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Isle Of Wight UFO Reports – January & February 2008

More UFOs reported over the Isle of Wight

A number of inhabitants on the Isle of Wight have reported sightings of a brightly lit yellow(ish) craft which hovered low in the night sky, witnesses of the UFO have been able to watch the object for some time, and although it seemed to be close by it makes no noise and then disappears in a split second.

Back on January 28th (2008) the Isle of Wight County Press first ran a story after former RAF Engine Technician Frank Webb (who spent 22 years in the RAF and so surely meets the criteria of a credible witness) reported his UFO sighting, the sighting occurred approximately 8.20pm on Sunday 27th January 2008 over Newport.

UFO - Newport, Isle of Wight
Newport, Isle of Wight

Islanders saw "bright lights"

Mr Frank Webb, 69, of Terrace Road , watched as the brightly-lit craft moved from west to east across the clear night sky at around 8.20pm on Sunday 27 th January 2008 while walking along Terrace Road , Newport . Frank originally thought it was a low flying aircraft but quickly noticed that the object had no navigational lights and was eerily silent.

Frank Webb said that:

“I would call it a UFO, but only because it was, to me, unidentified…..I was in the RAF for 22 years as an engine technician, so I thought if I could hear it I could work out what it was. But there was no sound whatsoever. It was weird…..I saw these very bright lights in the sky coming towards us, it was going from west to east…..The lights were unusually bright - and as it got closer I realised that there was no navigation lights, so we stood there and watched; there was no engine noise whatsoever although it wasn't losing height, so it had got its power from somewhere."

Mr Webb said the craft, around the size of a medium-size aeroplane, was flying at between 400-500ft altitude and covered in yellow lights. As Mr Webb was unsure of what he was looking at and just in case it was an aircraft in trouble, he contacted both the police and Southampton Airport , Mr Webb's wife Valerie also witnessed the UFO:

“Valerie was with me at the time and all she can say about it is that it is weird. She came with me around the world because of my RAF career, so she knows a fair bit…..I just wonder if anyone else saw it.”

To listen to an audio recording of Frank Webb as he describes the UFO sighting then please click play on the audio-link beneath this text.


Since the original article ran (which was titled, “DID YOU SEE THIS UFO? ”) several other Islanders have called or e-mailed the County Press with similar tales, some dating back to August 2007. The follow up article which was published on Wednesday, 6th February (2008) stated that they had received many UFO reports, some of which occurred on the same night with multiple witnesses.

Frank Webb and his wife were not alone when they spotted the UFO on Sunday 27 th January, there were many others including Richard McFarlane, 27, Barry Holland, 49 and Paul Westmore, 35, who were cleaning at Calbourne Classics, an ice-cream company near Shalfleet, Barry Holland said:

"We saw a yellow coloured light in the sky above the trees and I though that's a satellite, but it looked a bit low, we just stood there for two or three minutes wondering what it was…..I saw it move slightly and thought perhaps it's a helicopter, but it had no navigation lights at all and no engine noise…..It was yellow with like an aura around it and it was just static in the sky apart from when I saw it undulate for about five seconds…..I'm not saying it was little green men from Mars, but what I am saying is it was an object in the sky that I couldn't identify.”

Richard McFarlane added, “ It was a yellow ball in the sky. It had a haze around it and it wasn't moving at all. We watched it for ages.

To listen to an audio recording of Barry Holland & Richard McFarlane as they describes their UFO sighting then please click play on the audio-link beneath this text.


Alan Marriott, Editor Isle of Wight County Press says that what happened next was quite extraordinary:

"We thought it would be a one-off, but we were just inundated with responses - people all over the Island were claiming to have seen things, the scale of it was outstanding."

To listen to an audio recording of Alan Marriott, Editor Isle of Wight County Press as he describes the response to the UFO sighting then please click play on the audio-link beneath this text.


Jane Johnson, of Shanklin, claimed she saw UFOs twice in different places a few weeks ago. She saw one at Compton Bay , then while with her parents, Rick and Patsy Mellor, between Carisbrooke and Chillerton. She said: “ Both times, there was no noise and it moved quite slowly. It looked like an orb.”

Neil Clark, of Downend, Arreton, also said he had seen UFOs on several occasions, including once during the Bestival. He said the craft was close enough to see it looked like a diamond.

Ivan and Margaret Howes, of Lake , saw an orange object circle over their heads while watching New Year's Eve fireworks outside their home.

