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Roswell UFO Researcher Dennis Balthaser On "NBC Today"

UFO Researcher - Dennis Balthaser
Still Truth-seeking At Roswell

UFO Researcher - Dennis Balthaser – Still Truth-seeking At RoswellThe, “NBC Today” show recently aired a segment on Dennis Balthaser, the weekend show host Lester Holt specifically requested the interview after studying Dennis' website ( The interview was to discuss the main areas of Dennis' research, namely the Roswell incident and Area 51, Holt also requested that the interview be conducted front of Building 84 at the Roswell Industrial Air Centre (which was hangar 84 at the Roswell Army Air Field in 1947).

But before you watch the segment (and in case you are unaware of the dedication of Dennis Balthaser) allow me to offer a little background, Dennis G. Balthaser retired from the Texas Department of Transportation in 1996 after 33 years in Civil Engineering work, before this hewas in the United States Army in an Engineering Battalion. In 1996 he moved to Roswell , NM in 1996, to further pursue his 25 year interest in Ufology and particularly the infamous Roswell Incident with more than a passing interest in underground Bases and Area 51.

And from his Roswell research website:

“Dennis Balthaser is an independent researcher, journalist and lecturer living in Roswell, New Mexico. Dennis' focus is the Roswell Incident of 1947, however, his research extends to investigations of Area 51, underground bases and ancient Egypt . Dennis is a Certified Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator and belongs to the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and several ufological organizations. He writes editorials for several well known web sites and magazines.”

He also states at the top of his, "TruthSeekerAtRoswell" website that,

"Always Telling the Truth, Means Never Having To Remember Anything"

Admirable sentiments indeed and these are echoed throughout his research with his no-nonsense approach. Dennis is not only held in high regard by his readers but more tellingly also by his peers, so rather than list his achievements and published works I'll leave you with a couple of their quotes…..

"Dennis is the researcher in Roswell all the other researchers go to for the answers."

Stanton Friedman

"Dennis has a special quality about his research which reflects not only an extraordinary mind for detail but a stone-cold sense of honesty and responsibility that more researchers would do well to take note of.”

Jeff Rense

“I have interveiwed hundreds of people in the UFO field and no one knows more or presents their material better than Dennis Balthaser!"

Jerry Pippin (Host of the UFO Files)

"I met Dennis last year in Roswell and I've got to admit, he's the best researcher in town. I would highly recommend Dennis's work to anyone interested in the UFO Phenomena"

Jim Hickman (The Hickman Report)

Video source: The Today Show

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