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Vehicular UFO Experiences, Sign Of The Times?

Driving.Ca have published a few articles recently regarding the UFO phenomenon. Their recent one is regarding UFOs and how they interact with/affect motor vehicles, or more precisely how the parallels that can be drew between UFO sightings which are experienced while in motor vehicles and any subsequent interruption to the electrics/engine of the vehicle are due more to cultural influence and prior knowledge of similar events, rather than any physical manifestation.

Not something I entirely agree with but is an area that has always interested me and I received a fascinating report last July (2007) from a witness who was ex-military. He experienced a strange event while driving his truck through Durango, (Bondad) while driving a sizeable vehicle a UFO, “Buzzed” the vehicle and the witness felt a direct physical disturbance on his vehicle as a result. So panicked was the witness that he pulled over and checked his vehicle and the surrounding area, at which point he noticed broken/damaged branches on a tree which was adjacent to the truck, here's a section of his initial report.

I commute between Aztec New Mexico and Durango Colorado . Last night I was coming home (from Durango toward Aztec), through a small nothing town called Bondad in Colorado…..I drive a big Dodge 2500 Diesel truck, this truck is not affected by much. Something was off to the left in my field of view, right over top of a bluff, it was kind of bright, I thought at first it was maybe a bright light on top of an oil or gas rig. But suddenly it just shot backwards out of my sight, way too fast to be a plane, I mean it SHOT back out of sight, as in there one second, and gone the next, no way was this a plane.

So then I slowed down, quite a lot because I was a bit freaked out. I was slowing down from about 60 down to about 35, thinking what the hell was that thing.

About 10-seconds or so later I saw a bright light in my drivers side rear view mirror, almost looked like high-beams or something. I slowed down a bit more and then whatever that light was, shot right over my truck - so fast that the truck literally almost bounced - and like I said, nothing much can do that to a big 2500 truck, the thing shot over - super bright, it went over so fast that the truck felt like it went through a huge ditch (and there are no ditches on that road), it pushed my truck straight down - I assume wind pressure?? This thing went right over top, blinded me a bit and then it was WAY out in the sky, as in it went from being really close to being a small blip - and then it was gone - MAYBE 2 or 3 seconds went by. Way too fast to be anything man made as far as I know, and I spent 8-years in the Marines out in 29 Palms working with air to ground communications - I was one of those guys who told military jets where to drop ammo (I was a forward observer who called rounds down range) - trust me I have been around plenty of jets and this was NOT a jet - THERE WAS NO NOISE.

So I am really, confused and freaked out. I never took this UFO thing seriously - until now…..All I know is this - it was fast and bright and it shook my truck. (To read more about this UFO account, visit here.)

Another interesting account was that of Antonio Villas Boas who after being returned from an alleged abduction experience was surprised to find his tractor engine had been physically tampered with (disconnected from the battery). The Boas story is certainly an interesting one especially as it pre-dates most other abduction accounts and back in 1957 was one of the first which stimulated any media interest. Also, his entire experience was recounted without the use of any kind of hypnosis or suggestion, and even more strangely he apparently showed signs of exposure to radiation after the alleged abduction and suffered from mild radiation sickness, he never changed his story and never attempted to profit from it. But of course the reason it was so popular is I suspect more to do with the detailed sexual encounter he reported having with a humanoid alien while aboard the UFO. (Read more about this account here.)

Anyway, here's the article published by Driving.Ca (February 29, 2008) titled:

Truth about how UFOs affect cars is, "Out there.”

June 21, 1954
Ridgeway, Ont
: A couple spotted a UFO while driving near Lake Erie . The UFO was metallic, shaped like a flattened sphere and the witnesses chased it in their car. When the car crossed the UFO's path, the car stalled. The UFO landed in the woods nearby and the car could only be restarted after pushing it some distance away.

May 1967
Vauxhall, Alta:
A couple saw a lit object in the sky. During the sighting, the headlights of their car flickered. Another motorist's engine failed during the sighting.

Winter 1995
Winnipeg, Man:
A car driving northbound to Selkirk stopped dead on the highway. The ignition failed repeatedly. A disc-shaped UFO hovered over the car for 15 seconds, then disappeared. After the departure of the object, the car functioned again.

Vehicular UFO Experiences

Tales of cars and their drivers encountering UFOs form a part of our modern popular culture. But are motorists really being afflicted with automotive malfunctions caused by unidentified flying objects or, worse, being abducted from their vehicles on lonely back roads by aliens from another realm?

Your answer may say more about you and your preconceptions than about the actual phenomena being reported, says Bufo Calvin, education director for the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS) with headquarters in California . The problem with reports of strange encounters is that they're often imbued with meaning by our own cultural references.

"Before a series of UFO reports in France in 1954, we rarely received reports of sightings from people driving along in cars -- it was from people flying in airplanes.....Most of the significant reports of UFO encounters of the 1940s involved pilots. After the huge wave of sightings in France, the idea of car stops entered the public consciousness. "

In essence, once the idea of UFOs being linked with car malfunctions becomes common knowledge, reports of similar encounters become less reliable. The original report may either inspire intentional copycats or unintentionally provide others with a new framework to re-interpret previous experiences. A series of widely reported car malfunction cases in Levelland, Texas in 1957 essentially tainted the pool of virgin North American witnesses for good.

Betty and Barney Hill
A 1965 abduction incident involving UFOs reported by Betty and Barney Hill in New Hampshire was widely repeated in newspapers, a subsequent book, Interrupted Journey, and a 1975 TV movie, The UFO Incident. Tales of similar encounters became more common in the 1980s, with people reporting the now-familiar phenomena of having their cars stop and later awakening in their vehicles with no knowledge of what happened during the intervening hours.

"If people see something they can't explain, they try to fit it into existing patterns, even something reported by others…..They don't have the mental discipline to look at something and not commit to what it is. "

Can mysterious flying objects really cause car engines to falter and electrical systems to fail?

"The basic belief behind a car stop is that an electromagnetic (EM) field dampens the car's electrical system and the engine effectively stops…..When reports began to come in about these encounters, we find that people driving cars with diesel engines didn't report car stoppages, while people with regular car engines did. That supports the idea that something is happening, because people just making up stories wouldn't originally make a distinction between diesel and non-diesel engines."

A 1981 study of more than 400 cases of car stoppage due to electromagnetic failure by Mark Rodeghier for the Center for UFO Studies says that something significant is occurring -- but what? Rodeghier concludes that:

“Some EM events occur in the presence of unknown metallic, noisy, disc-shaped objects…..Interesting, but no slam dunk for aliens.”

In fact, the large number of reported car/UFO encounters on desolate roads may be just a function of our own driving habits and not a particular attraction between cars, their drivers and UFOs:

"Regardless of what people are seeing that triggers UFO reports, about 90 per cent of them involve nocturnal lights……Where else might you be when you can clearly see nocturnal lights? Certainly not in the city where there's too much ambient light. You'd likely be driving on a country road."

Bigfoot sightings follow a similar pattern.

"The most common reports of Bigfoot are from people who claim to have seen one from their cars……It doesn't mean that Bigfoot is an automobile aficionado -- it just means that most people who encounter anything in the woods are driving through the woods."

Source: Driving.Ca

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