Monday, 7 April 2008

The Drone UFO Timeline - Explained?

This started off as a regular run of the mill post on the current happenings with regards the Drones but it ended up as more of a short Novel!! So rather than split it into separate posts I've decided to start the post on my Blog as usual but continue it on a dedicated page…..

As regular readers will know I've been interested in the Drones since the story first broke, I've participated in many forums on the subject of the Drones and met many, many people, all of whom I hold in high regard regardless of their opinions and I've also offered regular commentary on the Drones as any new events occurred.

Since the story is quickly unfolding courtesy of the labours of two Private Investigators I wanted to make a couple of observations.

I fear that the relevant information regarding the Drone UFOs is in serious danger of becoming obfuscated beyond recognition. Linda Moulton Howe (LMH) has published what she calls an, “Eyewitness Timeline” of the Drones, somewhat selectively including/numbering Drone reports that were ONLY submitted to her, or reports in which she had some part to play.

So if you see or know anything about the Drones while I encourage people to submit their information to LMH, I would strongly recommend that this is NOT your only means of disclosing what you know. Especially when you realise that in a couple of months or so, your information will for all intents and purposes became of the, “Pay Per View” variety, due solely to the, “Unique” way that LMH moves her archived material to her (paid) subscribers section.

Indeed the photographs of the Drone that were taken at Big Basin which she was sent numbered 12 in total. Images she was sent with the sole intention of getting the information out there for public dissemination. LMH scanned and resized the images which greatly reduced the resolution before releasing them. This justifiably caused an uproar among the online UFO community and after she received many, many emails over this refusal to release the images as she received them and as intended, LMH finally released ONE of the TWELVE images she received at a resolution which was high enough to enable a more thorough analysis. Now it's coming up to nearly a year since she received these images and she STILL REFUSES TO RELEASE them!!

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TenaciousDM said...

LMH integrity has been compromised by her commercial website. She only seems to publish stuff that she thinks adds drama and intreg to her website. Highly req. the book written by Carl Jung Circa 1960 ) on UFOs ( go to your library ). I believe it is very likely that the first images of the Drones were CGI and later people started seeing them in the sky. UFO occupants can use our zeitgeist to make us see what they want us to see.

krackatoa said...

they look typical clean looking cgi models I think they are released to take attention away from the authentic rash of sightings lately.

I Am Sam said... writing..

Alien Contactee said...

Why are you MIA?