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Alleged Irish Footage Posted To Internet Is Fake

I was a little surprised to see that Blog posted the following (7th Oct 2008).

The stunning irish triangle ufo video (Tuesday, October 07 2008)

This is the apparent Irish triangle Ufo i recently posted about. The footage was seen at the irish ufo conference and was filmed by senior garda pilot and witnessed by a Fianna Fail (irish) politician. If its a CGi its well done, if anyone knows anymore about the footage please reply to this post.

Unfortunately I can say categorically that this particular video is undoubtedly a fake. I posted the following comment/question that has yet to be answered (as are any comments):

“What information do you have access to that suggests it's the Irish conference footage?

As (unfortunately) if you check the comment posted with the video it says:

“This is a video was on a cheap camera I found when Hiking in the Smokey Mountains . This is all that was on it.”

I assume(d) that the, “Smokey mountains” in question were of the Appalachian variety (rather than Irish)……

Also according to the latest article in the Meath chronicle then there were four triangles visible suggesting it was indeed a collection of point light sources rather than structured objects.

Are you relying solely on the various YouTube comments to establish this is the correct video?”

The above video which was alleged to be the Irish footage and is being perpetuated as such is 100% verifiable man-made competition entry. It was made by someone called Jeff Wilson, the following is an excerpt from the ‘HoaxResearchCenter' website:

Speaking of Strange UFO Experience

Last year's winner, and 3-year champion, Jeff Wilson, created a triangular helium-lifted craft, remote controlled, with multiple stages. He was able to scan the audience with a laser, release smoke to enshroud his creation, and even switch the craft's lighting structure instantly, producing the illusion of a different object.

For more information on the “Speaking of Strange UFO Experience” visit

(1) Recent alleged Irish UFO footage.
(2) Jeff Wilson 2006 man-made UFO in flight.
(3) Jeff Wilson 2006 man-made UFO display.

While the images of the toy UFO created by Jeff Wilson that can be found on their website are certainly similar it's not the exact same one BUT that's because it's the 2006 craft, however if we have a look at some of the footage from the 2007 competition….. (The relevant section is around the 3:30 mark).

As you can see the exact same footage WITH original audio.

For links to video clips of all the other competition footage then please visit L.E.M.U.R. forums here, it also includes 2008 footage in which Jeff only managed 2nd place losing out to what was titled in the subsequent press release as:

" Phoenix Lights" UFO Effect Recreated for $25 at Contest

Second Place went to Jeff Wilson, the 3-year First Place Winner since the events inception, in 2005. Wilson is also the first UFO champion to go on Coast to Coast AM, briefly interviewed along with Joshua P. Warren on August 19, 2008. Jeff's initial plans went awry when there were unexpected problems with his main entry, so he had to compete by entering a secondary craft, far less elaborate than his original. Jeff's unexpected problem was echoed by the new champion, Jim, since Jim's grand finale, a huge balloon with multiple-stage effects, also had to be cancelled at the last minute due to a frame break that could not be easily repaired. This is a great example of the significant technical challenges these talented engineers face, and illustrates the difficulty in faking some of the extreme UFO sightings reported throughout history.

‘It blew everyone away,' said event organizer Joshua P. Warren. ‘This is a valuable piece of data for anyone interested in analyzing UFO imagery. It's a great example of how studying a fake can help us analyze the real thing.'

The above release is available to read at the L.E.M.U.R. forums where it was originally posted on the 6th October (2008).

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