Sunday, 31 August 2008

Protest For Gary McKinnon, Home Office (London) Tuesday 2nd September

Recent Release from Mrs Janis McKinnon (Gary’s mother).

Lucy, (Gary's girlfriend) is organising a gathering/demo/protest forGary (McKinnon) outside the Home Office in London this Tuesday at 4pm. I know its short notice but if you're able to attend or to spread the word in any way, it would be much appreciated.

The United States want to Extradite Gary to face a sixty year prison sentence and have even threatened him with "being fried" and as they want to try him in Virginia and they still have the Death penalty, this is very frightening. Since when do we extradite UK citizens for computer mis-use, which carried a community service sentence in the UK. An extradition done on the strength of an allegation alone for a non-violent crime (Gary has always denied causing any damage) but no Prima Facie evidence is now required.

We cannot extradite American citizens without proof but America can now take any UK citizen on the strength of an allegation alone.The ECHR are taking on the case of Abu Hamza and allowed him a stay, so why ignore Gary's Human Rights?

Gary has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. This would not prevent Gary being tried in his own country but should have prevented him from being extradited to a country that shows scant regard for Human Rights and now advocates and approves of Torture being used.

Please help if you can Janis (Gary's mum).


Jason said...

Here is a link to a petition to the prime minister about Gary. Feel free to post this link anywhere you think it might help, AND SIGN IT.

Ta, Jason Bowman.

Gregorythegood said...

Thank you for this post, and the link! What the US wants to do to Gary McKinnon is clearly a violation of common sense and human rights. I wonder what Americans can do to help, aside from educating the public.

rocky g said...

I think he should be punished in the US. If he did it once. Shame on him. But he did it continually for 13 months. He needs to go to jail and pay for his crime.