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The Sun - Thames UFO & London Eye UFO Identified? (Feb 2008)

Back on the 29th December 2007 when the Sun published an image of a UFO which I believed (and still do) to be a seagull I mentioned that I believe any photograph that shows an object that wasn't visible at the time the photograph was taken should be subjected to a more (dare I say it) skeptical analysis for obvious reasons than an intentionally photographed UFO. At this point it's probably prudent to mention that I also feel that any photographs captured through a window of any kind should also be approached with added caution.

The Sun UK UFO - IFO Seagull
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The Sun recently ran another, “Exclusive” story (28th February 2008) of what is again (in my opinion) obviously not a UFO, and yet again the object wasn't visible at the time of capture.

The Sun also likes to quote, “UFO experts” that further advance their suppositions that the photographs they print actually depict an intelligently controlled alien spacecraft. Their latest offering stated that:

UFO experts have been left scratching their heads over the sighting..... Editor, cameraman and UFO researcher Chris Martin said: "I was looking for evidence that these have been fabricated…..I couldn't find any evidence. It's unprecedented because she produced three pictures, which seems to show it's flying…..My own evaluation is that these photographs are genuine and have not been digitally manipulated or hoaxed…..These photos are, in my opinion as a UFO researcher, absolutely astounding and show a real object seemingly under intelligent control.”

Flying Saucer - UK UFOI partly agree in that they haven't been, “Digitally manipulated or hoaxed” indeed it's very likely that the photographer was as puzzled by the anomaly as the head-scratching UFO expert was. I do however differ from the opinion that it's a real (as in physically in the sky) object and as for how any control can be ascertained from two still images, let alone control of an intelligent nature.....

I strongly suspect (and hope) that this is, “The Sun” up to their usual embellishments or quoting out of context, last time it was Nick Pope, perhaps Nick was consulted and chose not to comment this time. Or perhaps The Sun contacted several UFO researchers until one had something to say that they wanted to hear?


Here's the article and images:

UFO snapped over Thames

A STUDENT was left shocked when she checked her tourist snaps of the London skyline - and spotted what looks like a flying saucer. University Of Exeter academic Karolina-Slavka Mueller was in London for the weekend, when she took some shots with her camera phone of the sights. But when she looked back at the January 19 night time pictures of Tower Bridge and the London Eye, she was shocked to see an apparent UFO.

And experts claim it is the real thing. Karolina said in an email: "What's very strange about this is the fact that we didn't actually see this object in the sky while I was taking the photos.

London Eye UFO
(Click on image for enlargement)

"I only discovered it once I loaded the photos onto my computer as I didn't even look at the photos until then." The images - taken around 3.50am - were taken eight minutes apart as Karolina and two pals drove through Central London . The apparent UFO is at an angle and appears to emit a mysterious blue light.

Karolina added: "None of us can come up with a reasonable answer to what this might have been…..One of my friends, the driver, has grown up in London and he can't find a reasonable answer…..He says he's never seen anything like it and that there definitely isn't any building in this area that could look like this."

Thames UFO
(Click on image for enlargement)

UFO experts have been left scratching their heads over the sighting.

Editor, cameraman and UFO researcher Chris Martin said: "I was looking for evidence that these have been fabricated…..I couldn't find any evidence. It's unprecedented because she produced three pictures, which seems to show it's flying…..My own evaluation is that these photographs are genuine and have not been digitally manipulated or hoaxed…..These photos are, in my opinion as a UFO researcher, absolutely astounding and show a real object seemingly under intelligent control.”

“This is a classic flying saucer-shaped UFO."

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson did not comment on the sighting, saying: "The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity. "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported."

Source: The Sun (UK)

The first thing is the position of the object in both images, the positioning of the object and its degree of tilt is identical (and the images were captured 8 minutes apart).

The Sun - London UFO

Identical parts of the outer ring are reflecting the same glare in exactly the same section.

London Eye UFO - Thames UFO

If you look closely there appears to be small barcode-like green lines, at the top right of the circle that follows the circumference, the markings of a rev-counter/speedometer/fuel gauge? And the yellow dot in the middle of the object is either the base of or holder for the pointer?

Thames UFO
(The images shown are for general comparison purposes
and are not intended to represent the actual dashboard dial)

Also the photographer changes the angle at which the two photographs are taken, the photograph of the London Eye she is definitely shooting to her right and the image of the Thames Bridge she is shooting straight ahead.

London Eye UFO - Thames UFO

Now notice how the object moves relative to the shift in angles, it's exactly how a reflection of the (drivers side) dashboard instruments would move, i.e. the shot taken with the camera pointing straight ahead then the reflection is over to the far right and when pointing to the right then the reflection in turn appears centred in the image

I'm sure that if the make of car could be determined then there will most certainly be a dial on the dashboard that (when car headlights are turned on) would correlate exactly with the position, shape and colours that are displayed in these images.

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Stephenville, Texas - More UFO Sighting Reports, Mufon & Witness Transcript/s

The Texas UFO sightings are still making news, witnesses are still filing reports and Mufon are still collecting and collating the information. Angelia Joiner recently posted an article to the Stephenville Lights website regarding the recent Mufon meeting on the 23 rd February, 2008.

MUFON investigates more Erath County UFO sighting reports

Filed 2-24-2008
Stephenville Lights Reporter

Investigators with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) collected seventeen new UFO sighting reports in Dublin , Texas , on Saturday, Feb. 23. Not knowing what to expect in the way of numbers of witnesses, eight field investigators attended from the organization from Austin , Waco , Dallas / Fort Worth , and said they were pleased with results. Chief Investigator Steve Hudgeons was asked if he believed the new reports were credible and said investigators are often faced with reports from individuals only wanting to get in on the action.

"Of the reports I have reviewed, I didn't get an impression that witnesses were not honest in their accounts…..As I have said before, this is a very, very, significant sighting."

Hudgeons conducted an interview with star witness Ricky Sorrells, who was first interviewed by Angela K. Brown of the Associated Press, on Jan. 14. After that interview was released, his story of the daytime UFO sighting at his property just outside of Dublin , quickly travelled around the world and major news outlets converged on Stephenville , Texas , the next day.

"I knew most of his (Sorrells') report because we had talked on the phone days earlier, but you never know a person until you have met them face to face…..I found him to be a man of his word because he told me he was going to see me for an interview, and he did come in, even though he was sick and not feeling well. We talked alone for almost an hour. I learned a good deal about his sighting that I hadn't known prior to our visit. He was very direct with his questions and answers. I admire and respect that quality in a person."

Hudgeons said, according to MUFON records, the total number of sighting reports in Texas , beginning in 1977 and continuing through late 2007, is slightly more than 400.

"From November 2007 to date, the numbers of sightings is in the neighbourhood of about 150……We are still investigating nearly 100 reports across Texas ."

Media had been warned off the Saturday gathering due to several witnesses leaving when cameras turned in their direction at the Jan. 19 meeting with an estimated crowd of about 400, and more than a dozen media outlets. But a few local reporters attended, as well as one from the Los Angeles Times, although no cameras were allowed inside the building.

Frank Wachowe, 32, with Mamone Productions, traveled from St. Louis, Missouri, spending about 17 hours on the road, and plans on producing a documentary film on the UFO phenomenon occurring around the area and he is interested in documenting the impact of the sighting on the various communities involved in Erath County His plans include investigating the, " Personal and emotional side of witnessing a UFO ” as well as exploring the extraordinary impact on the culture of a community who has witnessed what the Stephenville community has.

