights Went On and Off….They were just lights. I didn't see any color to the lights. All I saw was light…..Just like white lights…..They were on the bigger body part and they were also on the arms and there were several on the spirally type things.,,,,Some of the lights seemed to like take turns lighting up – like they would gradually light up one at a time and be all lit. Then they would go off and do it again….They were all in different places – the ones doing this weird light-on light-off kind of thing…..Some of them were smaller. Some of them were about the same size of the tips of my fingers and some were larger…..The smaller ones were on the spirally things and the larger ones were on the leg things and part of the bodice.

Approximately fifty feet….It was more a profile – part of the front and side…..The first time I saw it, probably 45 minutes to an hour – a long time…..Like a humming or buzzing sound (off and on).

[Persons Notified]
I contemplated sharing it with a friend or neighbor, but to be honest, I was afraid they would think I was crazy and not really listen to me. Later I talked about it with my husband and he said it was probably a satellite. And I said, ‘No, it was not a satellite!'

Living out where I was in Hartshorne, we're talking about hillbilly authority. They would just think you were drinking or something. I knew that anyone that would take it seriously or would want to check it out, it would take so long to get there. Any authority was two or three hours away. I was in a very small area way rural, way out in the country! It just went backwards….. It seemed to brighten up more…..Kind of gradually faded so I couldn't see it anymore…..Seemed to move kind of fast. It was surprising. I wondered if it wasn't something from the government, like a secret project of some kind…..It just gradually fades away. It kind of disappears and it was as though it was never there.

[Proximity To Military Base/s]
McAlester, Oklahoma, has a base that makes ammunition and tests it. It's called McAlester Army Ammunition. (Distance from Hartshorne - 30 minutes).

Referring to: McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP)
Defense Ammunition Center
Foothills of the Ozarks in McAlester, Oklahoma.

The same witness had a second sighting of the Drone in June 2003, this was within seven days of her original sighting but appeared to be the same object.

(Sighting was) within the same week. It was evening time and I thought I saw just a bright star from a distance. Then, it got closer. I pulled into my driveway. Where I lived, it was on top of a hill, so I had a really good, clear view of the sky. As it approached, I realized it was the same thing again, but it was not as close as it was before…..Could see there were more lights on it and it just seemed to hover like before. I just felt like it was the same thing.

A lot further away…...Probably 200 feet, 100 feet. Quite a bit further…..It stayed there for awhile…..Yeah, I watched it for awhile and kind of knew what to expect. But I knew it was time for my husband to call. He works away and calls at a certain time. So, I went in the house.

The witness reports no noise this time (presumably due to increased distance) and also that after she finished her phone call she came back and it was gone, so no idea as to length of sighting or how it moved away. LMH emailed seven of the previous Drone images to Jane Smith and asked her to pick the one that most closely matched what she saw in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.

Jane picked one of the “Ty” photographs.

Big Basin, dated June 16, 2007.

LMH added at the end that:

“She also surprised me by adding that in addition to many of the appendages moving, she watched the “cage” hanging beneath the aerial drone open and close several times. But she did not see anything leave or enter the moving cage.”

Source: Earthfiles

Houghton Regis & Luton UK UFO Reports (March 2008)

Mysterious goings-on in Luton skies leave onlookers baffled

It was recently reported by, "Bedford Today" that,:
“Mysterious goings-on in the skies above Luton and Houghton Regis have been baffling onlookers over the past week.”

As reported by, “Bedford Today.”
As reported by, “Bedford Today.”

Last Wednesday (Wednesday 5th March, 2008) there were two separate UFO sightings reported, and Bedford Today says that the witnesses are now desperately hoping someone can shed light on what they saw.

Luton Ufo

First a mysterious red light was spotted hovering over the Luton & Dunstable Hospital at around 9pm, and then later on another light was seen in the skies above Houghton Regis.

Luton Ufo Report

Eyewitness Dave Fullbrook, 64, was in Wentworth Avenue when he spotted a mysterious red light hovering above the hospital, talking about his sighting he says:

"I've never seen anything like it in my life…..What it was I've got no idea. I've looked over there for the last few nights but I haven't seen it since then…..If it comes down I'd like to be the first to meet them."

Dunstable UFO Report

Source: Bedford Today

Friday, 7 March 2008

Two New Dragonfly Drone UFO Images on MUFON CMS

During the months of May & June last year (2007) Drone fever gripped the online UFO community, several images and many reports old and new flooded in, every image offering more tantalising detail and of course culminating with the release of now fabled Isaac Caret/Pacl documents.

Proof of the authenticity of the Drone UFO phenomenon has never been established and is still a much debated topic on several popular UFO Forums. It’s only been a couple of months since Mufon International Director, “James Carrion” registered at the Open Minds (UFO) Forum asking for a release of any information that could substantiate their validity. Unsurprisingly he came away empty handed, I say unsurprisingly as I feel that if any such unequivocal confirmation of the reality of the Drones was held by any researchers then the release of it would surely have been realised before now.

But I digress and the possibilities of the original images and accounts lie far beyond the scope of this post, if you want to learn more about the Drones or just to refresh your memory I compiled a PDF with all of the original Reports and images and the, “Drone History 2007” PDF is available here.

