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Elizabeth Kucinich Intervew: UFO's and Alien Life (

Elizabeth Kucinich: “I am concerned that ET disclosure might be used to weaponize space, to create more fear and government control "

Robert Fleischer attended the International Iraq Conference in Berlin last weekend and had the chance to interview Dennis Kucinich' wife Elizabeth. This is what she revealed concerning her husband's UFO experience and her opinion on official ET disclosure. Note that she is concerned that ET disclosure might be, “Used as a means to weaponize space, to create more fear and government control ”.

Transcript of video interview Elisabeth Kucinich on her husband's UFO experience and ET disclosure, interviewed by Robert Fleischer/German Exopolitics Initiative in Berlin (March 9, 2008) at the International Iraq Conference.

(RF = Robert Fleischer, EK = Elizabeth Kucinich)

RF : I was really impressed by the fact that your husband went public saying he actually saw a UFO and it touched him in his heart. That is something that people who had contact, who had similar experiences, can really understand. What did it feel like for him? Did he ever talk to you about this?

EK : No, we haven't had this discussion. Actually, Dennis didn't reveal that story that something happened 25 years ago with some friends that he was with, and one of the friends actually wrote in her book about the experience. So Dennis tried not to talk about it publicly because it was something that he just decided to stay away from. "UFO" is unidentified flying object, so it could be an alien craft or it could be something else.

RF : I understand that for political reasons, we have to speak hypothetically of this. You know, I agree with you, but as far as I'm informed, Daniel Sheehan was the legal advisor for the Disclosure Project, military people who want hearings in front of Congress...

EK : Well, you know, I think Ronald Reagan and President Carter both said that they saw UFOs. I think it is a very arrogant position for the human race to think that in the multitude of planets and stars that are out there we should be the only place in the universe where there is life.

RF : Do you think that the two of us, we will ever experience the moment when the governments officially disclose the truth?

EK : I don't know. My understanding of that is that I don't need the world to believe or disbelieve in aliens. It's just not anything that I worry about or anything. I would suggest though that if governments did start to understand or want to make public that there may be extraterrestrial life or if they have the evidence, to show the evidence, I have a cynical mind that it might be used actually as a means to weaponize space, to create more fear, to create more control through government control as opposed to liberating the human experience in understanding that there is life elsewhere. Do you see, I think that it would be used negatively? So I keep that out of my consciousness and it doesn't matter to me either way.


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