Autumn Humphreys with The History Channel's UFO Hunters was also in attendance, and said a crew from her company will arrive on Sunday, Feb. 24. In an earlier interview, she said the episode, which will include interviews with area witnesses, will probably be aired in late April or early May. Humphreys said the company has set up a temporary office in downtown Stephenville on Graham Street .

Meanwhile, Hudgeons said he and others are working nights and weekends in an effort to expedite a final report, which will be made public.

"I am a project manager for a commercial construction company and I have my own company as a side job drawing blue prints for other construction companies…..I am basically working seven days a week. Now having said that, the events in the Dublin area have been occurring, and are continuing with no foreseeable let up. All of the members on the investig ation team work for a living and we cannot continue (the investigation) forever."

"I woke up this morning (Sunday after the meeting) with three new sighting reports in Texas…..I haven't looked them up as yet to see where they are so I can make assignments."

He stated that a full report in a timeline format will be issued by MUFON soon. The report will include the final analysis of Stephenville resident David Coran's video, of Jan. 19 and 20, which was seen on many news broadcasts and Web sites. Some have referred to the lights in the video as being similar to hieroglyphic symbols.

(Image Source -

"It (final report) will be posted in the April issue of the MUFON Journal, and I plan to hold a news conference at the Dublin Rotary Club in April…..Once again I wish to thank the Rotary Club for hosting our two meetings. MUFON was greeted warmly, and we are very appreciative."

Hudgeons said he and other members always enjoy visiting Dublin Dr Pepper, as well as meeting the friendly folks in Dublin , adding that all of the investigators for the organization are not paid and cover all of their own expenses.

Source: Stephenvillelights Website

The Stephenville Sightings March 9th, 2008 0 Mufon

The next Mufon meeting is to take place on the 9 th March, details are available at the MUFON website and are as follows.

Meeting Information

The Stephenville Sightings March 9th, 2008 - 2:00 PM

Ken Cherry, Steve Hudgeons, James Shatley and Terry Groff will discuss the recent events in Stephenville and Dublin, Texas.

Valley Ranch Public Library
401 Cimarron Trail
Irving, TX 75063

$6 for members
$8 for non-members/guests

All attendees will receive a genuine Dublin Dr. Pepper and/or a MUFON Bumper Sticker while they last. The Media is not allowed. No photography or recording devices without direct permission from Ken Cherry.

Further information available at the local Mufon website.

Stephenville, Texas, recent UFO Reports

Here's a recently posted transcript written by KXAN Austin News' Jim Swift after spending two days talking with the witnesses.

Dublin , Texas , home of the world's oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant.

Just down the highway a few miles, Stephenville, Texas, known far and wide as the state's dairy capital. But over the last few weeks, these communities and a wider swath of North Central Texas have become the epicentre of the country's latest outbreak of UFO fever.

  • "A big long area of bright, bright, intensely bright lights ," said dental office administrator Claudette Odam.
  • "The lights or the navigation lights are what I saw ," said Mac McKinnon with the Dublin Citizen Publisher.
  • "They were extremely bright. " said retiree James Huse.
  • "In a line, in a straight line and so long ," said Odam.
  • "What was so odd, these lights were flashing like a strobe ," said Constable Lee Roy Gaitan
  • "A strobe that just kept going and going and going ," said Odam.
  • "I have a drawing that I made ," said Huse.
  • "Other lights would start doing stuff ," said Odam.
  • "It appears to be maybe something like this and it's just spinning around ," said Gaitan.
  • "It had kind of a flat bottom on it; it was round, kind of gum-drop shaped, " said Huse.
  • "It would look like, kind of like a light show," said Odam.
  • "They were not just strobing; they were moving around, " said Gaitan.
  • "It was like an energy field of some sort, going through the center of it, " said Huse.
  • "In an instant, they were gone, " said Gaitan.

As reports and rumors spread, the military denied having any activity in the area, only to admit a few days later that there were 10 jets training.

  • " The airplanes, the jets following the lights right over the top of my house and it shook my house ," said Odam.
  • " I could clearly see that they were jets; I could clearly hear that they were jets ," said Gaitan.
  • " They weren't training when we saw them and especially that late at night. You know, I'm not trying to say they're lying or anything, but they've lied once, " said Odam.
  • "It somewhat tarnished their, I guess their word or whatever you want to call it, their credibility," said Gaitan.

But in the end, the big question remains: what's up there?

  • "I think there's other stuff out there. If it's getting close to the end like everybody says it is, maybe they're coming back here to see the same thing we're waiting for, " said Odam.
  • "This didn't just happen; it has a cause, OK ?" said Huse.

All right, if that's the case, what might that cause and effect be? Well, it turns out a consensus may be developing.

  • " You know, for years, you know, all the time I was in the military, they've always wanted to have some kind of hovering device that was silent, and it was also big ," said McKinnon.
  • " Either some type of new weapon or new craft or something that they're working on, " said Gaitan.

But if it is aliens...

  • " We've had no reports of lost cows; we've had no reports of lost milk and no reports of lost cases of Dr. Pepper. So I think they left empty-handed, " said Huse.

But if they took nothing, they did leave plenty of curiosity behind.

Source: KXAN

Roswell UFO Researcher Dennis Balthaser On "NBC Today"

UFO Researcher - Dennis Balthaser
Still Truth-seeking At Roswell

UFO Researcher - Dennis Balthaser – Still Truth-seeking At RoswellThe, “NBC Today” show recently aired a segment on Dennis Balthaser, the weekend show host Lester Holt specifically requested the interview after studying Dennis' website ( The interview was to discuss the main areas of Dennis' research, namely the Roswell incident and Area 51, Holt also requested that the interview be conducted front of Building 84 at the Roswell Industrial Air Centre (which was hangar 84 at the Roswell Army Air Field in 1947).

But before you watch the segment (and in case you are unaware of the dedication of Dennis Balthaser) allow me to offer a little background, Dennis G. Balthaser retired from the Texas Department of Transportation in 1996 after 33 years in Civil Engineering work, before this hewas in the United States Army in an Engineering Battalion. In 1996 he moved to Roswell , NM in 1996, to further pursue his 25 year interest in Ufology and particularly the infamous Roswell Incident with more than a passing interest in underground Bases and Area 51.

And from his Roswell research website:

“Dennis Balthaser is an independent researcher, journalist and lecturer living in Roswell, New Mexico. Dennis' focus is the Roswell Incident of 1947, however, his research extends to investigations of Area 51, underground bases and ancient Egypt . Dennis is a Certified Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator and belongs to the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and several ufological organizations. He writes editorials for several well known web sites and magazines.”

He also states at the top of his, "TruthSeekerAtRoswell" website that,

"Always Telling the Truth, Means Never Having To Remember Anything"

Admirable sentiments indeed and these are echoed throughout his research with his no-nonsense approach. Dennis is not only held in high regard by his readers but more tellingly also by his peers, so rather than list his achievements and published works I'll leave you with a couple of their quotes…..

"Dennis is the researcher in Roswell all the other researchers go to for the answers."

Stanton Friedman

"Dennis has a special quality about his research which reflects not only an extraordinary mind for detail but a stone-cold sense of honesty and responsibility that more researchers would do well to take note of.”

Jeff Rense

“I have interveiwed hundreds of people in the UFO field and no one knows more or presents their material better than Dennis Balthaser!"

Jerry Pippin (Host of the UFO Files)

"I met Dennis last year in Roswell and I've got to admit, he's the best researcher in town. I would highly recommend Dennis's work to anyone interested in the UFO Phenomena"

Jim Hickman (The Hickman Report)

Video source: The Today Show

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Stephenville , Texas - UFO Reporter Angelia Joiner Hired As News Director

A couple of days ago Angelia Joiner announced that as well as working as a reporter for the official, “Stephenville Lights” website she has also recently been hired as news director for radio station KCUB/107.9 FM, who claims on its website that:

"Mandatory FM is your official Stephenville UFO information station!"

