Saturday, 8 March 2008

Houghton Regis & Luton UK UFO Reports (March 2008)

Mysterious goings-on in Luton skies leave onlookers baffled

It was recently reported by, "Bedford Today" that,:
“Mysterious goings-on in the skies above Luton and Houghton Regis have been baffling onlookers over the past week.”

As reported by, “Bedford Today.”
As reported by, “Bedford Today.”

Last Wednesday (Wednesday 5th March, 2008) there were two separate UFO sightings reported, and Bedford Today says that the witnesses are now desperately hoping someone can shed light on what they saw.

Luton Ufo

First a mysterious red light was spotted hovering over the Luton & Dunstable Hospital at around 9pm, and then later on another light was seen in the skies above Houghton Regis.

Luton Ufo Report

Eyewitness Dave Fullbrook, 64, was in Wentworth Avenue when he spotted a mysterious red light hovering above the hospital, talking about his sighting he says:

"I've never seen anything like it in my life…..What it was I've got no idea. I've looked over there for the last few nights but I haven't seen it since then…..If it comes down I'd like to be the first to meet them."

Dunstable UFO Report

Source: Bedford Today


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UFO's in Luton?? Any one got photos or more information on this. Interesting things happening in Luton then