Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Aurora Furore Over Great Gonerby UFO?

A little over a week ago (17 March 2008) I Blogged about a Grantham Journal article that reported on the UFO recently spotted in Saskatchewan ( Canada ) that was reportedly similar to other sightings by Allan Spick, who lives in Great Gonerby (UK). Mike Repin contacted the Journal after seeing a drawing by Spick which reminded him of a UFO that he'd previously witnessed.

The Grantham Journal has since reported that the plot thickens as a Luton man called John Pacey has been in touch to let them know he thinks what was seen was possibly a mysterious, “Spy-Plane ” which the Journal ominously reminds us, “Officially does not even exist .”

Flight-sim model of artist's concept of the Aurora aircraft – Wiki
Aurora Furore Over Great Gonerby UFO?
Sketch: Grantham Journal./ Specs Wiki – Estimate

Before adding that plane spotters claim the, “Triangular Aurora aircraft was built by the US Air Force to replace the aging Blackbird surveillance plane……It is believed to be capable of speeds massively in excess of the sound barrier. ” Also the actual article is headed, “Is this the Great Gonerby UFO ? ” & sub-headed, “UFO could be top secret plane.

This presents something of an attractive –if incredibly unlikely- proposition, not least because the Scottish media has previously reported that the Aurora was landing and taking off from Machrihanish airbase on the Kintyre peninsula.

It has been alleged that air traffic controllers had seen aircraft on their radars vacating and accelerating to high Mach numbers but (again rather ominously and according to Wikipedia) none of the controllers has ever went on, “The record.”

Aurora Specs Image From WikiBut the speculation surrounding the, “Aurora” dates back to the early nineties when a series of unusual sonic booms was detected in Southern California by some U.S. Geological Survey sensors (mid to late 1991).

Then on 23 March, 1992 in Texas, Steven Douglas (Reported May ‘92, Aviation Week & Space Technology) photographed the now infamous, "Doughnuts on a rope" contrail and also stated that, “A deep pulsating rumble that vibrated the house and made the windows shake...similar to rocket engine noise, but deeper, with evenly timed pulses” was clearly audible. This has led to much speculation that the Aurora aircraft could utilise something called, “Pulse detonation propulsion technology” which was originally patented in the 1950 but has yet to make a public appearance.

Aurora Doughnuts on a rope contrails
Doughnuts on a rope contrail

Unfortunately as one would expect that these sonic booms may have been mentioned by the witnesses (or if activated further away at least registered on something, somewhere) it seems like the craft recently sighted in Great Gonerby remains a UFO, well for now at least…..

Source: Grantham Journal & Wikipedia/Aurora


Dick said...

Is there really any doubt that a significant proportion of UFO sightings are actually black project aircraft? This one goes around and around... Maybe the USAF inventory is getting so tired because of Iraq & Afghanistan that they've had to drag the Avenger 2 out of Hangar 18!

Entity of Life said...

I would consider the idea of spy plane..BUT..when comparing the two pictured in this article. I have to say that you do not know all the information to the UFO that was drawn and used in this article's picture.
Speaking for my father who drew that craft, I will tell you that the larger part of the craft seemed to the the "front". The smaller section was the rear part of the craft..

My father and I went over his sighting very thorough and I have no doubt that what he witnessed was not a "thrust" type craft of any kind that we have.
There was no sound at all from it.

These crafts use something..that is far more powerful and efficient then what we can touch.
I know I too have seen many crafts before him..and I have seen how they can travel from very near to many miles in 1/10 of a second.

Many people seem to be stuck on the "are they real".
It is time we wake up and realize we have never been alone from ET.
The next step we must be on is.."What is their agenda?".

If it helps certain powers to make sure we run in circles endlessly, then they need not worry about "the biggest secret of mankind's history" being discovered.

I am not guessing..I am very aware of how things are.

I have seen silver disc crafts, elongated diamond crafts, Large orange spheres, a silver craft that appeared to be 3 silver spheres together 2 on bottom one on top, I have been followed for 5 miles with one that was only 30 to 40 yards away as it traveled beside my truck. I once saw a massive UFO that was rectangular and could have been a mile wide and two miles long. There is more to my encounters..but..this is enough to make my point.

My father, after 70 years of life of never seeing such a thing..and a few years of my encounters taking place...out of nowhere..he saw one..very close.
He is not alone, since my encounters of 2002 began and continue..my friends have all now seen with their own eyes too.

Where there was once doubt..There is now awareness and what was once a closed mind..is now open for each of them.

Make no mistake..they are here and we have never been alone.

We are the reason.

had a space craft said...

hi yes i think its drug dealers and rich people in stelth type aircraft since the 1980 and befor that thay have been making different shaped crafts people see thing different and get confused