The website's main page currently states that:

“Also, we welcome to the Mandatory FM family, Angelia Joiner, who will be heading up our news department and keeping us in touch with any UFO sightings in the area!

If you would like to get in touch with Angelia, e-mail her at: Also, check out Stephenville Lights for the latest UFO sightings in and around the Stephenville area!”

It may seem initially that Mandatory Fm is jumping on the UFO bandwagon but a quick glance at the website shows that it also boasts interviews with James Fox (director of, “Out Of The Blue”) and Steve Hudgeons (Assistant State Director of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network) so at least they are showing willing and Mandatory FM seem sincere enough in their intentions. They've essentially provided another place Angelia Joiner can be contacted as well as helping to keep her at the forefront of the Stephenville UFO Reports and by doing so are providing an invaluable service not only to the Stephenville community, but also to everyone who considers themselves responsible enough to personally decide what News stories they want to hear about.

Strangely the previous employers of Ms Joiner are STILL running articles on the UFO sightings. This is strange of course as these employers (of the small Australian owned local Stephenville newspaper) decided to axe Angelia Joiner and confiscate her computer as she'd apparently caused them, “ Embarrassment ” by reporting on the Stephenville UFOs. Apparently not nearly enough embarrassment as they've decided to invite more by the fact that they are still covering the incident themselves, so to add to the, “ Embarrassment ” they now have, insincerity, duplicity, double standards, hypocrisy, etc. or perhaps its just that Angelia Joiners articles asked the right questions of the right people?

Source: Mandatory FM

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Stephenville , Texas – Another Erath County Officer Witnesses UFO

Angelia Joiner has posted another article (22 February 2008) about the Stephenville UFO sightings. The article is on the official, “Stephenville Lights” website where Angelia Joiner is listed as the, “Stephenville Lights ­Reporter.”

Stephenville , Texas – Another Erath County Officer Witnesses UFO


Erath County officer witnesses UFO

Filed 2-22-2008
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights ­ Reporter

Another law enforcement officer has come forward in the strange and mysterious UFO sightings in Erath County . Sgt. Jim Clifton of the Erath County Sheriff's Department was with Erath County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan in the early morning hours of Feb. 2 on U.S. Hwy. 377 when both saw something extraordinary in the black sky.

Stephenville, Texas UFO Witness
Stephenville, Texas UFO Witness
County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan

"It was a clear night, no clouds, no moon, and a dark night," Clifton said. "I've never seen anything like that before in my career. I've never seen any aircraft like that. The lights did not appear to be military. I was very amazed at what we saw. "

Clifton said he received a call to check out an alarm at Woody's restaurant and when he got to the eatery, Gaitan had heard the call also and was already there. The two took care of business and then Gaitan told Clifton there was something in the sky.

"He heard the alarm and got there before I did…..I got in the car with him and observed this with him. It looked like it was over the Highland area to the west and it was a large object. "

Clifton said they observed the unidentified flying object through the "dash cam" in the car and could see it quite clearly with the zoom feature. He said the camera is in a permanent mount, which is stationary. So, in his eyes, the video is more than credible because shaking the camera could not be a concern. Clifton said the object had a transparent or perhaps translucent appearance and it had, " A fog or vapor or cloud around it. " Clifton also said he saw colors of white, blue, and red.

"To your naked eye it looked like a bright light and I couldn't really tell if it was moving, but I don't think it was…..What it looked like is difficult to describe because there is nothing to compare it to…..I wasn't frightened - I was just trying to think of what it might be…..I don't have a clue. I wish I had an explanation but I can't think of any explanation. The thing that impressed me was how big it was. It stuck in my mind. "

Clifton said he is looking at the sky more now to try and see it again. He said most people he knows are doing the same. Clifton said he has seen a video from Canada in what he thinks was the year 2007 that is most similar to what he and Gaitan saw. Both men said the sighting was reported to the Erath County Sheriff's office at the time.


Source: Angelia Joiner - Stephenville Lights Official Website

More Fenland (UK) UFO Sightings

If I'm being completely honest, I'm now more than a little sceptical of the Fenland Citizens UFO Reports. In 2007 they had three articles on UFOs, all of which were in January and were about the (explained) lights that were reported on Christmas Eve. I mentioned this in the first paragraph of the original post I made about the recent Fenland UFOs, you can view it here. This month (February 2008) has seen four UFO articles published in less than three weeks and really there's very little information about the original UFO sighting in the subsequent articles with the content focusing on being older sightings of its readers. In my opinion their latest article (20 th February 2008) is a little telling when they state that:

“Readers have been in sending in their experiences and
thousands have checked out articles on the Citizen website.”

But irrespective of this most recent statement I thought their intentions may not be entirely, “Honourable” when their third UFO article in three weeks appeared, but as I've covered the others I decided to add this latest one.


More UFO sightings in Fenland, UK
20 February 2008)

STORIES in the Citizen about strange lights and possible UFO sightings have prompted a flood of responses. Readers have been in sending in their experiences and thousands have checked out articles on the Citizen website. One of the latest readers to give details of his experience is Graham Chapman, of Walpole Highway , Mr Chapman said it was in his home village he saw the strange lights - the first time on Saturday, February 9:

"From the ground all you could see was a pulsating light. It was so high up that it looked no bigger than a star…..When I looked at the light with my binoculars, I could see a red and blue flashing light and a constant light which, even with the binoculars, still looked like a star…..The object in the sky from 5.30pm to 12am was in different positions. Each time I saw it but I never saw it move…..On Sunday, February 10, there were three objects all the same as the one the previous night…..They disappeared one-by-one over the course of the night…..The last sighting was on Wednesday but with the fog the last few days it has been impossible to see if they have been there since.”

Mr Chapman said the last reported UFO sightings were in 2001 over Wisbech St Mary, Christchurch , Chatteris and Queens Road in Wisbech.

"How many more sightings have there been that were not reported and is there a logical explanation? Who knows?"

Andy Cordery and his wife, of Wisbech, saw the same sight as Alison Hunt from our original story, on the same evening (January 30).

"I had just turned on to the 16 Foot Bank road when I noticed an orange light in the sky which seemed bright, with a slight haze about it. The light went from one light and appeared to split into three, but closer together…..It didn't gradually disappear. It just vanished."

Reg Wenn has spotted many strange lights in the skies around his Acre Fen, Chatteris, home for over 15 years. One sighting he has seen so many times he calls it 'Old Mate'.

It has alternating orange, green and red lights at the bottom and bright lights above, like a cluster of stars…..It just appears, as if someone had switched a big set of lights on, and we never see it fly away…..On odd occasions we do see really thin red streaks in the sky when it has gone."


Our previous posts on the Fenland Citizens UFO articles are here.

Source: Fenland Citizen

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YouTube Haiti UFO Hoaxer Reveals Other YouTube UFO Videos

I'm sure everyone has seen and can remember the furore that the YouTube video of a UFO in Haiti caused last year, the video views are currently at a staggering 7,404,911 and is only six months old.

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoax

A couple of days after it was released I created a short video on why I personally believed it was fake.

David Nicolas later released another video to LATimes showing what appeared to be two grannies flying the same UFO as in the Haiti video by using a remote control, it was of course CGI but a lot of people missed this subtle point and thought it was an actual remote controlled vehicle such was the quality of the video.