MUFON CMS Submissions
(Submitted within three days of each other).

Place Of Sighting: Oregon

Date Of Submission: 2 March 2008
Date Of Sighting: 25 June 2006

Click Image For Original

Stopping on the highway on our way back to the house to watch the deer on the slopes of the hills, my wife turned around and saw something over the hill. It looked like it was coming out of the ground, but I assume it was behind the hill.

We waited a while to share this because it frightened the hell out of us. No sound, however it did seem to flip backwards and fall behind the hills. That was it. Would have been along US highway 97.

I have 2 more pictures, however they are blurry due to the low light.

MUFON submitter 9799

Place Of Sighting: Michigan

Date Of Submission: 5 March 2008
Date Of Sighting: 26 July 2002

Click Image For Original

Somebody I know emailed me the picture of that recent thing posted here from out west, don't remember which state. This object floated above the river for maybe less than 30 seconds, rotating slightly then winking out.

My wife freaked out because we were still about 40 minutes from takeout and had nowhere to go. We paddled over to the side and sat in the woods for about 20-30 minutes, but the mosquitos were eating us alive, so we got back into the water.

I got one photo off before it disappeared. About 10 seconds before it disappeared, another circle thing seemed to pop out of the center, which is when my wife started screaming at me to take a picture, and that's what you see.

I really don't want to know what it was, because to this day it gives us the creeps, but since I saw the other one my wife thought it might be best to share the experience. I'm not going to mention the name of the river because our cabin is near there.

MUFON submitter 9840

Source: Mufon CMS

Further Information available here.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Stephenville, Texas UFO - David Caron Video Online

David Caron Texas UFO Video Posted Online

Well it's already a convoluted tale of the video allegedly being leaked, posted to the internet and then promptly removed. But by then it was too late and it was already appearing in other places, I've held off posting it but as it's quickly propagated across the internet anyway, here it is.

And here's a news clip showing a section of the UFO footage captured by David Caron and it certainly seems to further authenticate this latest release, hopefully the footage captured by a police dashboard camera is soon to follow.....

UK UFO Reports - From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

A couple of stories appeared on the internet lately and usually I wouldn't mention either of them but seeing as they compliment each other so well I decided this alone warrants a mention.

First off we have the Grantham Journal and an old much disputed image submitted by a reader trying to pass it off as recent. Not only did the Grantham Journal realise this, they still chose to run the story, they offered a little background on the image and also provided links to UFOCasebook.com for further reading as well as naming and shaming the hoaxer!! Encore!!

The article was published on 5th March 2008, and was as follows:

Reader tries to pass off fake UFO picture.

The photo Wayne Mills claims is his
BUT, was actually taken in Mexico 13 years ago.

Wednesday, 8.50am: A Journal reader has tried to pass off a famous UFO picture as a genuine sighting over Grantham. Wayne Mills brought in this picture of what he said was a UFO hovering over Old Somerby last weekend, saying:

"It was just hovering there…..It was like a fireball but it was moving up and down…..It looked pretty small but the light coming from it was huge…..It was there for a few seconds and then when it went, I went as well.”

However the picture is a well-known 'UFO sighting' taken by Mexican man Carlos Diaz on December 21, 1994 while taking photos of the eruption of Mount Popocatepetl in Puebla , Mexico .

The picture has been examined worldwide by many photographic experts and published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and books. It shows a glowing, yellowish, disc shaped object with a red hue toward the top and windows or portholes.

Diaz, a highly controversial figure in Ufology alleges to have been contacted by aliens directly. He is considered a charlatan by many Ufologists. To see Diaz's original photo (the same as Mr Mills') and to read moreabout his photos from Mexico - not Old Somerby - click on the links below:

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Source: Grantham Journal

Anybody who has read more than a couple of UFO articles in the press will be well aware of the, “Giggle factor ” and the dismissive attitudes that are usually prevalent when reporting the phenomena. To see a newspaper run an article like this is truly a breath of fresh air, and for a relatively small local newspaper it's admirable and commendable!!

Well, as the title of this post suggests we go from one extreme to another, as I mentioned earlier the following article is sadly what we've come to expect from our media. It's from the Enfield Independent and was published the day before on Tuesday 4th March, 2008 and was rather misleadingly titled, “The moment when aliens decided to land in Enfield .”

Additionally I bet the employers of the photographer (Pleasance) were overjoyed to be name checked in the farcical account as he's currently a costs engineer for Amec, and was apparently surprised to see it resembles the company logo!!

Here's the image and the (shortened) article:

The moment when aliens decided to land in Enfield

THIS is the moment that, in an unassuming residential road, a man believes he witnessed aliens landing in Enfield . Engineer Paul Pleasance, 50, of Ladysmith Road , said the apparition, or half-alien, or perhaps strange pattern of light, lingered for half an hour outside his window.

Mr Pleasance, a costs engineer for Amec, an engineering and project management consultancy, said he was even more bemused to find that it looked a bit like his company logo.

But it seems for one morning in Enfield that aliens may really have landed.

Source: The Enfield Independent

Ah well, win some - lose some…..