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The Return Of The Dragonfly Drones?

Well, hot on the heels of these latest revelations Linda Moulton Howe (LMH) who manages the Earthfiles website has released further details of another TWO Drone witnesses, unfortunately and yet again there is no photographic evidence to back it up. LMH says that she received this particular email in January 2008, from a witness in Van Buren , Arkansas , a suburb of Fort Smith.

Subject: Drone
Date: January 6, 2008

Dear Linda,

It was suggested that I send you a letter to let you know that I was pretty certain I saw a drone in Fort Smith , Arkansas . What was strange is at first I believed it to be a helicopter, and then I realized it wasn't making the noise of a helicopter. So I looked again and saw that wire cone-shaped part and realized what I was seeing (the drones in the photos at

I was so shocked I didn't think about getting someone to take a picture of it. My cell phone isn't a newer one, so my camera on my phone sucks.

Anyway, I saw it for what it's worth.

I also asked my sister if I could tell you about her sighting in Oklahoma several years ago. When I told her what I saw, she told me she had seen something like I was describing.

Sincerely,Melody McIver Thaxton

LMH subsequently phoned Melody and her sister, reporting that Melody Melver Thaxton is a non-profit fund raiser from Van Buren, Arkansas and said she experienced her Drone sighting around November 20/21 in 2007, it occurred at 5pm (Central) as she was leaving work.

LMH also reported that the sister wished to remain anonymous and proceeded to call the sister, “Jane Smith.” Jane explained that she had two sightings the same week in June 2003 and at the time Jane lived in the very small rural town of Hartshorne, Oklahoma, which is about two hours southwest of Van Buren and Fort Smith , Arkansas .

Interview with Melody Melver Thaxton: Van Buren, Arkansas
Regarding Drone sighting in November 2007.

“I just was looking in the direction where I was fixing to drive out of the parking lot. There is a business building next to where we are. Above that, I see this thing out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was a helicopter.

But when I looked at it, I thought, ‘Wait a minute! That's no helicopter!' Then I realized there was no sound. You know how much sound helicopters make, especially if you are within close vicinity?

This was not making a sound and I realized I was looking at what appeared to be like the pictures of the drones at your Earthfiles website. It had this weird, funny, metal-looking shaped thing on it and it looked like it has a tail – like a long, flat tail sticking out.

I realized it was not the right shape for a helicopter. When you are going home, you just think, ‘I'm on my way home' and you kind of look at other things at a glance. But it definitely had those prongs on it going up.

It had these metal, spidery-looking things going up – almost like a funnel shape, the way it would go up, like it was an upside down funnel with the spider-leg-looking things. And then, it had like a tail sticking out that was metal-like. The object was slowly moving toward the west.

It was in pretty clear sight. And there was another person – I think they were a customer of where I work. They looked up and back at me and said, ‘Are you going to get a picture of that?' And I said, ‘All I've got is my camera phone.' I headed back to the building to see if I could find a photographer that was still there. As I was going back to the building, the aerial thing just kind of dissipated. You could tell it was moving very slowly, it wasn't moving very fast!

(Melody also added the following when further prompted)

“There was another person there. I have no idea who they were and they looked at me and asked, ‘Did you see that? Do you have a camera?.....I did not have a camera, but I had my cell phone and I was going to go inside the building to see if I could find a photographer who was working. Before I got to the door, I was still keeping it in my peripheral vision and the thing faded out. It did not move away fast. It just disappeared, kind of dissipated, like a cloud of smoke.”

Her sister hadn't mentioned her Drone sighting to Melody until Melody broached the subject herself in December 2007 (approximately four weeks after her sighting). She said that from the way she (Jane Smith) described it she saw it from a closer distance. Melody also says that when she told her sister about her sighting that her sister said it sounds the same as her own experience, which she added she thought was some kind of covert surveillance (spy) equipment.

And as to why Melody didn't report (or tell anyone about) her sighting she says:

Most people around here, if you told them you saw something like that, they would think you are crazy. I haven't really discussed it with a whole lot of people because of that reason. This is the Bible Belt. I'm not saying that Christians can't believe in UFOs. But a lot of them discourage it.”

LMH emailed seven of the previous Drone images to Melody and asked her to pick the one that most closely matched what she saw in Van Buren , Arkansas .