I know the vast majority of people realised that the Haiti YouTube video was undoubtedly a hoax, more...especially so after David Sarno of the LA Times secured an interview with the creator/hoaxer of the clip. Incredulously, there were STILL people who doubted the validity of the admission, I guess you just can't tell some people. Here's an interview with David Sarno where he explains who by, how and why the UFO's were created.

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoaxer

The creator, David Nicolas (a.k.a. Barzolff814) is part of Partizan. which is an international community of directors with offices in London , Los Angeles , New York and Paris . Since launching in 1991 we have developed some of the most talented and exciting directors in the world.

Partizan began by making music videos, then grew and expanded into commercials, short films, feature films, and more recently TV content and branded content. His biography page at Partizan says that:

Definitive Proof of Haiti UFO Hoax (Again)


“David Nicolas was born in 1969 in Aix-en-Provence where he spent the early days of his childhood. At a very young age, drawing started to play a large role in his life and with his older brother Laurent, they started experimenting with drawings together.

David's first foray into the Dark Room came when he took the internet by storm with a series of viral films he made while researching his first feature project, a comedy about the biggest UFO hoax of all time. The film is to be produced by Partizan Films over the next year. The clips David made showed UFOs flying across the skies of Haiti , the Dominican Republic and Brooklyn . They clocked up over 3 million hits within their first two weeks on YouTube and were featured in the LA Times, on CNN and on Fox News.

At the age of 21, after sitting an entrance exam, David was accepted into the, “Gobelins de Paris” School of animation where he studied for 3 years. He acquired a basic knowledge of animation and briefly started to work on 3D animation. With the help of his computer, he taught himself how to make his first short films in 2D animation.”


YouTube Haiti UFO

Nicolas has since revealed that he created (and released on YouTube) several prequels to the Haiti UFO clip, the chances are that you've inadvertently seen these already, but just in case, here they are!! (Video removed due to 'copyright claim').

You can also see them at David Nicolas' page at Partizan by visiting here.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Cylindrical UFO Sighting In Bubbenhall Stuns Local Couple

UFO sighting in Bubbenhall nearly wrecked our car, say couple.

STRANGE sightings of a spinning orange object shooting from the sky have been reported by a shocked Warwickshire couple. Terrified Cliff and Carol Sheldon say the flashing orange mass nearly smashed into their car in Bubbenhall on Monday night. They say it was cylindrical in shape, and about half the size of their Vauxhall Corsa. The down-to-earth couple from Stretton-on-Dunsmore say they have always been sceptical about UFOs. But the grandparents of-five are in no doubt about what they saw.

UFO sighting in Bubbenhall nearly wrecked our car, say couple

"It was moving very fast and we thought it was going to hit the car. It looked like it must have come down in the fields nearby. We reported it to the police although I don't suppose they believed us. But there is no way you could make something up like that. "

Their UFO sighting was at 9pm on Stoneleigh Road in Bubbenhall, though nearby Coventry Airport reported "nothing untoward" on the night in question.

But Dr Jack Cohen, a professor and scientist from Warwick University who researches UFOs, said: "It's more likely to be a meteorite than a flying saucer. My guess is there are two or three a day coming down in England , adding, " It's not unreasonable that one could have come down close to someone ."

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: " We do from time to time get people reporting this kind of thing to us, particularly if they want to check military aircraft movement .” Their claims have been backed by a Warwick University professor with an interest in UFOs. He said they may have seen a meteorite, also known as a shooting star.

Cylindrical UFO Sighting In Bubbenhall Stuns Couple

Cliff, aged 63, who has recently retired from his garage business, Manhattan Motors in Earlsdon, Coventry , said: " I just saw a great big thing spinning round with lights on. Carol was panicking saying: 'That might explode - go, go, go. It was a clear night and I thought 'blinkin' 'eck, what's that?' It could have been something burning. There is no doubt that it was real, and we are genuine ."

Carol, aged 58, described a flat round structure 'like a giant dinner plate' that was flashing orange, saying: “ I put my fingers in my ear and thought it was going to explode. We were both terrified and shocked.

Source: ICCoventry

Montel Williams Axed After Defending Troops

After seventeen years of his talkshow, Montel Williams' show has been unceremoniously axed from his regular slot/s. “ But what has this got to do with the UFO phenomenon? ” I hear you ask. Well firstly, it's not so much about the UFO phenomenon but rather how the media is inherently corrupt but more importantly how THEY control what we read about, THEY control what we hear about and watch, and by doing so THEY ultimately try to control how and what we think about.

And secondly, it's a testament to Montel and his courage in speaking out about the media circus and the filtered, diluted and pre-approved scraps that they deem fit to throw us. Montel Williams who himself is a former Marine and Naval officer recently appeared on, “Fox and Friends” to talk about the untimely and tragic demise of Heath Ledger, but rather than pander to their requests in his opening gambit he stated:

“My heart goes out to his (Heath Ledgers) family but I have been repulsed (honestly) by all the coverage.”

And when he was questioned about why he thought it had received so much media attention, he replied that it was due to the:

“Voracious appetite to bring on the ratings, we know it, we know it as a fact, let's be honest about it.”

He then proceeded to ask the hosts how many troops have died in Iraq since January 1 st , he further condemns the media in what amounted to an admirable stance on the lack of coverage that the war in Iraq has received and is still receiving. After the obvious and initial shock of the hosts, they tried to steer the discussion back towards Heath but Montel was having none of it, saying:

“I'm, sorry, if we are ‘gonna sit here and have this discussion about Heath Ledger, -I wanna know- I wanna tell America , '28 troops died since January 1 st '. That's what I wanna' talk about, for me. Now I mean you guys can do it if you want, it's cool, I'm not ‘gonna knock you, talk about it, that's part of what you do and that's part of what we need for ratings, I don't need ‘em.”

After only three minutes of this awkward discussion, Fox cut Montel off, went to the advertisements and after the break, guess what? No Montel!!

And just four days after the segment on Fox, (and as previously stated after seventeen years of broadcasting) Montel was for all intents and purposes fired when key Fox-owned stations opted not to renew the show for the 2008-2009 season, this was evidently a very recent decision as a number of other stations had cleared the show for next season, this spurred CBS into offering a, "Best of" package, CBS plans to offer stations a "Best of Montel" package for the autumn that will feature segments from the entirety of the shows history. CBS TV Distribution chief operating officer John Nogawski said that: “Stations continue to embrace Montel and the message of social responsibility that has been the cornerstone of his show”.

Angelia Joiner - Montel Williams, Fired!!

Anyone who is keeping up to date on the current Stephenville, Texas UFO flap will undoubtedly draw parallels between this recent event and Ms Angelia Joiners dismissal. Angelia Joiner was silenced by the Empire Tribune for her recent UFO articles, her superiors even said that a city councilman had spoke to them and said that the coverage was an, “Embarassment”. To read more about that, then click on this text because for now I don't wish to detract from Montel or from what appears to be his unfair and undue dismissal simply for speaking his mind, and more importantly for speaking an uncomfortable truth......

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Cambridgeshire, UK - UFO Reports Increasing

This is a follow up to a Blog Post made on the 11 th February 2008, “UFO Reported - Wisbech, Cambridgeshire (Fenland Citizen)”.

Fenland Citizen – 14 th February 2008

REPORTS of strange lights in the skies over Wisbech have sparked interest from across Fenland and from much further away as well. In fact one woman from Barnstaple, North Devon , contacted the Citizen after spotting the stories of the recent Wisbech UFO sightings.

