Saturday, 5 July 2008

IFOs: (LITS) UFO Balloons, Chinese Lanterns & Misidentifications

I have been aware of UFO Balloons and their inevitable misinterpretation as UFOs since (at least) back in 2005. However it wasn't until 2006 that I first thought about writing something due to the UFO Balloon sightings and subsequent UFO reports showing signs of being a real problem in future years as the release of these balloons at celebratory events -such as weddings- was/is escalating dramatically. I also researched them quite a bit as one of the sightings that received a lot of media coverage in 2006 literally drifted straight over my residence at the time.

2007 saw another increase of these ‘UFO Balloons' and more importantly the media started to take a real interest which peaked in July with the Stratford UFO report and never really dipped, now we're into 2008 and it seems as if these UFO-Balloons are becoming the most misidentified aerial object of the minute and shows no signs of easing up. Also as the summer months are upon us I can see no immediate relief from UFO-Balloons/Fire lanterns in the near future.

Unfortunately (and yet again!!) the finished article is too involved and it's simply not practical to post as a Blog entry so you can consider this short post a teaser!!

UFO-Balloon/Fire Lanterns Compilation Video

To read more about UFO Balloons/Fire Lanterns being misidentified and mistakenly reported as UFOs then please visit here (click on text).

You will find details of the Loughton 2006 UFO report/s, the Sunderland 2006 UFO report/s and the 2007 Stratford upon Avon UFO report/s as well as witness accounts, witness videos and images. Not to mention a history of the UFO Balloon/Fire Lantern specifically as it applies to the UK UFO scene as well as how the media have covered the phenomenon so far.

Visit The IFO/UFO Balloon webpage here.


Alien Contactee said...

LOL, sing it Jimmy! Great post DD

manuel said...

The Brazillians areetty well develeoped in theis too. Seems they have strict advertising laws against billboards and the like so the only thing left, is the sky. Of course police use them t over there like antennas to lock onto the pirate radio stations.
Remember the spiked chupacabra, one I will never forget.
Exemplary writeup doc.


Michael Naisbitt said...

Cheers Sys, appreciated as always!!

nathan said...

i got some of these and to be honest, I wasn't sure they did look that much like ufo's.
They twinkled as though there was a fire in them, it didn't look electric or 'other worldly' at all.
I got them from and they have a video which is worth watching to see what I mean, they just look like a hot air balloon and I can't imagine anyone describing them as 'fast moving' ?

Stag said...

We've just seen three bright orange objects in the night sky. There was NO noise and they seemed to be travelling in a traingular formation. Two seemed to stop, while a third moved through the other two. We rushed for the binoculars, but by the time we had them one had "disappeared", and the other two were fading. I think they may well have "risen" up to be obscured by cloud. Can anyone confirm this sighting? We are in Upminster/Cranham, Essex UK. Can anyone shed information on ablloon launches or anything else of that nature at this time?