Monday, 18 February 2008

Montel Williams Axed After Defending Troops

After seventeen years of his talkshow, Montel Williams' show has been unceremoniously axed from his regular slot/s. “ But what has this got to do with the UFO phenomenon? ” I hear you ask. Well firstly, it's not so much about the UFO phenomenon but rather how the media is inherently corrupt but more importantly how THEY control what we read about, THEY control what we hear about and watch, and by doing so THEY ultimately try to control how and what we think about.

And secondly, it's a testament to Montel and his courage in speaking out about the media circus and the filtered, diluted and pre-approved scraps that they deem fit to throw us. Montel Williams who himself is a former Marine and Naval officer recently appeared on, “Fox and Friends” to talk about the untimely and tragic demise of Heath Ledger, but rather than pander to their requests in his opening gambit he stated:

“My heart goes out to his (Heath Ledgers) family but I have been repulsed (honestly) by all the coverage.”

And when he was questioned about why he thought it had received so much media attention, he replied that it was due to the:

“Voracious appetite to bring on the ratings, we know it, we know it as a fact, let's be honest about it.”

He then proceeded to ask the hosts how many troops have died in Iraq since January 1 st , he further condemns the media in what amounted to an admirable stance on the lack of coverage that the war in Iraq has received and is still receiving. After the obvious and initial shock of the hosts, they tried to steer the discussion back towards Heath but Montel was having none of it, saying:

“I'm, sorry, if we are ‘gonna sit here and have this discussion about Heath Ledger, -I wanna know- I wanna tell America , '28 troops died since January 1 st '. That's what I wanna' talk about, for me. Now I mean you guys can do it if you want, it's cool, I'm not ‘gonna knock you, talk about it, that's part of what you do and that's part of what we need for ratings, I don't need ‘em.”

After only three minutes of this awkward discussion, Fox cut Montel off, went to the advertisements and after the break, guess what? No Montel!!

And just four days after the segment on Fox, (and as previously stated after seventeen years of broadcasting) Montel was for all intents and purposes fired when key Fox-owned stations opted not to renew the show for the 2008-2009 season, this was evidently a very recent decision as a number of other stations had cleared the show for next season, this spurred CBS into offering a, "Best of" package, CBS plans to offer stations a "Best of Montel" package for the autumn that will feature segments from the entirety of the shows history. CBS TV Distribution chief operating officer John Nogawski said that: “Stations continue to embrace Montel and the message of social responsibility that has been the cornerstone of his show”.

Angelia Joiner - Montel Williams, Fired!!

Anyone who is keeping up to date on the current Stephenville, Texas UFO flap will undoubtedly draw parallels between this recent event and Ms Angelia Joiners dismissal. Angelia Joiner was silenced by the Empire Tribune for her recent UFO articles, her superiors even said that a city councilman had spoke to them and said that the coverage was an, “Embarassment”. To read more about that, then click on this text because for now I don't wish to detract from Montel or from what appears to be his unfair and undue dismissal simply for speaking his mind, and more importantly for speaking an uncomfortable truth......

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