Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More UFO Sightings Over Fenland Skies (Wisbech)

Fenland Citizen UFODOZENS of people have contacted the Citizen to report sightings of UFOs in the skies over Fenland following last week's front page picture of some unexplained lights spotted over Wisbech. Among those who rang in was Doreen Annetts from March who said she had seen a similar set of lights as she drove home early on Tuesday morning after dropping her husband off at work.

She spotted the lights over-head as she travelled along the Twenty Foot from Hobbs Lot Bridge at around 5am. Mrs Annetts said the lights were very bright and looked to be in the same formation as those captured on film by a 23-year-old Wisbech man on Monday November 17 and featured in last week's Citizen: “ I knew it wasn't an aeroplane because they usually have various little lights. I'm not somebody who imagines things.

• Michael Marshall from Bourne also called to say he had seen the lights. He spotted them from his hill-top home at around 9.15pm on November 18. He said they had come in from an easterly direction and were moving over Wisbech.

• And a Chatteris man said his daughter had captured some lights on her camera phone a couple of months ago. He said they were coloured and there were lots of them.

• A March woman told how she had spotted a bright light track across the sky as she looked out of the bedroom window of her Green Street home. She had believed it was a shooting star at first but then noticed it was leaving a trail behind it. She saw it at around 9pm to 9.30pm on Tuesday.

• And a Wimblington couple also spotted a strange orange light in the sky over their Norfolk Street home. They spotted it at around 10.55pm on Children in Need night. They said the object moved silently through the sky before suddenly disappearing. “ We get a lot of jets over this area and they are noisy. This was quiet and was quite spooky .”

• And finally Reg Wenn from Chatteris sent in a photo of an object he captured from his home in Acre Fen: “ I have been tracking one of these for over 16 years, it appears in the sky south of my home from time to time, I managed to get a picture of it a few weeks back .”

(Top left is original image) Looks suspiciously like camera shake to me.....
UFO Sightings Over Fenland Skies (Wisbech)
“This thing appears and disappears like switching a light on and off.”

Source: Fenland Citizen

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Max said...

It is January, 12th, 2009. I never believed in UFOs until I saw one today. I was smoking out in my patio while I watched the passenger aircraft from Santa Rosa, California fly by. All of the sudden, a very fast flying object flew by next to it. I thought different logical variables that could cause this incident. There weren't. A satellite cannot travel that fast. It was so fast, I said to myself, "holy shit, I just saw an unidentified flying object." The craft did not make any sounds, despite of its outstanding speed. The only thing I heard was the passenger airline flying by. I remember seeing bluish and faint lights. They did not blink or flash. I only saw the object for 1 second. It was obvious that it wasn't a meteor because meteors traveled much faster and usually don't fall off the sky in clusters.

As of today, I am a firm believer of life outside of our solar system. I am lucky to witness a controversial mystery that haunted our society for hundreds of years. For those of you who were interested to know that there are alien life out there, you may check out the 2012 galactic alignment - a galactic eclipse. The sun will align itself with the center of the milky way and cover planet earth.

Mayans, Ancient Jews, Nostradamus, and other ancient cultures that some sort of event will happen on 2012, when earth will witness a galactic eclipse.

Perhaps God will come back? Could this be the year when we experience 7 signs of Armageddon?

I believe that our creator will come back to this planet and I don't know what they will do.

Dr. Daniel Fryye UFOlogist said...

I have in the past shot video about curious events. One of the first videos I shot was a interview with a Hispanic couple about an strange occurring light in a small town in Ventura California. It is always difficult to believe what other people say about UFOs because, even those of us who have actually witness such events, it seems to be very personal and understood by the individual so it comes out as fantastic testimony when expressed to our fellow inhabitants. Regardless. I just saw very compelling testimony at google video... (currently posted at
Everytime I see someone discuss these events in such manner, it only makes me believe in otherworld creatures that much more. Your story gives me the same feeling. Thanks for sharing it with us.