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Report on Aerial Phenomena observed near the Channel Islands, UK (April 23 2007)

Independent UFO Researchers Release Report On Guernsey UFO
(April 23rd 2007)

Jean-Francois Baure, David Clarke, Paul Fuller & Martin Shough released their findings on the UFO that pilot Ray Bowyer witnessed on a routine flight in April 2007.

The file is being hosted at and is available to download as a (.pdf) document at:

It's a thorough and detailed report presented in a methodical and scientific manner, I also believe it’s a report that certainly warrants investing some of your time in reading it.

I think the bar has just been raised for serious UFO researchers as this report undoubtedly shows how it can, and should be done. Also, don’t forget it’s all done by independent researchers. Hopefully one day all serious investigations into UFO reports will be as well presented, disciplined and meticulous as this one is.

Due to a few people experiencing difficulties accessing the document from locations in South America, Kentaro Mori in Brazil is also hosting the report at the following webpage.

Mori also provides a commentary on the report which is worth reading.

Ray Bowyer - Guernsey UFO (April 2007)

Ray Bowyer on Richard And Judy (UK)

The release of this research coincided nicely with a Channel 5 programme which concentrated on the UFO witnessed over the Channel Islands. The most recent episode of, “Britain 's Closest Encounters” was shown on Channel 5 (UK) on Wednesday July 30 th (2008). It's a four-part documentary series claiming to, 'examine the most astonishing and baffling UFO stories from around the UK.'

The latest instalment looked at the case of pilot Captain Ray Bowyer, who reported seeing two enormous disc-shaped objects in the sky over the Channel Islands on 23 April 2007. The sighting was further confirmed by passengers on the Aurigny Airlines flight, and by another pilot who was in the area at the time. As they neared the UFOs he could see a second disc beyond the first.

Captain Bowyer dismissed the chance of the objects being lenticular cloud formations as well as the reflection from one of the many winery greenhouses, Ray discounted both as has always maintained that what he witnessed emanating from the object/s was most definitely an emission of light and not a reflection of any description, as well as stating that both of the objects had sharp, defined edges.

Finally, here's a quick recap of the incident in question, on the 25th April 2007 the BBC News website ran the following story:

Pilot spots 'UFO' over Guernsey

Pilots have reported unusual foreign objects since the 1940s. A commercial airline pilot has reported seeing two unidentified flying objects in the sky near Guernsey. The bright yellow flat disc shapes, estimated to be twice the size of a Boeing 737, were spotted on Monday, 12 to 15 miles north east of the island. Captain Ray Bowyer was flying an Aurigny plane from Southampton to Alderney when he saw the objects through binoculars. Mr Bowyer said he was "pretty shook-up" by the sighting.

"This is not something you see every day of the week - it was pretty scary."

At first he thought it was the sun reflecting from greenhouses in Guernsey . He said the objects were bright like the sun, but did not hurt his eyes when he looked at them. The stationary objects were also observed by other aircraft and the passengers on the plane.

John Spencer, deputy chairman of the British UFO Research Association, said: "These types of sightings have been reported by pilots - generally accepted to be reliable and sensible observers - since the 1940s and they have excited attention to this day…..Such light effects are often popularly thought to represent alien visitors but many UFO researchers believe they more likely represent natural, atmospheric, phenomena not yet fully understood by science…..However, a similar encounter in 1978 over the Bass Straits in Australia, where the pilot was in radio contact with the ground throughout, resulted in the pilot never being heard from again, so these phenomena are important to study."

Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the Ministry of Defence said: "While no witnesses are infallible, pilots are trained observers and less likely than most people to misidentify something mundane…..The MoD's UFO case files contain several reports from civil and military pilots, some of which were correlated by radar. This is the sort of sighting that is taken seriously and should be investigated thoroughly…..While most UFOs can be explained as misidentifications of aircraft, weather balloons, satellites and suchlike, a small percentage are more difficult to explain. This is one of the most intriguing sightings I've heard about in recent years."

A current spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence, said that while it does monitor air space for any unusual foreign objects which might pose a threat, they would not be carrying out an investigation in this instance. Source

(Original Source,

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Its noticeable that Ray is wearing uniform. Perhaps , this is an early sign of disclosure by the mainstream , given that the interview was aired on channel 5, albeit the most recent addition to the major stations.
The uniform , adds strength to the credibility to Rays story and could be indicitive of further revelations by the mainstream .