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St Edmundsbury Cathedral ‘Power Cut' UFO Has Multiple Witnesses (Nov-Dec 2008)

Reports are still coming (Dec 11th 2008) in regarding the Bury St Edmunds UFO sighting. (The UFO was spotted on the 29th November 2008). According to one of the witnesses it was of a ‘classic' flying saucer, i.e. metallic grey and appeared to be spinning. The media reports which were posted online were quick to point out that back on the 3rd September 2008, a UFO was reported to be spinning and tilting over houses in the area (Mildenhall and Howard estates).

Perhaps a more interesting (and corroborated) aspect of this particular UFO report is regarding the two power-cuts that seemingly accompanied the sighting and is suggested to have heralded its appearance. Back in the day the interruption of electrics, electrical interference, internal combustion engines malfunctioning or failing etc. were reported along with UFO sightings & experiences a great deal more than in recent times and if believed (and in the majority of cases there's no reason not to) is certainly an intriguing and physical side effect of these encounters. This has also been reported in some other 'high profile' UFO reports .....

Here's part of an article posted by the Bury Free Press on the 1st December:

UFO sighting over Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral) Sat 29th Nov (2008)
Bury Free Press UFO Report
(Published 1st December 2008)

An anonymous witness stated:

"I looked up at the sky - I was quite frightened. There was a grey thing spinning around and around. About four or five other people were looking up at the sky….."It went around the cathedral and then disappeared. Then I saw this bright orange ball fly through the sky from Churchgate Street towards the churchyard….. I'm just puzzled by it all."

He said a friend had subsequently suggested the sighting might have been something to do with the Christmas fair in the Abbey Gardens and on Angel Hill.

A police spokeswoman said: "We did have a report of a large object in the sky for approximately 10 to 12 minutes that looked like a UFO," adding that police had only received one report regarding the sighting.

Source: Bury Free Press (1st December 2008)

Bury St Edmunds (St Edmundsbury Cathedral)
St Edmundsbury Cathedral
Image Source:

Then on the 5th December the East Anglian Daily Times (online) confirmed a second witness:

UFO spotted above Cathedral (5th December 2008)
East Anglian Daily Times

Bury St Edmunds UFO sightingThe UFO was spotted above St Edmundsbury Cathedral. POLICE were alerted after a UFO was spotted above St Edmundsbury Cathedral. New twist in UFO mystery. The UFO was spotted above St Edmundsbury Cathedral

A UFO spotted above St Edmundsbury Borough Cathedral was seen by a member of staff, it emerged today. Police were first notified about a UFO above the cathedral in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday night. The incident, which lasted just minutes, happened in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday night. It is understood the man saw the grey UFO spinning in the air near the cathedral before disappearing behind the Bury landmark.

But it has now emerged a member of the cathedral's own staff saw the UFO as well.

The cathedral's visitor officer Sarah Friswell said: “I mentioned it at our staff meeting yesterday and a member of staff did see 'it' as well. But I have to say no-one else has commented or 'phoned or mentioned it…..It happened in between two short power cuts, so we wondered if it was linked to that .”

A police spokeswoman said: “We received a report at 10.43 pm on Saturday from a gentleman who said he'd seen a large object spinning in the sky for around 10 to 12 minutes, which looked like a UFO. This was the only report received."

The apparent sighting comes just four months after similar reports of a UFO above the town's Mildenhall and Howard estates. Eyewitnesses told how, on September 3, they saw an object at about 9.30pm spinning and tilting above houses and appeared to change colour.

Source: East Anglian Daily Times (5th December 2008)

And also on the 5th December ran the following story, as 'AllTheWeb' is an Australian based website I'm assuming that due to extensive media coverage that the UFO phenomenon is currently receiving in Australia explains why they ran it. This is only an excerpt as the original article goes well beyond conjecture and into plain fantasy. Prefixed with, “There are some people who believe…..” before wandering into wholly unsubstantiated supposition and equally outlandish hypotheses, that's not necessarily a criticism (in this case) just the reasoning behind its exclusion:

UFO causes power cuts in the UK (5th December 2008)

UFO over Cathedral Causes power cuts in UK historic town

AllNewsWeb - UFO ReportLast Saturday night a slightly luminous grey UFO was reported to police in the historic town of Bury St Edmunds in the United Kingdom . The UFO was seen spinning and hovering over the St Edmundsbury Cathedral by a townsman. Now it has emerged that the UFO was also seen by a staff member of the Cathedral. Sarah Friswell, the Cathedrals visitor officer, noted that the topic of the mysterious craft had come up in a staff meeting and one of the staff members confessed to also witnessing the rather clear UFO of a very ‘Classical' appearance.

More interestingly the sighting was accompanied by unusual power cuts, confirmed by the Cathedral administration that could not be explained by the local electricity provider. Many have claimed that such sightings are in fact pranks by hobbyists involving RC flying models, yet the power cut seems to somewhat disprove this theory as it is unlikely any hobbyist could pull such a feat off.