She was interested in the story where Alison Hunt, of Cherry Road, Wisbech, reported seeing a very bright glowing orange light the size of a 'full moon' over her garden on January 30. The woman, who didn't want to be named, said her daughter and her husband actually saw two of these objects, which she described as "huge, massive, orange orbs very bright. Both were the size of a full moon."

She had spotted them as she was driving her car in Barnstaple with her husband in the passenger seat. It was between 5pm and 6pm on a clear evening.

"My daughter told me that it absolutely frightened her…..They looked as though they had just appeared out of the atmosphere and just hovered there silently…..They then disappeared into a dot.”

The woman herself claims to have had a sighting of two blue/silver orbs back in early August 2007 just above her Barnstaple home and she managed to photograph one of them. She also claims they have been experiencing electrical disturbances here a few times recently, where the lights flicker. And she claims to have actually seen an object over her home after the lights in the house started flickering and her computer turned off. "I felt rather spooked by the experience to tell you the truth.”

Source: Fenland Citizen

Language, Thought and Quantum Fields

Bruce Duensing's Blog, “Intangible Materiality” is always a great read, Bruce made a Blog post recently called, “Language, Thought and Quantum Fields” (Wednesday, February 13, 2008) Below are just a couple of excerpts which I thought particularly profound in their implications, but please visit Bruce's Blog for the rest of this extremely insightful post.


Language, Thought and Quantum Fields

In a quantum situation where the observer and the observed interact to create a third or interpolated reality, perhaps "thought objects" biases the uncertainty principle by archetype, or if you will the conceptualization made manifest by the container it is refracting within which in turn organizes this potential materiality into a shape constrained by the limitations of "thought objects." If we layer cultural stereotypes within this process of individuation, perhaps this is why we see shape shifters among Native Americans, fairy folk among the Celts, abductions in the U.S, goat suckers in South America ... none of which apparently cross this line of cultural demarcation or the shifting of aerial anomalies from airships to saucers to triangular winged craft within a seemingly inexhaustible variety of types from boxes to cylinders to pyramids, cones and so forth? Then we have the ghost ships which ply the water.

A Quantum Field of Materialization

If this is so and we consider the myriad shapes, entities and nonsensical events in a variety of settings, and we say to ourselves, alright..if there is one a priori factor behind what is being visualized and to an extent made manifest in "physical evidence" in direct proportion to our reinforcement of our own conceptualizations en mass, then we must consider that our awareness by perception may be influenced to a lesser or greater extent by an unknown field of energetic quantum force.In this sense perhaps, impressions upon the organic landscape may be a result of psychokinesis, rather than a force of weight or shape.

Perhaps this is a causation of delimited phenomenon only made a recognizable locus of our attention by observation that we mold and attenuate by the default "thought forms" or containers we provide for it. Malleable manifestations are a key characteristic which may be differentiated by a projection of interpretation which in turn gives rise to form. Also when one considers a state of potential and then reads the accounts of objects and entities that manifest either as phantasms or appear only to vanish, we can perhaps speculate that this interim state they inhabit is a potential quantum state that is both "here" and "not here". We may also consider the well established filtering mechanisms of the human mind, the orientation of body image enmeshed in the duality of here\not here, our abstracted thoughts locked in associations and identifications ....all of which may establish a defacto barrier, a protective membrane of isolation toward these states.. inoculated by the artifice of persona.

Conversely, if we examine both The Egyptian and Tibetan Books of The Dead, we encounter this same phenomenon of thought forms albeit in a extra dimensional state wherein the observer interacts with the manifestation of phenomenon which arises from oneself and interacts as an exteriorised agent as well simultaneously shifting it's form in relation to the state and station of the observer...all of this occurs when the interactive digestive organ of personality is disassociated from the context of it's position between external stimulus and the internal reactive behaviors of thought. Thought then becomes a non local locus of manifestation which may indicate a link between the non locality of these phantasms and ourselves as two sides of the same coin.


To read the rest of this Blog post by Bruce Duensing, then please visit his Blog, “Intangible Materiality”.

(Video) Stephenville, Texas - UFO Investigation Won't Go Away

UFO Investigation Won't Go Away

Fox News recently aired another video report (13th February 2008) concerning the ongoing Stephenville , Texas UFO flap which commenced January 2008.

"So what really happened over the skies of Stephenville and Erath County when dozens of people reported seeing a UFO last month? We may be getting a little closer to some real answers. FOX 4's Richard Ray is delving deeper inside the investigation and has this report."

Source: Fox News

To view ALL Blog posts regarding the Stephenville, Texas UFO Flap,
then just click anywhere on this text.

Source Leaks Official Disclosure By, "UFO Working Group"

Source at U.N. tells of secret UFO meeting
(February 12, 2008

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

I received the following email from two trusted colleagues (Clay and Shawn Pickering) regarding a reliable source informing them that a secret meeting occurred yesterday morning (Feb 12) at the New York office of the United Nations concerning the recent spate of UFO sightings. It appears that a number of nation states are concerned about the impact of increased UFO sightings and wish to be briefed about what is happening. Their source, who currently works in the diplomatic corps, had to travel for an early morning off the record meeting at the UN. Their source revealed that a secret UFO working group exists that is authorizing the release of such information to the public, in an effort to acclimate others to what is about to unfold. A date of 2013 was given as the time for official disclosure and/or when extraterrestrials show up in an unambiguous way. In the interim there will be acclimation related releases of information. Importantly, the source revealed that the events leading up to official disclosure will involve more ethically oriented extraterrestrials, and they will not pose a military threat to the world.

The information below may be related to the recent debate in the Japanese parliament and statements by the Defense Minister over how Japan would respond to extraterrestrials appearing over Japanese airspace that display peaceful intent. It appears nation states are moving forward in developing public policy on how to respond to extraterrestrials showing up. So if the information below is accurate, then it is likely that we will see more examples of governments making official statements concerning how they would respond to extraterrestrials that show up over their airspace. It is likely that parliamentarians around the world will start receiving briefings to help them develop public policy concerning extraterrestrial life. Such briefings will probably extend to prominent media sources who will give more coverage to UFO sightings in popular media outlets such as Larry King Live. Increased media reports will first likely lead to disclosures of secret antigravity technologies that have been withheld for over 50 years, as a prelude to official disclosure of extraterrestrial life. The source's reference to suicides is probably related to those who will learn that much of what they have learned and believed over a lifetime was a lie. The 1961 Brookings Report referred to scientists as being most vulnerable to the disclosure of extraterrestrial life since it will make redundant many of the cherished scientific theories and models held by this community.

Overall, it appears that a countdown is underway to official disclosure around 2013, and that nation states and the UN are being briefed. The acclimation process will accelerate over the next five years as UFO sightings increase around the globe forcing governments to make public policy statements on UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

----- Original Message ----
From: Clayton Pickering
To: Michael Salla
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 9:47:00 AM

Subject: Source at U.N. tells of secret UFO meeting February 12, 2008

Dear Mike,

Shawn and I met with our source who currently works ... [in the Diplomatic Corps]. We had discussed various topics when the Stephenville and O'Hare UFO's cases were brought up. Shawn, actually, brought up the cases--"what's the deal with these incidents? Why is Stephenville getting so much press? "...etc...etc. Our source did not answer the questions immediately and other topics were discussed. About 5 minutes later, our source said to us, "Notice I did not answer your UFO questions." Shawn stated to him that we felt he wasn't interested in answering. Our source stated, "not at all." He took a breath and responded, "Unfortunately I can't go into it, but getting up tomorrow (February 12) at 6 AM to attend a briefing at the UN at 8AM is highly unusual. I (Clay) asked, "Does the briefing tomorrow have anything to do with these UFO incidents?" Our source said he could neither confirm nor deny, hint, hint. He stated that an 8AM briefing simply did not happen, unless these was a pressing need. Shawn and I probed him as best we could without forcing him to compromise his security issues. Our source stated:


  1. UN is an international organization. Clay stated, "Therefore the briefing has do with other nation-states in context to sightings?" Our source affirmed.
  2. Shawn stated, "Then there have been other incidents around the world, like Stephenville case?"

