Wednesday, 20 February 2008

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoaxer Reveals Other YouTube UFO Videos

I'm sure everyone has seen and can remember the furore that the YouTube video of a UFO in Haiti caused last year, the video views are currently at a staggering 7,404,911 and is only six months old.

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoax

A couple of days after it was released I created a short video on why I personally believed it was fake.

David Nicolas later released another video to LATimes showing what appeared to be two grannies flying the same UFO as in the Haiti video by using a remote control, it was of course CGI but a lot of people missed this subtle point and thought it was an actual remote controlled vehicle such was the quality of the video.

I know the vast majority of people realised that the Haiti YouTube video was undoubtedly a hoax, more...especially so after David Sarno of the LA Times secured an interview with the creator/hoaxer of the clip. Incredulously, there were STILL people who doubted the validity of the admission, I guess you just can't tell some people. Here's an interview with David Sarno where he explains who by, how and why the UFO's were created.

YouTube Haiti UFO Hoaxer

The creator, David Nicolas (a.k.a. Barzolff814) is part of Partizan. which is an international community of directors with offices in London , Los Angeles , New York and Paris . Since launching in 1991 we have developed some of the most talented and exciting directors in the world.

Partizan began by making music videos, then grew and expanded into commercials, short films, feature films, and more recently TV content and branded content. His biography page at Partizan says that:

Definitive Proof of Haiti UFO Hoax (Again)


“David Nicolas was born in 1969 in Aix-en-Provence where he spent the early days of his childhood. At a very young age, drawing started to play a large role in his life and with his older brother Laurent, they started experimenting with drawings together.

David's first foray into the Dark Room came when he took the internet by storm with a series of viral films he made while researching his first feature project, a comedy about the biggest UFO hoax of all time. The film is to be produced by Partizan Films over the next year. The clips David made showed UFOs flying across the skies of Haiti , the Dominican Republic and Brooklyn . They clocked up over 3 million hits within their first two weeks on YouTube and were featured in the LA Times, on CNN and on Fox News.

At the age of 21, after sitting an entrance exam, David was accepted into the, “Gobelins de Paris” School of animation where he studied for 3 years. He acquired a basic knowledge of animation and briefly started to work on 3D animation. With the help of his computer, he taught himself how to make his first short films in 2D animation.”


YouTube Haiti UFO

Nicolas has since revealed that he created (and released on YouTube) several prequels to the Haiti UFO clip, the chances are that you've inadvertently seen these already, but just in case, here they are!! (Video removed due to 'copyright claim').

You can also see them at David Nicolas' page at Partizan by visiting here.

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BLASe said...

The hoax, which is very good BTW, kind of makes me angry. I saw a ufo twice that looked similar to this only it was octagon in shape. I thought the haiti video was real and even used it to show those who weren't with me what it was like seeing what me and two others saw. The way it flew over us and the awesomeness of it was just like that. In my opinion, this hoax makes it even more difficult for real witnesses who try to get the truth out. I really like the name of your blog, Fighting Against Truth Decay! Brilliant. I am adding you to my blogs favorite links. Thanks for getting the word out there.

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