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The MoD UFO File Release, The Sun & The 2008 UK UFO Wave

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It was almost impossible to have missed the furore regarding the MoD release of their "UFO files" back in May as it was all over the web, the television and the media for several weeks. The event was covered by many different authors at many different venues in many, many different countries. The relentless media coverage (especially in the UK) was unparalleled for a UFO related story as for at least a few days in May 2008, UFOs certainly went mainstream.

To see and appreciate the extent of the coverage I've correlated it into some loose semblance of order, due to the lists of reports and the amount of media footage it wasn't possible to include them all in one Blog post, so I'll only post a couple of clips here. (Main post here)

The Sun & The UK UFO Wave (Summer 2008)

More4 takes a look at the recent UK UFO reports and also at *The Sun* newspapers role in the making of a myth.

"Experts are divided over how to explain the more...recent surge in sightings of unidentified flying objects in the night sky over Britain, as More4 News reports. But some allege that when it comes to UFO-mania, tabloid editors are reluctant to let the truth get in the way of a good story."

The, “Why Bother Files.”

MOD Disclosure On, "Have I Got News for You"

A light-hearted look at the disclosure of the MODs UFO files by the satirical and topical, "Have I Got News For You."

Timothy Good: The 'One Show' (29th July 2008)

Here’s a clip of a recent interview with Timothy Good on the 'One Show' (29th July 2008) firmly advocating his belief that the MoD is perpetrating a massive cover-up as the only files released are classified as “Confidential.”

Spreadsheet Now Available Of TNA/MoD UFO Files Release (index)

Joe McGonagle ( while not only being one of the people originally responsible for petitioning the MoD to such an extent it was deemed easier to just release ALL of the files has taken it upon himself to organise a team of UK UFO researchers to catalogue the recent TNA MoD UFO files release.

This is provided in a very user friendly spreadsheet, which is available here.

For the rest of the post and to view a collection of the recent online UK UFO reports as well as all of the online video & audio related to the recent MoD UFO file release (and of course liberal sprinklings of opinion) then visit, "The MoD UFO files release, the Sun & the 2008 UK UFO Wave."

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