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Stephenville, Texas - More UFO Sighting Reports, Mufon & Witness Transcript/s

The Texas UFO sightings are still making news, witnesses are still filing reports and Mufon are still collecting and collating the information. Angelia Joiner recently posted an article to the Stephenville Lights website regarding the recent Mufon meeting on the 23 rd February, 2008.

MUFON investigates more Erath County UFO sighting reports

Filed 2-24-2008
Stephenville Lights Reporter

Investigators with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) collected seventeen new UFO sighting reports in Dublin , Texas , on Saturday, Feb. 23. Not knowing what to expect in the way of numbers of witnesses, eight field investigators attended from the organization from Austin , Waco , Dallas / Fort Worth , and said they were pleased with results. Chief Investigator Steve Hudgeons was asked if he believed the new reports were credible and said investigators are often faced with reports from individuals only wanting to get in on the action.

"Of the reports I have reviewed, I didn't get an impression that witnesses were not honest in their accounts…..As I have said before, this is a very, very, significant sighting."

Hudgeons conducted an interview with star witness Ricky Sorrells, who was first interviewed by Angela K. Brown of the Associated Press, on Jan. 14. After that interview was released, his story of the daytime UFO sighting at his property just outside of Dublin , quickly travelled around the world and major news outlets converged on Stephenville , Texas , the next day.

"I knew most of his (Sorrells') report because we had talked on the phone days earlier, but you never know a person until you have met them face to face…..I found him to be a man of his word because he told me he was going to see me for an interview, and he did come in, even though he was sick and not feeling well. We talked alone for almost an hour. I learned a good deal about his sighting that I hadn't known prior to our visit. He was very direct with his questions and answers. I admire and respect that quality in a person."

Hudgeons said, according to MUFON records, the total number of sighting reports in Texas , beginning in 1977 and continuing through late 2007, is slightly more than 400.

"From November 2007 to date, the numbers of sightings is in the neighbourhood of about 150……We are still investigating nearly 100 reports across Texas ."

Media had been warned off the Saturday gathering due to several witnesses leaving when cameras turned in their direction at the Jan. 19 meeting with an estimated crowd of about 400, and more than a dozen media outlets. But a few local reporters attended, as well as one from the Los Angeles Times, although no cameras were allowed inside the building.

Frank Wachowe, 32, with Mamone Productions, traveled from St. Louis, Missouri, spending about 17 hours on the road, and plans on producing a documentary film on the UFO phenomenon occurring around the area and he is interested in documenting the impact of the sighting on the various communities involved in Erath County His plans include investigating the, " Personal and emotional side of witnessing a UFO ” as well as exploring the extraordinary impact on the culture of a community who has witnessed what the Stephenville community has.

Autumn Humphreys with The History Channel's UFO Hunters was also in attendance, and said a crew from her company will arrive on Sunday, Feb. 24. In an earlier interview, she said the episode, which will include interviews with area witnesses, will probably be aired in late April or early May. Humphreys said the company has set up a temporary office in downtown Stephenville on Graham Street .

Meanwhile, Hudgeons said he and others are working nights and weekends in an effort to expedite a final report, which will be made public.

"I am a project manager for a commercial construction company and I have my own company as a side job drawing blue prints for other construction companies…..I am basically working seven days a week. Now having said that, the events in the Dublin area have been occurring, and are continuing with no foreseeable let up. All of the members on the investig ation team work for a living and we cannot continue (the investigation) forever."

"I woke up this morning (Sunday after the meeting) with three new sighting reports in Texas…..I haven't looked them up as yet to see where they are so I can make assignments."

He stated that a full report in a timeline format will be issued by MUFON soon. The report will include the final analysis of Stephenville resident David Coran's video, of Jan. 19 and 20, which was seen on many news broadcasts and Web sites. Some have referred to the lights in the video as being similar to hieroglyphic symbols.

