Sunday, 6 July 2008

UK UFOlogists Nick Pope & Joe McGonagle on The Sun Newspaper And UFOs

Manchester RadioOnline has a regular Friday night show called, “Exploring The Unexplained.” On Saturday 05th July (2008) it had a surprise guest in the shape of Nick Pope as well as Joe McGonagle owner of website and mailing list, Joe is a regular on the show and is on every week covering the recent events regarding UFOs in the UK.

Not surprisingly Nick waxed lyrical (as he's involved with The Sun and their recent efforts) on, ‘The Sun’ newspapers attempts to turn the UFO subject not only into revenue for themselves but they are also reminding the nation why they are held in such a low regard as they continue to turn the UFO subject into a joke, and as always the joke is at at the expense of serious UFO research.

The Suns insistence in publishing mediocre UFO reports contrary to what they know to be the truth should come as no surprise to anyone, it’s just not that often that their failings are exposed and their complete disregard of any and all facts is as evident as it has been recently. Joe McGonagle highlights this with one of their recent stories when The Sun approached UK UFOlogist Jenny Randles about one of these sightings. It's explained in Joes interview and I'll (hopefully) be able to write more about Jenny and her dealings with The Sun in my next post.

Source: Manchester RadioOnline

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