Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I Hope Blossom Proves Me Wrong!!

I've been aware of this channelling prediction for quite a while now but to be honest once I drew the parallels between, “The Federation Of Light” and “Vrillons” pirate radio broadcast from the 1970's then I've hesitated in posting anything about it, mainly as it wouldn't have been complimentary. But as the countdown is most definitely on with the predicted event to occur in a fortnight and especially as it's received quite a bit of mainstream coverage then I thought I'd at least mention it.

The most recent message states that:

There shall be many who deny.

There shall be many who dismiss.

There shall be those who KNOW of this TRUTH.

Which ever you may be … let this be understood.


Unfortunately I'm not one of those that, “Knows the truth” so rather than post reams of reasons why I'm not, and as I'm not going to offer any disparaging comments as to this imminent celestial unveiling then I'll simply say that I undoubtedly and 100% hope I'm wrong about Blossom Goodchild (Australian actress, author and direct-voice medium) and Mike Quinsey, (well-known United States-based medium) and of course their outlandish predictions.

But while we're on this subject then what I will add (and in my humble opinion) I think ALL (yes, that's every single one of them WITHOUT exception) mediums are charlatans and that's certainly the nicest way I can think of phrasing it…...

ET is coming on vacation

September 28 2008 at 03:07PM
By Eleanor Momberg

Reminiscent of a bad script from a science-fiction movie, Earthlings are being warned in a bombardment of Internet postings that the aliens are coming. And, their date of arrival is October 14. While sceptics are brushing off the messages as something that will give ufology a bad name, others are saying the messages received by two mediums on opposite ends of the globe are real.

The mediums, Blossom Goodchild, an Australian actress, author and direct-voice medium, and Mike Quinsey, a well-known United States-based medium, say they have been contacted by the galactic Federation of Light who have made it known that they will park their massive space ship over Alabama " in the south of your hemisphere " on October 14, and will remain there for three days. The visitation to humans has been brought forward from the initially planned End of Days in 2012 because of the damage being caused to the planet by man and the fact that "dark forces" remain in charge.

The most recent message was channelled to Mike Quinsey this week from SaLuSa of Sirius on behalf of the federation, which warned that it would not be long before people would get a clear indication of where humanity was going.

"There are events that are approaching manifestation that will be the precursor of greater happenings... You are being helped to break away from the iron grip of the dark forces, and this is vital if you are to tread a different path that shall allow you full expression in the Light," part of the message said.

SaLuSa continued that soon there would be "irrefutable proof" that we are not alone in this universe and that extraterrestrial craft were no strangers to the planet. "What will be different is that the event of October 14 will happen in such a way that it will be undeniable and will open the door to first contact," the being apparently told Quinsey, who was also informed that without the help of extraterrestrials, man would have been unable to progress as far.

But the initial announcement that the federation was en route was made by Goodchild, who recently published a book documenting the messages channelled to her by these cosmic beings. She said that in her most recent contacts the beings informed her that they come to "help us and our planet move to a new higher vibration of love".

In their message to the "leaders, governors, politicians and all people of Earth", the federation stated that they would be attacked by those who would try to deny their existence. They were not coming to take over the world or destroy it, but to give people hope so that they would see the Light. Their presence would be televised, but there would be no direct human contact.

The aliens claimed that man had been prepared for their arrival - through the movies.

One blogger questioned whether the Federation of Light was the alien force that Captain Kirk and Mr Spock had to deal with in at least three of the original Star Trek episodes. Others debated whether this was not part of Nasa's Blue Beam Project, part of which apparently involved a gigantic "space show" consisting of three-dimensional optical holograms sounding the new "god's" voice to mark the start of a new world order.

Yet others debated whether these messages were reminiscent of doomsday cults such as Jim Jones's People's Temple and the Heaven's Gate in which followers committed mass suicide. The 38 Heaven's Gate followers believed souls would board a space ship hiding in the Hale-Bopp comet in 1997. In additional communications posted on Goodchild's website, the aliens tell her they are coming to collect those humans who have seen the Light, which some said might explain alien abductions.

Cristo Louw, the founder of South Africa 's UFO Resource, said he believed anything was possible and that "vibrations have been happening throughout the history of humankind". While he would not bet money on the aliens arriving on October 14, he did believe it " might be a good thing to get people to focus on something more positive ".

"If it happens, it is not unexpected. It is not going to change the fact that these beings are real…..Most people are in survival-mode thinking, so they have not had a chance to think about the deeper questions in life. This might be their chance."

Man, he said, was ready for this visit.



John said...

I'm really looking forward to watching the United States air force shoot these f**kers down. That's the higher vibration of love I'm looking for.

Go Humans!

Felipe said...

Remember Blossom Goodchild's prediction about light crafts and strange rainbows. I found this rainbow video from Germany in youtube with only 36 views. Yet, it seems to show a clean rainbow with a white ufo, (as in simply unidentified) white light that is seen on top of the rainbow in some portions of the video.