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"It (final report) will be posted in the April issue of the MUFON Journal, and I plan to hold a news conference at the Dublin Rotary Club in April…..Once again I wish to thank the Rotary Club for hosting our two meetings. MUFON was greeted warmly, and we are very appreciative."

Hudgeons said he and other members always enjoy visiting Dublin Dr Pepper, as well as meeting the friendly folks in Dublin , adding that all of the investigators for the organization are not paid and cover all of their own expenses.

Source: Stephenvillelights Website

The Stephenville Sightings March 9th, 2008 0 Mufon

The next Mufon meeting is to take place on the 9 th March, details are available at the MUFON website and are as follows.

Meeting Information

The Stephenville Sightings March 9th, 2008 - 2:00 PM

Ken Cherry, Steve Hudgeons, James Shatley and Terry Groff will discuss the recent events in Stephenville and Dublin, Texas.

Valley Ranch Public Library
401 Cimarron Trail
Irving, TX 75063

$6 for members
$8 for non-members/guests

All attendees will receive a genuine Dublin Dr. Pepper and/or a MUFON Bumper Sticker while they last. The Media is not allowed. No photography or recording devices without direct permission from Ken Cherry.

Further information available at the local Mufon website.

Stephenville, Texas, recent UFO Reports

Here's a recently posted transcript written by KXAN Austin News' Jim Swift after spending two days talking with the witnesses.

Dublin , Texas , home of the world's oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant.

Just down the highway a few miles, Stephenville, Texas, known far and wide as the state's dairy capital. But over the last few weeks, these communities and a wider swath of North Central Texas have become the epicentre of the country's latest outbreak of UFO fever.

  • "A big long area of bright, bright, intensely bright lights ," said dental office administrator Claudette Odam.
  • "The lights or the navigation lights are what I saw ," said Mac McKinnon with the Dublin Citizen Publisher.
  • "They were extremely bright. " said retiree James Huse.
  • "In a line, in a straight line and so long ," said Odam.
  • "What was so odd, these lights were flashing like a strobe ," said Constable Lee Roy Gaitan
  • "A strobe that just kept going and going and going ," said Odam.
  • "I have a drawing that I made ," said Huse.
  • "Other lights would start doing stuff ," said Odam.
  • "It appears to be maybe something like this and it's just spinning around ," said Gaitan.
  • "It had kind of a flat bottom on it; it was round, kind of gum-drop shaped, " said Huse.
  • "It would look like, kind of like a light show," said Odam.
  • "They were not just strobing; they were moving around, " said Gaitan.
  • "It was like an energy field of some sort, going through the center of it, " said Huse.
  • "In an instant, they were gone, " said Gaitan.

As reports and rumors spread, the military denied having any activity in the area, only to admit a few days later that there were 10 jets training.

  • " The airplanes, the jets following the lights right over the top of my house and it shook my house ," said Odam.
  • " I could clearly see that they were jets; I could clearly hear that they were jets ," said Gaitan.
  • " They weren't training when we saw them and especially that late at night. You know, I'm not trying to say they're lying or anything, but they've lied once, " said Odam.
  • "It somewhat tarnished their, I guess their word or whatever you want to call it, their credibility," said Gaitan.

But in the end, the big question remains: what's up there?

  • "I think there's other stuff out there. If it's getting close to the end like everybody says it is, maybe they're coming back here to see the same thing we're waiting for, " said Odam.
  • "This didn't just happen; it has a cause, OK ?" said Huse.

All right, if that's the case, what might that cause and effect be? Well, it turns out a consensus may be developing.

  • " You know, for years, you know, all the time I was in the military, they've always wanted to have some kind of hovering device that was silent, and it was also big ," said McKinnon.
  • " Either some type of new weapon or new craft or something that they're working on, " said Gaitan.

But if it is aliens...

  • " We've had no reports of lost cows; we've had no reports of lost milk and no reports of lost cases of Dr. Pepper. So I think they left empty-handed, " said Huse.

But if they took nothing, they did leave plenty of curiosity behind.

Source: KXAN

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