At that point, our source got up and made a phone call and returned within 2 minutes. Our source stated, "Out of professional courtesy, I made a phone call to my source and stated mission accomplished.”

He stated to Shawn and I:

  1. There is a group he is affiliated with whose task is to release information to certain sectors of society--i.e., your community (UFO).
  2. The briefing had to do with calming the nerves of certain nation-states regarding sightings.
  3. The Russians seem really anxious.
  4. The Bush boys (Neo-cons) are anxious about being left out of the loop, when Bush steps down.
  5. Although incidents are occurring around the world, these are NOT "Independence Day" types. In fact, our source stated that the ships are not as big as the ones portrayed in the film.
  6. When contact is made (officially to the world) there will be no ambiguity.
  7. You'll know things are heating up when suicides dramatically increase. A date of 2013 was given. Shawn stated, "Perhaps a meltdown factor." Source nodded yes.
  8. Our source was to dress in civilian clothing to put the Russians at ease. They hate military dress.
  9. The civilian dress was to facilitate deniability so as not to implicate the military.


At this point, our source apologized for using us to get this information out. He was doing so at the behest of his superior, an admiral. The admiral stated, "What about these conspiracy guys": Using Shawn and I as a conduit. Our source feels that globalization is an effort to reduced the 200 plus nation-states down to a single entity; at which point, a one world representative body can present itself to a "galactic federation" type council. ...

Our source said, "Get this out there and let me know what your peers feel about this.”

By Clay and Shawn Pickering

Source: UFODigest

Erath County UFO Reports Still Streaming In

Since Angelia Joiner left the Empire Tribune a new websie has appeared dedicted to the Texas , Stephenville UFO sightings, it has been created by witnesses to the strange phenomenon over Stephenville and is called, “”.

The following is the first report on the site and it's written by Angelia Joiner.

Still photo by Constable Lee Roy Gaitan - enhanced for clarity

Taken on Saturday 9 th February (2008) on County Road 847


It's clear.

Whatever is hovering over Erath County isn't leaving. UFO reports are pouring in. Two are from original witnesses, and two new ones are coming aboard.

This time there are pictures and video -- Constable Lee Roy Gaitan made sure of it. The following are accounts from Gaitan, Ricky Sorrells, Mac McKinnon, and a source not wishing to be identified.

Note: Gaitan's first sighting was with his eight-year-old son on Jan. 8 when he saw a red glow that faded and then reappeared. Later he said he saw bright white lights that seemed to “bounce around in the sky” and took off at a “blazing speed”.

Gaitan's second sighting

“It was Feb. 2 in the early morning hours. I videotaped it for about 40 minutes. It was an object with red, green, and blue lights. I was on U.S Hwy. 377 by Woody's looking south towards Dublin . It was about a quarter of the size of a full moon. It was several thousand feet up, maybe 4,500 or 5,000 feet up, I don't know.

“I zoomed in 168X and you could see it was round and spinning. Something that could not be seen with the naked eye and you could almost see through it. There was what looked like a pyramid or triangle shape on the inside of the thing.”

Gaitan's next sighting was Feb. 9.

“This time I was in St. Gobain's parking lot in Stephenville close to the same time in the early morning. I was looking east northeast of Dublin . I videoed for 10 minutes and zoomed in, but it was too far. It was moving, but not real fast. It was spinning and shooting off colors. I'm fairly certain this thing spins. This time I could not see through it."

“That night a friend called and said he was seeing something through his telescope, an object southeast of my house. I went outside and there it was. It was moving southeast towards Gustine. I watched it for at least 30 minutes and took several pictures. I called my sister and she had seen it, too, and so did her neighbor. Then this guy calls me back about 11:30 and said there is another one coming in from the Selden area. He said it was moving towards Dublin . We go out and we can see it looking toward Harbin . We went to County Road 847 and we took several pictures with the new Cannon camera we purchased with a special lens. It appeared to be the same thing that was hovering southeast of my house and we never lost sight of it. Then my sister called and they saw it again, too. It headed southwest. Then we lost sight of the first one we'd seen for a little bit and then it reappeared. Then, there was two of them; one in the southwest sky and one in the northeast sky.”

Gaitan said the same friend (refusing to be identified publicly) called the night of Feb. 10 to inform him he had viewed five of the objects in the sky but Gaitan had forgotten his cell phone and got the message hours too late.

“It does not match what we saw on Jan. 8,” Gaitan said. “But it was as big as that one was. The first time I didn't see all the colors -- it was a white strobe light, LED type of light.

“Also this one was more stationary and not bouncing around like the night of Jan. 8. Now, you cannot see it with the naked eye but it was spinning. And the guy that called said he could see it spinning through the telescope. But, he said he could see something attached to the top and the bottom, something like a capsule or some kind of object. He also told me it was bouncing around in his telescope view but didn't bounce around when viewing with the naked eye.”

Ricky Sorrells is visited again – Feb. 9

“It was about an hour after the sun went down, maybe 7 or 7:30 p.m. I was coming back from the store in Dublin . When I crossed my cattle guard I looked past my big oak tree and there it was about a mile away. The lights were erratic – red, blue and green and then they kind of combined and made a white light that glowed. I stopped and rolled down my window and yelled at it. I told it to ‘Leave me alone!' I went ahead and went up my driveway and got out. I looked and it was still there. I just went in the house and shut the door because I really didn't want to see it anymore.”

When questioned further, Sorrells said he couldn't determine how high it was because of the darkness. This was his first night time sighting -- the other four visits were daytime. He said, “It was higher than the trees by a large margin so it was way above 300 feet.”

Sorrells also reported military aircraft in his area the night before the sighting of Friday, Feb. 8. "Nine F-16s flew over in a definite grid pattern,” Sorrells said. “They have an idea of where this thing is.”

A source not wishing to be publicly identified

“I don't want my name used because I don't want to go through what Ricky has been through. But, I'll tell you what I saw, but I'm no aeronautical expert by any shape, form, or fashion. I live near Desdemona about 15 miles from Ricky as the crow files. Saturday night (Feb. 9) I saw something that reminded me of Careflight with a big spotlight on it. I saw red and green lights but they were faint. I watched it for five minutes. As far as the time, it was dark enough to see the stars and the white light would have been equal to the brightest stars in the sky. I thought it might be some kind of helicopter but it was unusual for a helicopter. It never moved. I saw Ricky the next day and I was joking with him that I thought I had seen a UFO right about over his house. I could tell by the look on his face he had seen something again. That's when he told me not to be joking around because it had been back to his house. When all this first started, I told him I thought he was seeing a helicopter and somebody was just jacking with him. I've known Ricky for 14 years and couldn't tell you a bad story on him. I don't doubt him at all. I've always known him to be straight up and honest. He's the butt of a lot of jokes but everyone likes him and it's in a good-natured way. He would have never told everybody what he told them if he wasn't serious – if he didn't honestly believe he saw something. They can investigate him until the cows come home and they won't find anything on him. Ricky is just a good guy – a handshake is good with Ricky. I would like to be able to use my name but my income would be hard to replace. I can't.”

