Saturday, 8 March 2008

Stephenville , Texas UFO - David Caron Video Explained

Stephenville Symbols Of UFO Footage - Comparison

Since the footage captured by David Caron was, “Leaked” onto the internet it caused quite a stir. A YouTube user called, “Sparksabit” has further investigated the alleged symbols evident in the video and has been able to successfully reproduce the effect using an identical video camera.

The following video shows a clip from the David Caron Video then a clip from YouTube Users Sparksabit Video, this is then repeated with a different section from both videos.

Lastly, to make the comparison easier it the shows the David Caron video Inset in Sparksabit video and then the Sparksabit video Inset in David Caron video.

The following video is IN NO WAY intended to detract from the Stephenville, Texas UFO reports. It provides a solution for ONE VIDEO that was allegedly of the Stephenville Lights. David Caron had previously said that the effect was more visible when viewed thorough the viewfinder on his Camcorder, all the following video does is to verify this comment. In my opinion this video confirms that the David Caron video is a star accidentally recorded using the, “JVC Night Alive” setting.


You can really discern patterns better when viewed on a larger screen
so click on this text for an enlargement.

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