Source: AllNewsWeb (5th December 2008)

And the ‘East Anglian Daily Times' posted another article in which a Mrs Carol Marsh “who lives in the shadow of St Edmundsbury Cathedral” also reports witnessing the UFO. The following was posted on the 9th December:

More sightings of UFO over Suffolk (9th December 2008)
East Anglian Daily Times

UFO fever is taking hold in a Suffolk town as tales of mysterious flashing lights over Suffolk 's mother church abound.

Fresh reports of the “amazing” light show over Bury St Edmunds on Saturday, November 29, have come in from resident Carol Marsh, who lives in the shadow of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Mrs Marsh said she and a group of friends watched entranced at around 10.30pm as the lights travelled low in the sky from Northgate Street , over the cathedral and neighbouring St Mary's Church and out of sight towards Southgate Street .

And Mrs Marsh is no stranger to the supernatural - when she was an 11-year-old girl she firmly believes she witnessed a flying saucer in the skies over her then home in Lincolnshire . Her father, a Lancaster bomber pilot, was so convinced by his daughter's story he called ministry of defence bosses to check out the mysterious sighting. The Church Walks resident was less convinced her latest brush with little green men was for real, but she believes there was a chance the sighting over the town could have been a UFO: “It's certainly a possibility."

“It was the weekend of the Christmas fair and I suppose they could have been sending up some sort of lights from Angel Hill but what ever it was, it was absolutely amazing.....The lights were low in the sky, very bright and seemed to be revolving. It was totally noiseless and for 45 seconds it lit up the sky - it was just incredible - an amazing thing going on the sky outside my house. The amber lights were almost like they were being fired up into the sky.”

One sky-watcher reported the strange lights to the police. He said he saw a grey UFO spinning in the air near the cathedral before disappearing behind the Bury landmark.

The report was confirmed by a police spokeswoman, who said:

“We received a report at 10.43 pm on Saturday from a gentleman who said he'd seen a large object spinning in the sky for around 10 to 12 minutes, which looked like a UFO. This was the only report received.”

A spokeswoman for the cathedral said a staff member also saw the unexplained lights.

Source: East Anglian Daily Times (9th December 2008)

Bury St Edmunds UFO sighting

So now there are three independent witnesses who have come forward and at the time of writing (12th December 2008) the following article posted (again) on the website is the latest piece of information to be released. It was submitted by an internet user called, “Susan.” According to the website and after a cursory glance her personal details had at least superficially checked out.

More witnesses come forward claiming to have seen the
St Edmundsbury Cathedral UFO (11th December 2008)

AllNewsWeb - UFO ReportFurther witnesses have come forward claiming to have seen a UFO hovering over St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk , UK on Saturday night. One of the witnesses, Carol Marsh, lives within the proximity of the Cathedral and says she and a group of friends saw dazzling lights she describes as 'amazing' swirling above the Cathedral Spires. Local Police have confirmed that they received the report first mentioned in All News Web. 'We received a report at 10.43 pm on Saturday from a gentleman who said he'd seen a large object spinning in the sky for around 10 to 12 minutes, which looked like a UFO. This was the only report received.' noted a police spokeswoman.

All News Web received this email yesterday:

“I read your story on the UFO near the Cathedral, I live about one mile from there. I am employed as a nurse and have never claimed to have seen a UFO before although that night I noticed the strangest thing as I looked out of my bedroom window, a blurry disc like object moving quickly that appeared to be circling the Cathedral and then vanished-the object appeared to be black with a glow around it. I noticed slight electrical surges of lights in the vicinity. I work in health and would rather remain anonymous as I don't want to be labelled as stark, raving mad!”

The alleged witness allowed us to identify her as Susan, and has supplied us with further personal details that seem to suggest personal credibility.

Source: AllNewsWeb (11th December 2008)

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heavenscentus said...

2009, mildenhall estate over to fornham, spotted 30 ufo's orange spheres, no engine noise, moving fast, other ufo's around them but invisible and appearing for couple of seconds then dissapearing, then a decoy the opposite end near town of about three keeping the scent off the 30 convoy so the milertary were out the way then they decoy vanished! I know these were no chinese lantens I saw them with 6 witnesses before they got out of sight, an they were the size of hot air balloons with 6 ft spacing, layed out like red arrows. ALSO have a video an photo's heres the video on youtube.

a better video someone took in lincoln, which is exactly what we saw!

the goverment has known for over 20 yrs since roswell, an will continue to keep it covered up, about time we all woke up an realised where not alone. but where also not under attack, there not hostile I can confirm this by the way they flew over the top of us. didn't feel threatened just intrigued.. they were analyzing us, the abbey gardens is a portal to other dimensions, the classic leylines (earth grid) explains why they don't fly straight there all over the place like a serpent, same way the leylines work from cornwall up past norfolk which connect up in triangles all over the world. you need more info I'm your man

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