Mac McKinnon's eyewitness account.
Dublin Citizen)

“Somebody called me at 8 Saturday (Feb. 9) evening to tell me about it. I was at home and went out and looked up and there it was. It was way too big to be a helicopter and it had red, green and white lights. I've never seen this before. Later, I got in my car but I never got closer to it. I didn't really see anything but lights. I quit chasing it about 11 p.m. and went to bed. Nobody's making this stuff up but I think it's military. I think they were normal looking navigational lights. A lot of things get developed and tested around here that nobody realizes.”


I visited the site when there were less than 100 views, a couple of days later it jumped by 2,000 page views in a few hours and is presently just short of 10,000!!


Friday, 15 February 2008

Stephenville, Texas UFO - Mufon CMS Submission (Images)

Mufon CMS Submission (12th Feb 2008)

If you visit the Mufon Case Management System (CMS) and search for Texas UFO sightings, you will see that since January 1 st (2008) there's over 40 reports submitted. Here's just one of them, the UFO was spotted on the 12 th February 2008 by two witnesses who both submitted their accounts along with images.


Long Description of Sighting Report (2-12-08)

(Configuration of lights that split into two separate groups).

Witness 1:

It was approximately 9:00 pm and my boyfriend and I were driving north, about 1 ½ miles west-southwest of town. He saw a group of lights and pointed them out to me. They were moving slowly and low in the sky. I knew right away these were not planes. There were two groups of four bright white lights, in a straight line, one larger group above the other smaller group, similar to the shape of the ship on Star Trek. The entire group slowly turned to the right, then split into two separate groups, each a group of four bright white lights with a red light underneath. The two groups slowly passed over us and continued on toward the southeast until out of sight. There was no noise at all, completely silent. I am sure that it was not airplanes or a blimp. I tried to take photographs, but wasn't sure if I was getting anything because it was so dark. When we looked at our pictures later, I was shocked to find not only the two groups I was focusing on, but three more groups of different colors in the photo as well. In the photo they appear zig-zagging, but they did not look like this by plain eyesight. I was amazed, excited, and nervous. I could not believe what I was seeing. Also, I circled three lights in the lower right hand corner of each photograph. I don't know what these are, but they are the same in each photo. They are not zig zagged like the others. The photos were taken less than a minute apart.


Witness 2:

It was around 9:00 pm, and my girlfriend and I were on the way to my house from the high school baseball game. We were driving north down the road and I noticed some strange lights in the sky to my left. I told her to look and she was surprised too. There were four white lights and a red light. The four white lights blinked in a rolling sequence and the red light did not blink at all. I am sure they could not have been planes because they were too close together and were moving very slowly and I could not hear anything. They were low enough that I should have been able to hear something. As they moved along, it seems that the red light was moving ahead of the white lights. I have never seen anything like this.


Here are a couple of crops of the images with the brightness/contrast adjusted for clarity.

Stephenville, Texas UFO Photograpgh (Mufon Submission)

Stephenville, Texas UFO Photograpgh (Mufon Submission)

Source: Mufon CMS

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Texas Flap - Purist UFO Sighting Ever?

The Great Texas Airship Mystery.

When mysterious lights appeared over Stephenville in January 2008, it became part of Texas history, was viewed and recorded in the digital files of cell phones, hard drives and on the Internet. But, Texas ' biggest mystery was recorded differently -- and was forgotten in time.

During 1897, in dozens of cities and in hundreds of published accounts, people reported seeing a strange flying machine. Something -- or someone -- was looking down on 1890's Texas .

Historian Says UFO Sightings In Texas Nothing New

Wallace Chariton spends a lot of time in libraries and halls of records, Chariton is a well-published Texas historian. He's scoured the records of a century ago and has written a book on one of the strangest chapters in the state's past called, “The Great Texas Airship Mystery.”

"It's been called the purist UFO sighting ever, ‘The Great Texas Airship Mystery'…..I think the airship mystery, as I call it, is very real…..This was before the Wright brothers. This was before any type of known flying machine.”

Wallace Charito - Texas UFO Flap

In fact, during the frenzy of sightings papers publish an account from Germany of the Stentzel flying bird. It was a crude, bird-shaped craft with a small motor powered by compressed carbolic acid gas. It was hailed as the machine that would first fly. There are no accounts that it ever flew. The same is true for similar designs at the time which seem vaguely similar to the descriptions of the object soaring above Texas , also the sightings all have very similar characteristics of shape, lights on the vehicle, etc.

All persons who have had a good view of it gave about the same description, and all testify as to its carrying a large light, and a few say at times it has many.

(Austin American-Statesman in April of 1897)

Here are some other accounts drawn from the newspapers of the day:

"We could only gain a faint idea of its accurate size, but think it must have been 200 feet long, the sails or wings constituting nine-tenths of the whole…..There seemed to be a huge searchlight attached to the aerial machine and the light was thrown in several different directions….I was astonished by a brilliant flash from an electric search light which passed directly over my buggy. I want to tell you also I was frightened to death by it!!”

Texas UFO Flap, sketch of UFO (1897)

The ship was in the shape of a cigar and had two sets of wings on each side, in 1897 a lot of the cigars were not the cylindrical round shape. They came to a point, interestingly, if you look at a saucer on its side it has the same shape. They had no concept of a flying saucer. Several people report seeing the craft on the ground with crewmembers performing repairs. Many of the stories published are obvious embellishments such as the judge who told him the crew came for North Pole Land and needed an airship to get over the ice for a visit. But many more descriptions are from lawyers, shop owners, railroad workers, farmers and homemakers and seem to describe a similar experience. The reports continue for more than a month in a long list of cities: Dallas , Fort Worth , Austin , Weatherford, Beaumont , Cleburne , Bonham, Garland , Farmersville, Oak Cliff, Sherman, Waxahachie, Stephenville and more.

The sightings span the state of Texas , parts of Oklahoma , Kansas , Illinois , and even California and then they stop abruptly, Wallace Chariton says that:

"Unfortunately that's where the story ends.....What you're left with is hundreds and hundreds of plain ordinary people saying, 'I saw a flying machine!' But I will never discount the fact that so many people saw something that was foreign to them and they all basically described it the same way. So, something happened. This is Texas history. We can't ignore it."

Source: Joel Thomas (CBS 11 News)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Portsmouth UK – Saucer Shaped UFO Photographed?

Portsmouth UK – Saucer Shaped UFO

This is a bit of a strange one, generally I would say that any UFO that wasn't observed at the time of capture MUST be subject to greater scrutiny than if the object was intentionally photographed. The reasons for this are as I'm sure most know is due to the increasing amount of Blurfos being touted as UFOs. These Blurfos nearly always turn out to be of earthly origins and are usually insects or birds caught mid-flight, and any attempts at proving this to the person who captured the image are inevitably never well received.

That's why this one is a little different, although I admit to being highly sceptical of the image actually showing what it appears to (i.e. a UFO) it certainly seems to be what you could term a, “Classic” saucer shape.

Apparently the witness took the photograph, “ Near his home in Portsmouth while driving home from work in thick fog .” The photograph appears to be of an empty car-park and apart from the UFO at the top then the image itself is wholly unremarkable, which begs the question what was the witness intending to photograph?

I'm not saying this in itself is evidence of anything and I'd be the first to admit this, but until a better image or further information is forthcoming I'm afraid any contesting of what the image actually portrays would prove to be a pointless endeavour…..