Melody picked one of the “Chad” photographs.

Central California, dated May 6, 2007.

Interview with Jane Smith: Housewife in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
Regarding Drone sighting in June 2003.

[Movement and colouration]
It just kind of hovers….. It's hard to describe. It was sort of like flat and round both…..Sort of a greyish color, like a pewter – like a metal. As far as distance, like a helicopter before it lands on the ground.

[Protusions/Paddles - Legs]
It had so many protruding legs and arm type of things on it. The body of it – it was like it did not have much body to it. But it had a lot of these extensions out from it.

Like a spider's legs, like something that has the ability to turn any direction….. The little arms, they moved around, but the main part of the craft itself did not really turn. It just stayed hovering there…. I saw the smaller ones (legs) moving some, but not the larger ones. The larger ones were just still.

The writing was a darker color than the pewter. On the bigger part, like the bodice part of the thing. It was a black, a dark... Squiggly, almost like Eastern-type language or like an Egyptian writing or Jewish writing. You know, it was a foreign type that was all squiggly.

No, but the lights on it were what changed at different times..Various Sizes of Lights Went On and Off….They were just lights. I didn't see any color to the lights. All I saw was light…..Just like white lights…..They were on the bigger body part and they were also on the arms and there were several on the spirally type things.,,,,Some of the lights seemed to like take turns lighting up – like they would gradually light up one at a time and be all lit. Then they would go off and do it again….They were all in different places – the ones doing this weird light-on light-off kind of thing…..Some of them were smaller. Some of them were about the same size of the tips of my fingers and some were larger…..The smaller ones were on the spirally things and the larger ones were on the leg things and part of the bodice.

Approximately fifty feet….It was more a profile – part of the front and side…..The first time I saw it, probably 45 minutes to an hour – a long time…..Like a humming or buzzing sound (off and on).

[Persons Notified]
I contemplated sharing it with a friend or neighbor, but to be honest, I was afraid they would think I was crazy and not really listen to me. Later I talked about it with my husband and he said it was probably a satellite. And I said, ‘No, it was not a satellite!'

Living out where I was in Hartshorne, we're talking about hillbilly authority. They would just think you were drinking or something. I knew that anyone that would take it seriously or would want to check it out, it would take so long to get there. Any authority was two or three hours away. I was in a very small area way rural, way out in the country! It just went backwards….. It seemed to brighten up more…..Kind of gradually faded so I couldn't see it anymore…..Seemed to move kind of fast. It was surprising. I wondered if it wasn't something from the government, like a secret project of some kind…..It just gradually fades away. It kind of disappears and it was as though it was never there.

[Proximity To Military Base/s]
McAlester, Oklahoma, has a base that makes ammunition and tests it. It's called McAlester Army Ammunition. (Distance from Hartshorne - 30 minutes).

Referring to: McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP)
Defense Ammunition Center
Foothills of the Ozarks in McAlester, Oklahoma.

The same witness had a second sighting of the Drone in June 2003, this was within seven days of her original sighting but appeared to be the same object.

(Sighting was) within the same week. It was evening time and I thought I saw just a bright star from a distance. Then, it got closer. I pulled into my driveway. Where I lived, it was on top of a hill, so I had a really good, clear view of the sky. As it approached, I realized it was the same thing again, but it was not as close as it was before…..Could see there were more lights on it and it just seemed to hover like before. I just felt like it was the same thing.

A lot further away…...Probably 200 feet, 100 feet. Quite a bit further…..It stayed there for awhile…..Yeah, I watched it for awhile and kind of knew what to expect. But I knew it was time for my husband to call. He works away and calls at a certain time. So, I went in the house.

The witness reports no noise this time (presumably due to increased distance) and also that after she finished her phone call she came back and it was gone, so no idea as to length of sighting or how it moved away. LMH emailed seven of the previous Drone images to Jane Smith and asked her to pick the one that most closely matched what she saw in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.

Jane picked one of the “Ty” photographs.

Big Basin, dated June 16, 2007.

LMH added at the end that:

“She also surprised me by adding that in addition to many of the appendages moving, she watched the “cage” hanging beneath the aerial drone open and close several times. But she did not see anything leave or enter the moving cage.”

Source: Earthfiles

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