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Two New Dragonfly Drone UFO Images on MUFON CMS

During the months of May & June last year (2007) Drone fever gripped the online UFO community, several images and many reports old and new flooded in, every image offering more tantalising detail and of course culminating with the release of now fabled Isaac Caret/Pacl documents.

Proof of the authenticity of the Drone UFO phenomenon has never been established and is still a much debated topic on several popular UFO Forums. It’s only been a couple of months since Mufon International Director, “James Carrion” registered at the Open Minds (UFO) Forum asking for a release of any information that could substantiate their validity. Unsurprisingly he came away empty handed, I say unsurprisingly as I feel that if any such unequivocal confirmation of the reality of the Drones was held by any researchers then the release of it would surely have been realised before now.

But I digress and the possibilities of the original images and accounts lie far beyond the scope of this post, if you want to learn more about the Drones or just to refresh your memory I compiled a PDF with all of the original Reports and images and the, “Drone History 2007” PDF is available here.

MUFON CMS Submissions
(Submitted within three days of each other).

Place Of Sighting: Oregon

Date Of Submission: 2 March 2008
Date Of Sighting: 25 June 2006

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Stopping on the highway on our way back to the house to watch the deer on the slopes of the hills, my wife turned around and saw something over the hill. It looked like it was coming out of the ground, but I assume it was behind the hill.

We waited a while to share this because it frightened the hell out of us. No sound, however it did seem to flip backwards and fall behind the hills. That was it. Would have been along US highway 97.

I have 2 more pictures, however they are blurry due to the low light.

MUFON submitter 9799

Place Of Sighting: Michigan

Date Of Submission: 5 March 2008
Date Of Sighting: 26 July 2002

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Somebody I know emailed me the picture of that recent thing posted here from out west, don't remember which state. This object floated above the river for maybe less than 30 seconds, rotating slightly then winking out.

My wife freaked out because we were still about 40 minutes from takeout and had nowhere to go. We paddled over to the side and sat in the woods for about 20-30 minutes, but the mosquitos were eating us alive, so we got back into the water.

I got one photo off before it disappeared. About 10 seconds before it disappeared, another circle thing seemed to pop out of the center, which is when my wife started screaming at me to take a picture, and that's what you see.

I really don't want to know what it was, because to this day it gives us the creeps, but since I saw the other one my wife thought it might be best to share the experience. I'm not going to mention the name of the river because our cabin is near there.

MUFON submitter 9840

Source: Mufon CMS

Further Information available here.

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