Portsmouth UK – Saucer Shaped UFO

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The image that's caught our attention It may look like just another car park on a foggy night, but an amateur photographer claims it also shows a UFO. A disc-shaped object appears to be hovering in the night sky near the top right of the picture, according to Hab Rahman, who captured the image. The 28-year-old took the photograph near his home in Portsmouth while driving home from work in thick fog. But he only spotted he mysterious apparition after transferring the image on to his computer. Mr Rahman said:

“I've never really believed in UFOs but this is a bit weird and freaky – I just cannot think what else it could be.”

UFO expert Hilary Porter, of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society, last night confirmed it could be genuine. Can you see it? That little hovery thing in the sky - what more evidence do you need? She said: “ It would be very difficult to fake that photo and the UFO is at a tilt, which is the way they normally fly.” The Ministry of Defence said it could not check if there were any aircraft in the vicinity at the time.


Portsmouth UK – Saucer Shaped UFO

Isle Of Wight UFO Reports – January & February 2008

More UFOs reported over the Isle of Wight

A number of inhabitants on the Isle of Wight have reported sightings of a brightly lit yellow(ish) craft which hovered low in the night sky, witnesses of the UFO have been able to watch the object for some time, and although it seemed to be close by it makes no noise and then disappears in a split second.

Back on January 28th (2008) the Isle of Wight County Press first ran a story after former RAF Engine Technician Frank Webb (who spent 22 years in the RAF and so surely meets the criteria of a credible witness) reported his UFO sighting, the sighting occurred approximately 8.20pm on Sunday 27th January 2008 over Newport.

UFO - Newport, Isle of Wight
Newport, Isle of Wight

Islanders saw "bright lights"

Mr Frank Webb, 69, of Terrace Road , watched as the brightly-lit craft moved from west to east across the clear night sky at around 8.20pm on Sunday 27 th January 2008 while walking along Terrace Road , Newport . Frank originally thought it was a low flying aircraft but quickly noticed that the object had no navigational lights and was eerily silent.

Frank Webb said that:

“I would call it a UFO, but only because it was, to me, unidentified…..I was in the RAF for 22 years as an engine technician, so I thought if I could hear it I could work out what it was. But there was no sound whatsoever. It was weird…..I saw these very bright lights in the sky coming towards us, it was going from west to east…..The lights were unusually bright - and as it got closer I realised that there was no navigation lights, so we stood there and watched; there was no engine noise whatsoever although it wasn't losing height, so it had got its power from somewhere."

Mr Webb said the craft, around the size of a medium-size aeroplane, was flying at between 400-500ft altitude and covered in yellow lights. As Mr Webb was unsure of what he was looking at and just in case it was an aircraft in trouble, he contacted both the police and Southampton Airport , Mr Webb's wife Valerie also witnessed the UFO:

“Valerie was with me at the time and all she can say about it is that it is weird. She came with me around the world because of my RAF career, so she knows a fair bit…..I just wonder if anyone else saw it.”

To listen to an audio recording of Frank Webb as he describes the UFO sighting then please click play on the audio-link beneath this text.


Since the original article ran (which was titled, “DID YOU SEE THIS UFO? ”) several other Islanders have called or e-mailed the County Press with similar tales, some dating back to August 2007. The follow up article which was published on Wednesday, 6th February (2008) stated that they had received many UFO reports, some of which occurred on the same night with multiple witnesses.

Frank Webb and his wife were not alone when they spotted the UFO on Sunday 27 th January, there were many others including Richard McFarlane, 27, Barry Holland, 49 and Paul Westmore, 35, who were cleaning at Calbourne Classics, an ice-cream company near Shalfleet, Barry Holland said:

"We saw a yellow coloured light in the sky above the trees and I though that's a satellite, but it looked a bit low, we just stood there for two or three minutes wondering what it was…..I saw it move slightly and thought perhaps it's a helicopter, but it had no navigation lights at all and no engine noise…..It was yellow with like an aura around it and it was just static in the sky apart from when I saw it undulate for about five seconds…..I'm not saying it was little green men from Mars, but what I am saying is it was an object in the sky that I couldn't identify.”

Richard McFarlane added, “ It was a yellow ball in the sky. It had a haze around it and it wasn't moving at all. We watched it for ages.

To listen to an audio recording of Barry Holland & Richard McFarlane as they describes their UFO sighting then please click play on the audio-link beneath this text.


Alan Marriott, Editor Isle of Wight County Press says that what happened next was quite extraordinary:

"We thought it would be a one-off, but we were just inundated with responses - people all over the Island were claiming to have seen things, the scale of it was outstanding."

To listen to an audio recording of Alan Marriott, Editor Isle of Wight County Press as he describes the response to the UFO sighting then please click play on the audio-link beneath this text.


Jane Johnson, of Shanklin, claimed she saw UFOs twice in different places a few weeks ago. She saw one at Compton Bay , then while with her parents, Rick and Patsy Mellor, between Carisbrooke and Chillerton. She said: “ Both times, there was no noise and it moved quite slowly. It looked like an orb.”

Neil Clark, of Downend, Arreton, also said he had seen UFOs on several occasions, including once during the Bestival. He said the craft was close enough to see it looked like a diamond.

Ivan and Margaret Howes, of Lake , saw an orange object circle over their heads while watching New Year's Eve fireworks outside their home.

Bobbie and Jock Pratt with their two daughters, Louisa and Charlotte, saw an unusual object gliding across their conservatory in St Helens over Christmas. “ They looked like illuminated kites. There were three of them in a line, very neat and tidy .”

In August, Brian Humphryes, of Brighstone, said he and his wife saw a balloon-shaped object “lit up like a chandelier”.

However it appears that the consensus isn't unanimous as also reported was a Mr Andy Linington who thought it could have been an aircraft. He was near Ryde Town Hall when he saw a yellow object moving west to east: “It turned and started going towards London and it wasn't until it was above me I saw navigation lights on its nose. I think it was an aircraft.”

Newport, Isle of Wight


The following UFO reports are from UFOINFO, a website which operates on a not-for-profit basis and, “Provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics and information for researchers.”

UFO Report - January 1st 2008
Shanklin, Isle of Wight , England

  • UFOINFO Sighting Form Report
  • Location: Shanklin Isle of Wight England
  • Date: 1 January 2008
  • Time: 12.10
  • Number of witnesses: 2
  • Number of objects: 1
  • Shape of objects: Oval
  • Weather Conditions: Cloudy
  • Description: Orange oval shape staying still then moving quickly across sky. Too quick for aircraft, too long (5 mins) for firework, moving quickly from west to east.
  • TV/Radio Sightings in our local paper, Isle of Wight County Press newspaper this week which prompted me to write about on your site.

UFO Report - February 7th 2008
Yaverland Beach , Isle of Wight , England

  • UFOINFO Sighting Form Report
  • Location: Yaverland Beach , Isle of Wight
  • Date: 07/02/2008
  • Time: between 5 and 6 pm
  • Number of witnesses: 3
  • Number of objects: 1
  • Shape of objects: yellow pusating light
  • Weather Conditions: clear sky, mild sw wind
  • Description: My Daughter spotted a very bright yellow pulsating light with no definate shape and no sound, moving from a west to easterly direction and told my son and I so we looked up and watched it moving at a speed slow speed.
  • There were no navigation lights flashing just this single big yellow light pulsating at regular intervals as it moved across the sky, i then lost sight of it as we were kite landboarding at the time so had to keep watching my kite.
  • My son said that it speeded up and disapeared.
  • The object pulsated at roughly 1 second intervals, best way I could describe it as opening and closing your hand every second from fist to open hand.

Contact the Isle of Wight County Press “Did you see the UFO flying across Newport on Sunday night? Did you get a picture of it? If so, contact us by e-mail to or by calling the County Press newsdesk on 01983 522210.”

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