Sunday, 24 February 2008

Stephenville , Texas - UFO Reporter Angelia Joiner Hired As News Director

A couple of days ago Angelia Joiner announced that as well as working as a reporter for the official, “Stephenville Lights” website she has also recently been hired as news director for radio station KCUB/107.9 FM, who claims on its website that:

"Mandatory FM is your official Stephenville UFO information station!"

The website's main page currently states that:

“Also, we welcome to the Mandatory FM family, Angelia Joiner, who will be heading up our news department and keeping us in touch with any UFO sightings in the area!

If you would like to get in touch with Angelia, e-mail her at: Also, check out Stephenville Lights for the latest UFO sightings in and around the Stephenville area!”

It may seem initially that Mandatory Fm is jumping on the UFO bandwagon but a quick glance at the website shows that it also boasts interviews with James Fox (director of, “Out Of The Blue”) and Steve Hudgeons (Assistant State Director of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network) so at least they are showing willing and Mandatory FM seem sincere enough in their intentions. They've essentially provided another place Angelia Joiner can be contacted as well as helping to keep her at the forefront of the Stephenville UFO Reports and by doing so are providing an invaluable service not only to the Stephenville community, but also to everyone who considers themselves responsible enough to personally decide what News stories they want to hear about.

Strangely the previous employers of Ms Joiner are STILL running articles on the UFO sightings. This is strange of course as these employers (of the small Australian owned local Stephenville newspaper) decided to axe Angelia Joiner and confiscate her computer as she'd apparently caused them, “ Embarrassment ” by reporting on the Stephenville UFOs. Apparently not nearly enough embarrassment as they've decided to invite more by the fact that they are still covering the incident themselves, so to add to the, “ Embarrassment ” they now have, insincerity, duplicity, double standards, hypocrisy, etc. or perhaps its just that Angelia Joiners articles asked the right questions of the right people?

Source: Mandatory FM


manuel said...

yeah everything looks like its on the up and up Doc. Kcub has a lot of great stuff like ufo hunters they just welcomed..and and..gee all I know is no aussi fingers in their pie..they are owned by citadel networks all the way in Las Vegas. And hey business is business walt disney owns a nice chunk of citadel and I think..not sure..history channel or sci fi too, so it was a smart move to get helps evrything else..She has credibility and has me sold...something we need.. Wha else does disney own..who knows..but looks fresh to me. Honest..cross my heart..scouts honor..:

Sylvain said...

Very simple. The newspaper will now try to debunk the UFOs stories by interviewing false witness and then prove those are false so the rest must be too. Very basic psychology and people are stupid anough to fall for it.

Matthew said...

Something interesting I found... One of Angelia's new witnesses is Mike Zimmerman. Angelia states that, "To date, Zimmerman may be the most credible witness to come forward..." Which at first seems true, he served on Protective Detail for five Texas Governors and is now attached to the Tarleton State University detail, but I'm afraid Mr Zimmerman in fact has no credibility...

A quick search on Angelia's bio made available on her website, lists her husbands name as Randell Joiner. A quick Google search on "randell joiner stephenville" pulls up this article on the Tarleton State University website.

This is not to say that Ms Joiner is not credible, but the fact that her husband appears to work on the same campus as her 'most credible witness' discredits any information provided in her article.