Bobbie and Jock Pratt with their two daughters, Louisa and Charlotte, saw an unusual object gliding across their conservatory in St Helens over Christmas. “ They looked like illuminated kites. There were three of them in a line, very neat and tidy .”

In August, Brian Humphryes, of Brighstone, said he and his wife saw a balloon-shaped object “lit up like a chandelier”.

However it appears that the consensus isn't unanimous as also reported was a Mr Andy Linington who thought it could have been an aircraft. He was near Ryde Town Hall when he saw a yellow object moving west to east: “It turned and started going towards London and it wasn't until it was above me I saw navigation lights on its nose. I think it was an aircraft.”

Newport, Isle of Wight


The following UFO reports are from UFOINFO, a website which operates on a not-for-profit basis and, “Provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics and information for researchers.”

UFO Report - January 1st 2008
Shanklin, Isle of Wight , England

  • UFOINFO Sighting Form Report
  • Location: Shanklin Isle of Wight England
  • Date: 1 January 2008
  • Time: 12.10
  • Number of witnesses: 2
  • Number of objects: 1
  • Shape of objects: Oval
  • Weather Conditions: Cloudy
  • Description: Orange oval shape staying still then moving quickly across sky. Too quick for aircraft, too long (5 mins) for firework, moving quickly from west to east.
  • TV/Radio Sightings in our local paper, Isle of Wight County Press newspaper this week which prompted me to write about on your site.

UFO Report - February 7th 2008
Yaverland Beach , Isle of Wight , England

  • UFOINFO Sighting Form Report
  • Location: Yaverland Beach , Isle of Wight
  • Date: 07/02/2008
  • Time: between 5 and 6 pm
  • Number of witnesses: 3
  • Number of objects: 1
  • Shape of objects: yellow pusating light
  • Weather Conditions: clear sky, mild sw wind
  • Description: My Daughter spotted a very bright yellow pulsating light with no definate shape and no sound, moving from a west to easterly direction and told my son and I so we looked up and watched it moving at a speed slow speed.
  • There were no navigation lights flashing just this single big yellow light pulsating at regular intervals as it moved across the sky, i then lost sight of it as we were kite landboarding at the time so had to keep watching my kite.
  • My son said that it speeded up and disapeared.
  • The object pulsated at roughly 1 second intervals, best way I could describe it as opening and closing your hand every second from fist to open hand.

Contact the Isle of Wight County Press “Did you see the UFO flying across Newport on Sunday night? Did you get a picture of it? If so, contact us by e-mail to or by calling the County Press newsdesk on 01983 522210.”

BBC Hampshire
Isle of Wight County Press


Abi said...

I've just seen an enormous orange light in the sky travelling from West to East, but then turning Southwards. It was far bigger than a normal aircraft and had no navigation lights. I've never seen anything like it.

17danny said...

oh my god no joke but i have just seen the same thing, about 10 mins ago, just saw a light like orange/gold colour it was going very slow, then it sped up a little bit, then it seperated and 3 of them went into different direcetions, then from the looks of where i was stadning about 10metres aways there was another one, going bit quicker then when it disapered i heared a roar like a plan but there was nothing there

im really amazed i rang my mum up straight away and just told about 3 people already

D_L_M09 said...

i have just seen the same thing around 8.20pm moving aross the sky slow at first then quickly my brother also saw it its all most like a fireball in the sky i also sore somthing simular at the isle of wight festival but thort it might be part of the festival the after the reading festival i was listening to the radio and some 1 discribed the same thing on a text in saying they saw it at that festival

michael said...

A number of people saw up to ten of these yellow / orange lights moving in a line across the sky of our campsite near Shanklin on the Isle of White on Saturday 20th September. They appeared to be ovals shapes on their sides, and moved in a horizontal line at the same height, for as far as the eye could see before they dissapeared.
Could they be these lanterns?, if so would they manage to keep to exactly the same height and line for so long? Any oppinions?

Av said...

Last night 3rd Jan 2009 between 9 & 9:30pm, myself and my boyfriend saw 3 orange kite like object with what looked to be a ball of fire inside. These objects flew low and one hovered for a time over the park we were walking through. They were silent, it was very errie.
This was in the Peckham area of London. Has anyone else seen this or has an explanation of what this was?

Michael Naisbitt said...

Perhaps a look at the following: