Monday, 6 October 2008

Irish Conference UFO Footage Claimed To Be Party Balloons

A recent comment left on by someone called Andrea was as follows:

Andrea said...

"The lights seen in the sky above Dunboyne Castle on 3 August 2008 and filmed by a senior Garda were not UFOs. In fact, they were Sky Lanterns released by me, my husband and our wedding guests as part of our wedding celebrations at Dunboyne Castle Hotel that evening. Not an alien in sight!!!

I’ve left word to try and establish contact and at the minute nothing is confirmed ‘per se’ although I am trying to research this further so any help is greatly appreciated.

However, this doesn't account for the ‘light’ that can apparently be witnessed on the video coming towards the earth (according to the Irish Independent).

(Eric Rush of the mailing list recently commented that he had received information indicating that the: “Video footage of the Triangle UFO will be shown at the Dublin Paranormal Convention on Saturday 11th Oct in Clontarf Castle.”)

The comment was left on the original Blog post here (We're not alone - politician and pilot spot UFO)

Further information on UFO Balloons / Chinese Lanterns / Sky Lanterns etc. etc. available here.

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