Wednesday, 5 March 2008

UK UFO Reports - From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

A couple of stories appeared on the internet lately and usually I wouldn't mention either of them but seeing as they compliment each other so well I decided this alone warrants a mention.

First off we have the Grantham Journal and an old much disputed image submitted by a reader trying to pass it off as recent. Not only did the Grantham Journal realise this, they still chose to run the story, they offered a little background on the image and also provided links to for further reading as well as naming and shaming the hoaxer!! Encore!!

The article was published on 5th March 2008, and was as follows:

Reader tries to pass off fake UFO picture.

The photo Wayne Mills claims is his
BUT, was actually taken in Mexico 13 years ago.

Wednesday, 8.50am: A Journal reader has tried to pass off a famous UFO picture as a genuine sighting over Grantham. Wayne Mills brought in this picture of what he said was a UFO hovering over Old Somerby last weekend, saying:

"It was just hovering there…..It was like a fireball but it was moving up and down…..It looked pretty small but the light coming from it was huge…..It was there for a few seconds and then when it went, I went as well.”

However the picture is a well-known 'UFO sighting' taken by Mexican man Carlos Diaz on December 21, 1994 while taking photos of the eruption of Mount Popocatepetl in Puebla , Mexico .

The picture has been examined worldwide by many photographic experts and published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and books. It shows a glowing, yellowish, disc shaped object with a red hue toward the top and windows or portholes.

Diaz, a highly controversial figure in Ufology alleges to have been contacted by aliens directly. He is considered a charlatan by many Ufologists. To see Diaz's original photo (the same as Mr Mills') and to read moreabout his photos from Mexico - not Old Somerby - click on the links below:

*Have you spotted a UFO in the skies above Grantham?
Have you had a close encounter with beings from beyond the solar system?
E-mail us with your experiences:

And we'll know if you're fibbing.

Source: Grantham Journal

Anybody who has read more than a couple of UFO articles in the press will be well aware of the, “Giggle factor ” and the dismissive attitudes that are usually prevalent when reporting the phenomena. To see a newspaper run an article like this is truly a breath of fresh air, and for a relatively small local newspaper it's admirable and commendable!!

Well, as the title of this post suggests we go from one extreme to another, as I mentioned earlier the following article is sadly what we've come to expect from our media. It's from the Enfield Independent and was published the day before on Tuesday 4th March, 2008 and was rather misleadingly titled, “The moment when aliens decided to land in Enfield .”

Additionally I bet the employers of the photographer (Pleasance) were overjoyed to be name checked in the farcical account as he's currently a costs engineer for Amec, and was apparently surprised to see it resembles the company logo!!

Here's the image and the (shortened) article:

The moment when aliens decided to land in Enfield

THIS is the moment that, in an unassuming residential road, a man believes he witnessed aliens landing in Enfield . Engineer Paul Pleasance, 50, of Ladysmith Road , said the apparition, or half-alien, or perhaps strange pattern of light, lingered for half an hour outside his window.

Mr Pleasance, a costs engineer for Amec, an engineering and project management consultancy, said he was even more bemused to find that it looked a bit like his company logo.

But it seems for one morning in Enfield that aliens may really have landed.

Source: The Enfield Independent

Ah well, win some - lose some…..

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